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Pop, Six, Squish, Aha…Cicero!

“Dum anima est, spes est”, as long there is life, there is hope.This is one of the most famous quotes of Cicero and that’s probably the main reason that we were brought together , and how we got caught up in interest, he loved the Cicero as symbol of power, I loved just the happy Cicero.We met at his place, he looked into my eyes, I looked at his, in a very deep way as he opened the door and allowed me into his world....To read the full post

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Me, her and the artist

Returning from Gotemburg today, I had two surprises a text from a dear client, and a very dear girl that I had the pleasure to meet in Gotemburg – Giulia Farnese.After a short talk by text, me and him had the idea to have a threesome.Late night, I meet Giulia in the city, and we go ‘mot’ the artist.... Read the full post at:

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Rating system

Hej Allihopa,Since this website is not providing a proper rating system for the escorts, I decided that  I will not only do my reviews but I will have a real grade system on my website, and I will give proper ratings based in my overall experience.Forget that any of you will get this meaningless 5 stars based of hygiene and whatever else that means. I will be extremely critical, and every single detail will be counted as points.Once my rating system is ready I will invite each of you to read your own reviews.This is an  alert to all the hobbysts, members or whatever you wanna call yourself that love to take advantage of your high profile on the site. At least with me, it is over. I hope the girls that are indeed active, understand the value of the rating system added on the site and stop giving 5 stars to every single man that just meet you, because there is no way in earth they are good at everything! Sorry guys but that is just truth!Have...

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Sift the wheat from the chaff

Going to  Gotemburg, is always let's say a little bit caotic. I actually love caos, I love struggle, without it in my view we do not fight with thurst to get what we want, but when in Gotemburg  for a few days , as an escort , you really need to be extra careful, well I am not saying that Stockholm is the least dangerous place, but herregud Gotemburg is like trying to find a needle in a haystack (customer wise). So, when I started at first I had a very hard time picking the good guys, but I have learned a few tricks with the pros, and let's say here it goes my list of how you can find the nice ones among the rest.I mentioned before about writing an unique and personalized introduction about yourself, but besides that you should of course make it brief and be very specific on your demands. I, myself, avoid answering guys that do not read my intro, if they do, it is most likely .....Read the complete post at

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How to outstand in the crowd

Well being in this business in Sweden, is a little tough and challenging. I have been doing this for short, and sometimes it gets a little hard. Another day, I got a text from one of the girls from the page and we were discussing about outstanding in a crowd with several girls, when some are true escorts and others are'prostitutes'. She seemed afraid and concerned thinking that she had a problem, the truth is only real gentlemen will see your uniqueness, the rest are just looking for plain sex.Read the full post on the link below:

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Escort meeting

The very first special term is escort meeting. But what happens before escort meeting? Previously the client chooses (on an online escort site or in newspaper ads) the right partner for the date. As I've mentioned, there are different types of escort to date with, according to their gender and sexual orientation and services. The most frequent one is female escort, who can be a heterosexual escort girl, a bisexual escort girl, a homosexual (lesbian) escort girl, and a dominatrix (discussed below) escort girl, but the palette can be more colourful with shemale escorts, transvestite (TV) or transsexual escorts as well (TS). Of course, there are male escorts for the ladies and homo- or bisexual gentlemen.After selecting the desired escort, an agreement made on telephone or on e-mail will precede the escort meeting. The meeting with the chosen escort is subject to what the client’s purpose is with the purchase of the escort’s time....

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Why? First.

Why does someone become an escort, or: the process of becoming an escort girlProstitution and escort service are the ones of the highest paid ‘professions’ in the world of sex services. The reason of the popularity of escort work is the high-earning opportunities, as well as the fact that escort the girls have a marketing interface (online escort sites), where they can begin to work in the field without significant contribution to setting up the business. If we think about it more there should not be more to do for a prospective escort than just to upload her pictures on a good escort site and to write a few lines about herself, and her favourite services (analsex, OWO, GFE, CIM, CIF, COB, BDSM, Domination, Fetish, the favourite perfume, flowers, cars, drinks ... etc.), after which she can wait for her phone to ring from excited clients.Very simple, and if we take the example of Sweden, where since 1999 the sale of sexual services...

