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Urolagnia or piss sex

Piss sex is the sexual service on escorts’ favourite when either the client or the escort urinates on the other as a way of gratifying sexual perversion or fetish. Piss sex can be interpreted in two ways in escort business. On the one hand, it can be a sexual perversion. In this case the client pisses the escort not because he gets excited on urination, but because he uses urination as a tool of expressing superiority over the sex-worker. Of course, it is in close relation to the sexual perversion that is about humiliation as a source of sexual excitement. Therefore this interpretation of piss sex is closely linked to sexuality, and what is more, it is the part of it. Well, in this case it is only the client that urinates on the other, and it cannot work vice versa.  The other interpretation of piss sex is the gratification of sexual fetishism. In this case it is only one partner, generally it is not the escort, who turns...

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Trampling is a service on the list of escorts’ favourite services that causes pleasure through physical pain (masochism) and gratification of the desire of the client being trodden. The latter one can be interpreted as a fetish. As the name indicates it, this escort favourite pleases clients by an escort trampling on them. Being trodden pleases not only the masochist but those as well who have this sort of sexual fetish.   Trampling as an escort service has to be grouped into the phenomenon of rare sexual fetishism such as leather clothes, urination or defecation fetishes, which will be discussed later. Trampling as an act of sexual fetishisms can be an escort’s private favourite service or the part of BDSM play and domination.  As trampling is in close relation to masochism and sadism it can be called a kind of sexual perversion, which can be an act of foreplay after an escort meeting. In escort business pleasure...

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Domination is a part of BDSM service on the list of escort favourites when a mistress or dominatrix or sometimes a mister in superordinate role gives the subordinate party or slave instructions. The instructions can be various tasks in a role play action often with corporeal punishment or verbal bullies and harassments. If we talk about the most frequent form of domination or dominatrix play in the escort business, it is important to know that those escort girls, mostly luxury escorts, whose favourite service list covers dominatrix play usually take the active role in BDSM play. As a result, clients are slaves, who have to obey the dominatrix after mutual sympathy developed at the escort meeting. Since dominatrix play is a very complex sort of role play, which can involve even infliction of pain, it is therefore advisable to talk about the process of the play with the escort in advance. In this way the domination can be self-tailored,...

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BDSM (the acronym of the words Bondage & Discipline (B & D) Domination & Submission (D & S), Sadism and Masochism (S & M) is the collective name of a complex behaviour and sexual practices on the list of favourite escort services which provides clients sexual satisfaction not only through sexual intercourse but through playing the subordinate role in the BDSM play led by a mistress or mister by giving instructions, which, depending on style requested by clients, can be sadomasochism, bondage-discipline, dominance -submission or a combination of all of these mentioned, making up a full BDSM séance. As the concept refers to it, BDSM is a complex form of providing clients sexual satisfaction in escort business, tailored to individual sexual orientation, perversion, and fetishes. As it has been discussed at other concepts, BDSM service, similarly to anal sex, oral sex, OWO, deep throat and other services, can take place...

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You know what is hypocrisy John?

You know what is hypocrisy John?It is to show to others your good swedish values, when you pretend the escort you buy doesn’t have a pimp.You know what is hypocrisy John? It is to to think you are the best amongst all.You know what is hypocrisy John?To think that every single girl you meet is really enjoying the “pleasure” you give to her… You know what is hypocrisy John?To say you care for the well being of a girl, claiming to treat her nice, but the first opportunity you have, you trash talk about her, undermine and lie to her.You know what is hypocrisy John? It Is to gather with other Johns to break her down.You know what is hypocrisy John?To point out girls problems but to not take care of your own.You know what is hypocrisy John? To use your popularity to get more for less You know what is hypocrisy John?To be a John…Full post

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Our thoughts on verification, duplicates, reviews and other issues

Dear Users and Advertisers! This post has been created to reply to some of the recently raised issues about the verification system, duplicates, reviews and the opinions on these topics. Please, read all!Many of the users/profile owners seem to forget that we only offer place for the escorts to advertise on our website, and this is a digital platform, we NEVER meet them in real life, which means, that verification is never possible with 100% accuracy, it is not even guaranteed, and this information can be found in the help section of our site in the "rules of verification" part, which only a few cares to read. Still, we do our best and try to be fair and careful about verifying profiles and checking for duplicates, but thousands of profiles have been created on our site, and we have tens of thousands of users. Despite having our tools, and constantly developing new ways to get a more accurate verifying system, finding a duplicate is simply not possible,...

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Time for a new start!

