Rating system

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Hi Loved ones!My rating system is finally integrated on my site and I will slowly be rating each of the guys, as you already know I wrote a piece named Rating System pt 2 explaining how I would be grading you all.So in each review I write I do not give much...

How does someone become an escort girl against her own will?

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 1. Well, we have come to the part of our topic, when a girl becomes an escort not because this is the way to be able to pay her cocktails in a bar in Ibiza or because she wants to annoy her high class parents by doing something dirty and unacceptable....

En måndag

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Jag vill ha de alla behöver. Men inte med en tant även om hon stanna längre och pratade.

Träffa Lana och Emma i Sthlm!

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Passa på att träffa två skönheter tillsammans!Emma von Linné är i Stockholm på besök fram till 23/3 och träffas mer än gärna tillsammans med sköna Lana Silverberg! Ultimata kombinationen av skönhet, hetta och erotik!Du kommer att bli dubbelt omhändertagen...

Escort price

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As indicated in the escort meeting concept, an escort girl’s time is what to be paid, but there are shemale or gay escorts as well, who also have a certain price. Escort price is a fee, which is determined by a lot of factors, and it varies according to...

På besök i Sthlm till 23/3!

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Är på besök i Sthlm med omnejd fram till 23/3 och träffar dig gärna för en härlig dejt hos dig eller på ditt hotell!Har även möjlighet att resa till närliggande städer så som Uppsala, Västerås, Eskilstuna Gävle osv enligt överenskommelse. =)Prislista...

International Womens Day

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Well International Women’s Day , well for me still nothing to celebrate, because besides being a woman, I am not white, so I am entitled to no privilege. I, myself, disappointed with the feminist movement, that seems to only defend the rights who they believe...

Rating system pt 2

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Hej Allihopa,So here we go again, well my raiting system will consist of the evaluation of:1- Interest: The hability to understand what I have written in my profile and provide the intro I have demanded, stating also your expectations.2-Reliability: Stick with...

Why will someone become an escort of her own accord?

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 1. One of the most common reasons why someone will become an escort girl or a prostitute not by force but voluntarily undertakes erotic or sex work is the fall in the standard of living. This should be imagined like this: there is a pretty girl who...

Pop, Six, Squish, Aha…Cicero!

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“Dum anima est, spes est”, as long there is life, there is hope.This is one of the most famous quotes of Cicero and that’s probably the main reason that we were brought together , and how we got caught up in interest, he loved the Cicero as symbol of...

Me, her and the artist

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Returning from Gotemburg today, I had two surprises a text from a dear client, and a very dear girl that I had the pleasure to meet in Gotemburg – Giulia Farnese.After a short talk by text, me and him had the idea to have a threesome.Late night, I meet Giulia...

Rating system

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Hej Allihopa,Since this website is not providing a proper rating system for the escorts, I decided that  I will not only do my reviews but I will have a real grade system on my website, and I will give proper ratings based in my overall experience.Forget...

Sift the wheat from the chaff

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Going to  Gotemburg, is always let's say a little bit caotic. I actually love caos, I love struggle, without it in my view we do not fight with thurst to get what we want, but when in Gotemburg  for a few days , as an escort , you really need to be...

How to outstand in the crowd

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Well being in this business in Sweden, is a little tough and challenging. I have been doing this for short, and sometimes it gets a little hard. Another day, I got a text from one of the girls from the page and we were discussing about outstanding in a crowd...

Escort meeting

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The very first special term is escort meeting. But what happens before escort meeting? Previously the client chooses (on an online escort site or in newspaper ads) the right partner for the date. As I've mentioned, there are different types of escort...


Nån kunna Kontakta Natasha???

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Tjena! har nån Kunna haft kontakt med "Natasha 20" på senast vecka? Senast jag hade kontakt med...

Aparment to rent in stockholm

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My name Its john and i have one aparment to rent in stockholm, the aparment its free for 40 days

Varning för Emma (22)

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Inte hon på bilderna, gick förut under namnet Natasha. Håller inte vad hon lovar.


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Hej. Är det ngn som träffat en asiatisk escort NV skåne? Tacksam för svar


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Hej. Är där ngn som vet nåågra asiatiska escorter i nv skåne. Hör av er.

apartment stockholm and goteborg

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Hello guys, i would like to come to stockholm and goteborg to work.. can you help me to find good apartment...

apartment stockholm and goteborg

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Hello guys, can you please help me to find good apartment for work in stockholm and goteborg please?...

apartment stockholm and goteborg

blond_julia · · 0 · 0

Hello guys, can you please help me to find good apartment for work in stockholm and goteborg please?...

Rent apartment Gothenburg

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Hey! Somebody have for rent one apartment in Gothenburg ? I prefer to find in central area . I need for...

guy who LOVE to spend time sending just message

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VARNING FÖR BDRAGARE PÅ CAMSHOWER Hej alla camälskare- änskar varna er om att det finns en STOR...

Your stories: Escorts experience with police

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Hello. So lately there has been a lot of news articles written about the sex-trade in Sweden and today...

Escort reviewing escorts

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I think escorts that has had an experience meeting other escorts should have the hability to also do...

Apartment in Malmo

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Hello anyone rent apartment in Malmo? Just send me a PM i am descreet and serious girl and looking for...

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