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Escort Dictionary

PREFACESurely it has already happened to you when you went on an escort a site, and there you selected the most impressive escort to have fun with, but you just got immediately puzzled while reading her favourite services. There are so many expressions or acronyms, such as CIM, or CIF, or GFE, the meanings of which are hard to figure out. It is possible that the favourites (services) include explanations so that the client can be informed properly about what certain types of escort services cover, but it is not necessarily so.Because we understand how time consuming to find out acronyms, concepts and information about escort services (offered by escort girls, escort boys, shemale, transvestite escorts, transsexual escorts) on the Internet , therefore I set the objective of compiling a unique and detailed explanatory dictionary, which defines terms and concepts related to escort services. In short, everything that is important to know...

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Strap-on, Prostate Massage Fetish on the Altar of the Perverse

Occasionally when we pop in a shop to buy something or just walk in the street, it’s unavoidable to meet people whose sexual identity and life is so different from ours that we would definitely tend to stigmatize them if we knew about it. Well, in fact we don’t know anything about them and their sexual habits, do we? These people in appearance seem to be just like you, us or me in front of the screen now. Well, what would you do if it turned out your children’s form-teacher used to be a prostitute when she was young, your chambermaid is an escort or dominas, who tortures men in black leather suit at nights, your gardener is a gay, who is fucked in the ass with a huge strap-on dildo every evening? Or what would happen if you found out your son jerks off on the sickest porn movies when you aren’t at home? It’s interesting to think about it, anyway. I suspect what’d be the consequence. We have difficulties in understanding...

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Anal sex and escorts

Among escorts it is a matter of prestige to love anal sex with clients. The numerous men who cannot or do not dare to share the secret perverseness with their partner, seeking complete satisfaction they get sex and secret perversion, namely anal sex or pegging. I have previously mentioned that women seem to be reluctant from this form of sexual intercourse that is why it is so popular item on the favorites-menu loved by escorts. Of course it is much more expensive than the regular satisfaction but for those who can afford it is well-worth the money. As every profession, escort industry has also been well-covered by employees and however strange may it sound, escorts have to struggle with each other for customers if they want to make good money. Covering the official working hours with customers depends on the clientele. The clientele is constituted in accordance with the variety of the escort services offered by the escort. If there are...

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Alla hjärtans dag

Hallå! Vad sägs som om att fira denna underbara dag med ett härligt ligg? ;) Ring och boka en träff och skäm bort dig med en stunds njutning.// Sabina  

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Definition, misconstruction

Among those who practice enjoy anal sex the intercourse is not only about inserting penis or dildo into anus but it is much more than that. Anal sex does not include only penetration but something more, as in case of vaginal penetration there are more ways of giving pleasures. The definition of anal sex is not only restricted to penetration but it also includes exciting the ass hole as erogenous zone by fingering, rimming and rendering oral pleasure viz. that around the adjacent area of the anus there can be found a number of nerve-ending as well as the vagina itself is also quite close to this area, which can enhance pleasure. Not many people can realize this form of sexuality and either not many people know about the hidden potential in anal sex of causing additional pleasure to his partner. Many think it degrading, painful or uncomfortable as well as disgusting. If partners are not open enough, they will not find the way to this pleasure....

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Reser från Gbg till dig för en härlig dejt!

