Sex and career

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Prostitution exists in many forms in human societies, but for now let me pick up on one, namely the workplace prostitution. Of course, this is not to be imagined like a workplace employing prostitutes whose services the workers can use as a company bonus or after the month-end closing, but it means female workers who get promotion through sexuality. How it works could be explained like a young and attractive, mostly female colleague will offer companionship and her body for a male colleague in a higher position in return for helping her to get promoted or she is shared useful information that she will be able to use for building a career. The procedure of sex sale is not similar to how it works in a brothel. The sexual act and relationship are not one-off and are without time limit, because everything depends on the prostitute, namely how long she sees the business partnership useful for her. Once she has no profit from the temporary sexual partnership, she will look for another relationship, which further helps her promotion. They are often motivated by the feeling it is felt by someone in a lower position towards the one in a higher position, which is the respect, awe and love of power which they often identify as love, giving it the moral basis for the development of the relationship, since they are convinced they really feel some kind of love, which of course is none other than the desire to obtain and enjoy power.

Another typical type of career prostitution is the case when latent sex workers with excellent physical characteristics become so-called local celebrity. In order to get in cheap and popular TV shows (e.g. reality show) or to get a role somewhere higher (series) they need to offer their bodies  for an influential TV personality or producers for shorter or longer period of time who will help them to build a career in return for sexual services. After a certain level, they will acquire such an advertising space (through newspaper and magazine articles, commercials, TV shows) by the help of which they will draw more potential customers' attention, and in the last resort, they could profit from their fame at a luxury brothel or on a luxury escort site, because who would not want to have a romp with a famous and beautiful woman. So it's not a coincidence that many local starlets from time to time appear in the sex market, when they get broke thanks to their luxurious way of life. Besides, many porn actresses are forced to make some extra revenue due to the decline in porn industry, but local stars and starlets often turn up on sex sites in some rich foreign country if they have run out of domestic sponsors or got broke a little.

BOOK: Sex, Morality, and the Law
Edited by Professor of Philosophy of Environmental Studies and Feminist Gender and Sexuality Studies Lori Gruen, Lori Gruen, George E. Panichas


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