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Sex and career

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Prostitution exists in many forms in human societies, but for now let me pick up on one, namely the workplace prostitution. Of course, this is not to be imagined like a workplace employing prostitutes whose services the workers can use as a company bonus...

Sex Industry

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The infrastructure of sex industrySelling sex is so profitable thus attractive business that a whole industry and infrastructure built up to support it. Attraction here realizes on the other side, as I have already mentioned: working in the sex industry...

Sex and risks.

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What are influential people able to risk? Politics and prostitution are almost inseparable from each other because politics is the tool of exerting power over others and power also means unlimited opportunities for gratifying sexuality. Escorts and prostitutes...

The media advertisements and the sex

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Sexuality is the most powerful motivator of external force that has ever been and always will be present at all eras and layers of human society in different forms and different intensities. However, today thanks to commercials exploiting the power of sexuality...

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