Generöst erbjudande februari & mars! Läs mer på hemsidan. =)Hoppas vi ses snart!Puss /Emma

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Anal sex and the youth

Today the young adult’s altered sexual habits over the past twenty years has been attracting the scientific attention. There are surveys showing that only 40 percent of the young adults use condom before sexual intercourse. What is more startling is that some teenagers have such sexual habits that shock the elder generations. As a root of this phenomenon we can discover the Internet and its harmful impact on teenagers’ mind by making its violent and sexual content free and available. Young people do not have the opportunity to get socialized sexually on realistic, experience base because pornographic sites on the Internet grab their attention and divest them of the real knowledge they can only gain by getting involved in a relationship. What they see on these sites they will believe true so it is not surprising that they think it is natural for males to possess huge penis and for females to love being ass-fucked. This kind of content,...

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Medical point of view

If we intend to look into anal sex from different angles, we cannot leave the medical approach out of consideration, that is to say the medical expert’s report, advice and in case of accidents the proper way to treat the problem. If our partner lends herself to anal sex and we suppose she/he is not a professional prostitutescort prepared for this kind of penetration, there must be done some measure of precaution, taking the anatomical boundaries into consideration. The anus is a sort of constrictor, which is not capacious enough to receive immediately the pecker ready for penetration, therefore before anal sex it is advisable to start with expansion to avoid that certain uncomfortable accident. There are suitable tools available at sex shops as well as on different internet sites. For this purpose there are special-developed anus-stretchers, various kinds of lubricants, which are indispensable before anal sexual intercourse. The lubricant...

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Perversion, Anal Sex

Pushing the envelope in getting to know the boundaries of human fantasy is possible but it is immeasurable to gauge its need for perverseness. It is impossible to examine it in a scientific way due to its secrecy and peculiarity: on the one hand, the private world of fantasy is none of anyone’s business; on the other hand people usually do not feel inclined to discuss it with outsiders of the personal world. It is not preferred as a topic of conversation not because it is shameful or something to hide but having it on everyone’s mind, lurking in a dark corner, we usually tend to think of it if everything is quiet around us, that is to say we are alone in our personal recess where we can really be ourselves. Keeping dark desires in secret can be called a moral principle or taboo that people are not supposed to talk about it and it is in some forms often represented in culture, e.g. in arts but there is a limit beyond which it is...

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Who can be prostitute or escort? – Rules and regulations

It depends on the rules and regulations on prostitution in the country where someone wants to work in the sex-business. Different legislation cannot apply to the two trades as both of them is adult entertainment, however there are possibilities to jockey due to the different services they offer. Prostitutes and escort tend to adapt to the legal environment to dodge legal persecution and they seem quite creative to do so. Let’s see an example from Thailand to represent how skilfully they can jockey the law and one another. Bangkok is the paradise of sex tourism. If someone happens to go there without the intention of drabbing, even so he is going to end up in a brothel. Prostitution is legal there, but due to the intense rivalry among sex-workers they need to use knacks to get clients. The prostitutes in Thailand chat up with male stranger, lying that they aren’t prostitutes, but when they go up to hotel room, they guest has to pay...

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15. Don’t go drabbing slovenly

Finally I am finishing the list of warnings with the most obvious one, which is about hygiene. Primarily the most crucial is the hygiene of sexual organs as it has a great influence on the quality of the service. Just think of how a brushy cock with stinky foreskin cheese will motivate a prostitute or escort to carry out a quality service, in vain he will be driven to have a shower. Minor but still important hygiene consideration is the nails as yellowish, eagle-like fangs won’t make any guest desirable. Hair can be important, especially if it is grown in unusual place like in ears, nostrils or on neck, which also does not contribute to making sex-workers enthusiastic. Guests have to pay attention to cleaning body curves as dirt likes bedding those places.        

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14. Don’t go drabbing if you are drunk

This is a similar warning to the one talked about in the previous paragraph, that is to say, like consuming drug, drinking booze may cause erectile dysfunction, which will cause difficulties in carrying out the intercourse, if not make it impossible. Many punters tend to drink in order to avoid premature ejaculation as too much alcohol intake will numb the senses, but too much amount can bring about the opposite, the guest’s falling asleep on the bed while the prostitute or escort waiting for the end of the paid time. Of course she won’t take the trouble to wake the client up if the time is paid.  

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