Dear Advertisers and Users! We have wonderful news for you! After many years of collaboration with “”, we are happy to announce that we are now able to stand on our own! It was a long road, blood, sweat and tears to achieve what we have done, to build an advertising site from the grounds up, which serves the needs of both the advertisers and the users equally, but we have finally did it! Our new site has grown up together with “”, but it has a new structure, different layout, and we have tried to create a user friendly surface to make it easy to use for everyone, small or big, old or young, lady or gentlemen (or shemale J)! We have listened to your opinions, learnt from our mistakes, tried and tested for years, worked day and night to include every little feature and option that you thought was useful, and what we thought would make the user experience smooth and fun at the same time! The result...

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In the escort business rimming refers to the sexual act when one of the participants orally stimulates the other’s rectal area after mutual sympathy has developed. In professional circles the act is also called anilingus, about which there are records back to the 1660’s. The word is a Latin compound consisting of anus + lingus (lingere) meaning to lick.   In the escort trade there are two kinds of rimming distinguished. One of is when the escort rims the client’s ass, and vice versa, the other is when the client licks the escort’s rectal area. The act of rimming is connected to sexual poses in the escort business, such as, for example, the doggy position, when the passive member kneels and the active member stimulates the other’s anus with tongue. I won’t talk about all the variants of the position because there are so many, but I have to mention the famous 69 position, which is popular with rimming because both...

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Duo, stemming from the word dual, basically means two escorts spending their time together with the client at the same time and after mutual attraction has developed at the escort meeting they satisfy the client’s sexual needs in pair.    By purchasing DUO clients have the opportunity to choose various escorts according to personal needs, perverse tendencies and sexual orientation (homosexual, heterosexual). For example, if a client fantasizes about having sex with a female and a gay male escort at the same time, he can do it, it depends just on his financial capacity, provided that he finds escorts whose service list include DUO and the selected escorts are willing to work together. If this is not possible, and the client cannot find the escorts who would be willing to cooperate, he still can find the escorts who advertise themselves in duo, with their boyfriend or girlfriend.   The DUO at the customer's...

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PSE(pornstar experience)

PSE is the name of the service on escorts’ list of favourites when an escort renders such a professional and hard core sexual service that the client feels as though he had sex with a porn star. As it is strictly about sexual experience, PSE or porn star experience can be requested only if mutual sympathy has developed between the escort and client during escort meeting.     The definition of PSE, porn star experience, refers to a significant distinction between escorts who offer PSE and who do not. Namely, escorts providing PSE experience either were porn stars or still work in porn industry, and doing escort services is a good marginal income for them.   Surely it is obvious that those sex-workers will be successful in the escort industry who have gained fame in the field of porn. Besides, it is also important that escorts offering PSE are mostly female escorts. Of course, we cannot rule out that there...

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Done with this

Im finished with this now, I did all i wanted. Yes there is two more that Im interested of but, yesterday I met the best for me and I will stick to her. I have had some memorable moments.  About the ladies I have made a Review of you can ask in pm. I will not revail Everything but there is also some ladies I not have made Review of. Lucy, Emma and some more.  But after my out of the World experiance yesterday. I will stick to her. Chicka Loca, I stick to you. 

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GFE, that is the so-called girlfriend experience, is a major favourite sexual service offered by escorts, when an escort is requested to create such an intimate atmosphere that imitates the real relationship between male and female. Following the development of mutual sympathy on escort meeting the escort makes the client believe she is his real girlfriend during the personal and sexual intercourse – provided this type of service is included in her favourite.   GFE is also a service abbreviation internationally used in the escort business which provides clients the opportunity of having the experience as though the escort were a real girlfriend during the rendezvous and intercourse after the purchase of her time.   This kind of sexual service is a very specific form of escort meetings since it is a complex role in which the escort has to have various competencies and fulfil high requirements. Such competencies and requirements...

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The reality behind positive and negative experiences

So it's not so easy to work as an escort girl, isn’t it? It’s easy to expect, of course, to get exactly what we have paid for escorts at the highest level. But what about problematic clients? The fact is that there are problematic clients who can never be satisfied and like making troubles. What to do with them? What can a girl escort do if she has this kind of guests? Surely there is a tolerance limit that cannot be passed without sanctions. In this article I have written down what makes good and bad escorts, however it is not only about escorts since customers also affect sex-workers’ attitude to work. In short, in any case, if we want to set up categories on pro and contra basis, in addition to the items listed, also we need to see the whole thing as one so that we can determine - in this case - what a good escort is like. If someone visits an escort girl, he always wants the best service for himself, only for himself. Everyone...

