Sex and risks.

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What are influential people able to risk?

Politics and prostitution are almost inseparable from each other because politics is the tool of exerting power over others and power also means unlimited opportunities for gratifying sexuality. Escorts and prostitutes are aware of it very well, so it’s not surprising that they tend to target influential people who provide them stable and high financial resources. A former prostitute, Cicciolina also started her career as an agent, providing sexual pleasure for influential men who didn’t know that the maid was an agent, a special kind, a prostitute agent who uses sexuality for gathering intelligence.
The best preys are elderly politicians, because they have no longer so intense sexual needs, that is to say prostitutes and escorts will have to work less to satisfy them. Moreover, the higher the age is, the higher influence men have, which means wealth and discretion as well, because an older man can be blackmailed more easily than a young, as he is likely to have an extended family with grandchildren and a lot of relatives. Many politicians tend to keep escorts whose discretion is well-paid, but there are ones who do not make a problem out of visiting prostitutes and brothels by saying that it is their private life how to spend free time. Influential punters cannot always defend themselves like this, especially when their family is traditionally revered as they are from royal blood, for example. In this case, it is impossible to adduce the sanctity of private life, because the subjects require their traditional and formal leader to be clean morally. Of course, this does not always come together. Just think of the complication of the Swedish rxxx house and prostitutes. Cxxx Gxxxx used to be known in Sweden to live an exemplary family life with his Qxxx Sxxx, but it was far from the case. The kxxx was a regular at luxury brothels and liked the company of escorts, but also, he enjoyed himself among striptease girls, of whom he sometimes employed two ones at the same time to get satisfaction. And if there was something going wrong, namely a prostitute, an escort or a striptease dancer wanted to blackmail him, the Swedish sxxxx pxxxx itself swung into action to collect and destroy evidence against the kxxx and pay a fortune for daring sex workers. But the kxxxx did not just have simple sexual affairs as he had longer relationships with prostitutes. His most recent affair was with a certain Swedish beauty queen called Cxxxx Hxxxx, whose huge tits and thick warm mouth the old kxxx got so infatuated with that he wanted to run away with her to some desert island where he could enjoy the afore-mentioned body parts of the half Swedish, half Nigerian celeb undisturbed. It is quite likely that Gxxxx had lost his mind when he took such a huge risk for such a small thing, but he was not the only one in such a high position who did not deal with the dangers of sexuality, but gave himself to the affection irresponsibly.

One of the many well-known is the US president John F Kennedy and his dangerous obsession with beautiful women. Allegedly if he did not have enough sex a day, approx. 3-4 acts, he became truly sick, having a headache and becoming inattentive, which was a bad timing at the Cuban missile crisis. Even in the beginning of his career he hunted down Mimi Alford, a young junior clerk at the White House whom he practically raped and later forced her to do a blowjob to one of his friends while he was watching the act. The president, anyway, did not use to suffer from lack of sex workers as crowded buses would transport prostitutes to the White House to comfort his itchy phallus. Still, the president still suffered sexual dissatisfaction, and he wanted even more dangerous things: a celebrated and beautiful actress who was none other than Marilyn Monroe. Of course she was not a professional prostitute, so the President had to conquer her. Maybe it was the very thing that excited the first man of America. Finally, of course, he got and used her, after which he dumped the actress because their affair was becoming more and more dangerous, the President's popular wife had become suspicious, and if she too was able to comprehend what was happening then everybody knew about it. Of course, the President could not go on risking his career, and perhaps as a consequence, Monroe died of drug overdose by his order.

Another famous presidential punter was Bill Clinton, who was known not to despise prostitutes and escorts services when he got into the fatal role-person conflict in the White House. As is known, he measured with his tool how deep and wide the junior clerk Monica Lewinsky's throat, who did not protest so vehemently against the presidential measurement anyway, and eventually her pulsating throat accepted Billy’s billions of virulent spermatozoon. Maybe Uncle Billy took the example from J.F. Kennedy, it is not known. Or it may be that the old man might have played too many sexual role play before with his luxury prostitutes in Washington, but somehow he forgot that it was not a brothel, but the White House, where his political opponents kept watching each of his step and mistake, and that the woman whose throat he was stuffing was not a simple prostitute but a would-be lawyer, which of course had its consequences.

Similarly, the Italian ex.Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi also committed the same mistake by not being able to resist the attraction of young prostitutes and escorts, in defiance of the political dangers arising from sexuality, but he had gone even farther. Not only did the full-grown female forms have a detrimental effect on him, but the not quite mature ones too, because the old man liked to visit underage teenager prostitutes. However, he was so horny and had so much money that he believed the old Don Juan would get away, but it is likely that he forgot about the fact that he was a politician, that is he owed the society some sort of moral responsibility . Of course, this phenomenon can be experienced on the level of influential social positions as well as on social stratum where the risk for sex is typical phenomenon alike.

What are ordinary people able to risk?