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Soon done

Soon im done with my bucket list, It costed me a lot of Money, But it gained me new excitment and happy moments in Life.    All women i have been with, I hope I made a impression on you and you definately made it for me.Left to doHotjoana (with or without friend) I will give her the moment of her Life.Bucket list checkedBlack woman  Sara    a mature woman that knows tricks. Latina Duo  Hermosa Lille and Sexy 'CarliBlack Big breast woman  Kassandra,   She is great but way to big breast for me. But for a big breast guy. Go for itAndrea and Samantha.   I like you both, Maybe i come and visit you where you come from?Jezmine. Queen of GFE.  Missionary Queen.  I know where you live. Just give me a hint and i come flying to you. Olesya. ya liublioo  (its russia. hard to get it right in translation)  Hotruby.   A ebony princess. Viagra.   made me cum twice  

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Using Escorts

Im into this because I want to fill my bucket list. So far I have made a lot of it. But there is one problem, as deeper I get into this as more new things on the list. I will only say, I try to be nice and treat you good,  So far have all the aqquintance I made been very good. I had one that I could have been without. Not because of her, She was just not my type.  But the ones I met her have been extraordinary so far. You know who you are.  I will continue with this for a while until my bucket list is done.     Threesome with two black ladies, for example, Threesome with two asia,, be with a arabic girl, take care

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COB is a term in the escort industry, which means ejaculation on the body either by the client or the escort after vaginal anal or oral intercourse.   Cumming on body, unlike the above-mentioned acts, is almost a routine of sex life. COB is quite a frequent type of sexual culmination, which is offered most escorts. Clients also prefer it because it is still better to cum on a beautiful escort’s body than doing it into a condom. Cumming on body, except the head or face, virtually can occur on any part of the body. The most common points of COB are the chest, back, and abdomen, where clients usually come. Coming on the back is ideal in case of the doggy style, while cumming on the belly and the breasts is common in case of missionary pose as well as of those sexual poses (e.g. blowjob) where the male client is situated above the escort.  

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In the context of escort sex business COF means that either the escort or the client cums on the face of the other participant in the sex-act after vaginal anal or oral intercourse.Besides a specific spot on the face or head where ejaculation is allowed, COF is also a kind of sexual perversion, the symbolic act of humiliation and super-ordination over woman. Of course, simply because of the dirty fantasy, mass of men crave after a woman or after an escort girl whose face they can cum on. This tendency can be observed on those generation socialized on porn, who are used to watching cum on face as the final act of porn shows. And if a girlfriend or wife does not allow it, then escort girls will do the job whose favourites include COF. Then it's just a successful date (escort meeting), and after winning the sympathy, there can come anal sex or the long-awaited COF, ejaculation on the face.  Cumming on the face or into the mouth...

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CumOnMouth, a business term used in the escort trade, means that either the escort or the client cums on the mouth of the other after the sexual intercourseMany escorts, or in general, women or gay men, find it difficult to have the partner’s semen in their mouth. Therefore, if an escort were reluctant to swallow semen, she can mark COM as a favourite in her sexual services, when semen contacts only with the mouth. If an escort considers it too intense or inconvenient, she can still have the opportunity to put COF into her list of favourite services.

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The positive and negative aspects of the impact on customers and escorts

I think this issue should be discussed in two respects. One of aspects is the business approach and the other is the human one.The impact on the sex-business is completely clear. If an escort impresses a client by being kind and attentive to him, it will be felt financially. The escort will receive good reviews, resulting in extra profit in her income. It's that simple. If an escort does not give a shit to a client, and she almost kicks him out after the intercourse, the customer will no longer go back to her and will give a bad evaluation on the escort. Then it is followed by a chain reaction that eventually leads to the failure of her business thanks to her negative attitudes and improper behaviour.The wisest thing to do is to combine business approach with fair and humanistic treatment. It works properly when the client does not feel to be either at a meat market or at a rendezvous that just hopefully will end up in a light blowjob or...

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Bias, Bias and Bias

To read the original post click hereTo understand my post please read the article on Aftonbladet ”Var tionde man i Sverige köper sex”I think every society  has issues that have an urgent need to be addressed, and I guess prostitution is among one of them. I do agree with Simon when he says that '' We can not ignore the situation any longer''however to have a debate about this,  it should include all parts involved, and most important it should included the criminalized ones, the sex buyers and sellers.I like the fact that there is someone, someone that is often portrayed as the 'hero/savior' to speak out about his views on prostitution, and also about his experience as a subordinated of the law and to his ''conscience''. When I read this article I had to do it with extreme skepticism because besides promoting the worst stories experienced in the course 9 years working with prostitution, we can not forget nor  ignore that Simon...

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