Almost everything that matters, even their lives. The most important is the family, which they stake without too much hesitation by refreshing the patterns of their bored married sexual life with some novelty that does not always necessarily mean new and unusual poses or situations but the replace of their sexual partner’s body they got tired of with fresh flesh of a prostitute or an escort. Although they are aware that being caught can cause disaster in their life because it can provide legal basis for the divorce and if it occurs the wife takes a significant part of the family wealth with the children, even so, being aware of the harsh consequences, many ordinary husbands regularly go to prostitute or use escort service. And who do not regularly visit sex workers, they buy sex now and again when their balls are unbearably hard. Every man – with lucky exceptions –has to face this situation in their lives at least as many times as many kids they have, plus aging contributes to the development of such tendencies. Well, why as many times as many kids they have? It is very simple to answer. Most women feel that at the time of giving birth and after it, their relationship with their partner or husband somehow does not function as well as it did earlier. She pays less amount of attention to him than before, and sexual activity is dramatically reduced, often experiencing the total lack of sexuality. This process is a completely natural phenomenon, according to human biology because after giving birth women devote all their attention to the care of the new-born instinctively, that is they cannot be blamed. The offspring of human is so helpless and vulnerable that compared to other species the mother has to do her best in taking care the new-born for a successful survival, otherwise the chances would be nothing. Female breast can explain this sudden shift in attention from the male to the offspring. Before pregnancy and birth female breasts are great toy for men that provide never-ending entertainment by grasping, kneading, licking, sucking it, and if they are opulent enough they can form a vaginal canal for adventurous phalluses. Well, after the last stage of pregnancy and after birth female breasts are not toy for men anymore because they have a vital role in the initial feeding of offspring. They are not a pair of toy anymore, that's the point, because the offspring needs it to obtain the essential ingredients in the form of milk that trigger growth, and develop the first step of mother-child relationship. It is not difficult to imagine what it would be like if big and horny male lips overheated with sexual desire would stick to the heavy and sensitive breasts. For many men, lactating breasts can provide extra sexual tension but for a young mother it is very different: indignation encoded in our species would definitely overcome women if a greedy and selfish male mouth would suck up the milk instead of her offspring for mere selfish, sexual purposes, which is absolutely understandable.
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Further types of risks

Besides men are able to risk their families for some external sexual experience (external: sex outside the family), they are also able to face sexually transmitted diseases by being reluctant to use condom when buying sex. It is a well-known fact that condoms block a significant part of sexual stimuli to develop on glands by rubbing sexual organs, so it is no wonder that most sex buyers, whenever possible, would avoid the use of condom during sexual service by paying extra for prostitutes or escorts. This trend is clearly seen in sexual terminology like OWO (oral service without condom) and CIM (cum in the mouth), or CIB (Cum in the ass) and I could go on listing the specific technical terms. So these sexual service abbreviations appearing on escort or brothel sites indicates that purchasable sexual acts can be available without protection for extra money, if guests take the risk, and of course, sex worker, prostitute or escort offers the opportunity for higher profits . It is worth noting here that not only diseases of biological nature exist in relation to sex, but mental disorders as well, which manifest in a variety of addiction, and particularly in fetishes or even in deviant sexual behaviour.

The development of sexual addictions and fetishes are always to be sought in individual psychopathology, and we differentiate healthy and pathological cases. The healthy versions can be linked to female body parts, namely these parts are paid much and specific attention for some reason, and in fact they have a positive effect on sexual performance. Think of feet fetish, butt fetish or nipple fetish, for example, which can only add some more extra dose of intensity to sexual excitement and diversity to sexual practices without any kind of danger. Pathological fetishes include urine or defecation fetishes, which pose a great health risks to carry out, if we think of how much infectious bacteria can be found in stool, because of which prostitutes need a special room and equipment when giving the service.  Another pathological though less dangerous fetish is the affection towards women's clothes, for which there is hardly any need for the woman herself. A high-heel shoe fetishist get along very well with shoes, he no longer needs a vagina, as the only things he needs is the prostitute’s or escort’s high heels that he will hump instead of sex worker. Another sick attraction is also very dangerous socially and unfortunately it is a phenomenon of our time: paedophilia. Somehow this deviant sexual behaviour is encoded in TV series, movies and music, especially Disney does a lot (which is not the subject of this article) to make adult men look at the generation of the still immature with male eyes, risking their freedom, about which I will soon talk about. Another pathological sexual behaviour of our time is zoophilia, the sexual attraction towards animals. We see a growing number of Western countries legalizing zoophilia, whose legal background is the statement saying which is good for the animal it is not considered as cruelty, so it is legal as well as physical act.

As a result, so-called animal brothels are set up where clients can gratify their pathological sexual tendencies. Today it is often heard that there is a significant demand for dog trainers who teach the animal how to accept sexual intercourse with its owner, because they are often have more moral concerns about the sodomy than humans. Of course, it is almost needless to mention the terrible dangers, which sex with animals can have. The typical disease is very intense allergic reaction, which is probably caused by the incompatibility of the two altering organisms.

Besides the sphere of private life, danger and risk also appear in common people’s work environment alike it does in case of men of importance, whose workplace is the institutions of power. Many civilian occupations do not allow visiting prostitutes and using escort services. The most typical occupations for this are those professions that assume moral purity to a certain extent, for example: teaching, law enforcement positions or employees of spiritual life (the Church). If a school master or chief police officer or even a Protestant priest were to be turned out that they buy sexual services from prostitutes or escorts, it could have fatal consequences on their professional development or career. Nonetheless, tabloid press often issue cases in which the representatives of these professions get caught. When it comes to sexual desires and their gratification, the potential danger of being caught does not matter, as these unsatisfied men bravely undertake the attraction towards brothels, the purchased hug of prostitutes and escorts.

Some men and rarely women are even able to give up their greatest and most precious possession, their freedom for gratifying sexual desires. They offer their freedom in return for sexual satisfaction, that is, they agree to go behind the bars for the violence they committed to find sexual gratification. Such are the afore-mentioned paedophilia or rape. Instead of freedom, others risk their safety for sex though say they are not driven by the sexual desire but the opportunity to make money on satisfying others. Such are the hookers and street walker prostitutes who are able to risk even their lives for regular income. They do not hesitate to get in a foreigner’s truck to sell sex, but they no longer think about that instead of paying the service they carry out they will be strangled and thrown out in a bushy roadside, because it will be hopeless to find the foreign perpetrator, who will be thousands miles away by the time the dead body gets found.


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