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10. Pay attention to your health!

Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!I have mentioned the importance of using condom, and also that unfortunately wearing condom does not necessarily prevent you from becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases though many sexual diseases can be avoided. How? Apart from using condom such is vaccinations. If you go drabbing a lot of times hepatitis A, B vaccination should be basic to get. If you can resist, do not try to kiss with prostitutes or escorts, because Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and even Syphilis can spread through saliva. Try to get as many vaccinations for venereal diseases as possible, and if you can afford, select prostitutes and escorts carefully. I do not want to tell you not to shag street-walker prostitutes, but if you can, just forget them! Your health is worth more than a quickie. If you are a bit more watchful, you may even spot if a prostitute...

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9. Pay attention to what you eat before drabbing

Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!There is no more disappointing thing than when intestinal gases break out while dating or using sexual service. If you're at the bottom, and the girl is riding on you, it is incredibly hard to keep poisonous gas inside. In vain you try to keep your anus shut if a bulky, plump prostitute or escort sits on you, pressing your abdomen with her heavy weight. It is therefore advisable not to eat too much or such food that makes you flatulent. It is really awkward when you begin to fart, as well as uncomfortable as farting can put you off indulging yourself in enjoying the service thus wasting the money we have paid.

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8. Show respect escorts and prostitutes

Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!The best way you can do it is to look neat and be hygienic. For many it is part of the daily routine to have a bath, brush teeth, and wash clothes, etc. This, unfortunately, is not typical for everyone. I think two kinds of people go drabbing and visit escorts. The first type: those who love escorts and prostitutes, they have the money for this passion and they like to pay for girls to pamper themselves. It works for them as a kind of prestige like it used to be among aristocrats when drabbing was fully accepted and even expected in some social circles. These dudes are usually wealthy punters. Another type of punters goes visiting prostitutes or escorts because they are unable to chat up with women and pick them up. It is no coincidence, gentlemen! Women do not tend to turn on some disadvantageous features such as wearing sandals...

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How modern human trafficking comes to realize in prostitution?

Well, based on above, when can we talk about human trafficking? Already, we are talking about human trafficking when a prostitute or escort sells sexual services not under her own power, but by the help of other people. Here the assistance of others can be a man’s contribution to the work, say, who looks up girls in poor regions who are trying to break out of poverty and see no other way out only prostitution. Suppose this man engages in visiting those regions and there offering job opportunities in sex-business, who later will take employment in prostitution as a member of a well-functioning system. In this way everything is organized for will-be prostitutes: journey, workplace and even guidance is provided in some cases. If we approach the issue from the aspect of law, then we must be talking about human trafficking?, even though these prostitutes are not victims but the beneficiaries of prostitution. The organizer or procurer or...

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7. Check out the place where you go and keep low-profile!

Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!It might be worth getting informed about the area where you will have the business with the prostitute or escort. So when that part of the city is a mess, or a kind of no-go zone where the crime rate is the highest in Europe, you should think it twice. It might be also a problem that the place, the brothel is too exposed to the public eye. Think about it! You do not want to run into your acquaintances! So if you do not want your friends to know that you love visiting escorts and prostitutes, try to avoid attention. I know it is pathetic to go drabbing by public transport ... But you had better hide yourself from curious eyes. And you know, I have mentioned the car key story as well. The car will be much more secure in your garage. If you dare to go to a suspicious area without car, you do not have to worry that your car will get stolen...

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6. You may get surprised during the service

Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!Be prepared for possible unfortunate events that might occur to you while using the sex service. The first and most important factor is security and circumspection. You do not know where you go that is who you will meet at the brothel or the apartment, who will open the door etc. The person waiting for you might not be the prostitute or escort girl whom you have chosen on the Internet or the voice you spoke to on the phone an hour ago might also not be the same. This is such a business. Everybody wants to make easy money. Think about it! You go drabbing with a load of money in your pocket, and then you have nailed the escort girl so intensely that even the bed broke into two. You feel good, the escort girl is also nice to you, you both go taking a shower after the romp where she gives you a sensual massage and while you are pulling...

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Introducing phone sex To Your fan

If you are full of confidence, then you don’t need to worry about bringing up phone sex with your fan, it will come naturally. But if you are like most women, then you may have a few reservations. Here’s a foolproof strategy to smoothly bring it up with him. I Miss Your Voice – The next time you are talking to your man about intimate things, either in person or over the phone, tell him how much you miss his voice…especially hearing his moans and sighs during sex. Then, while thinking out loud say something like this, “I wish I could just have a recording of your voice, so that I can listen to it when you’re not here. Just hearing you in pleasure would be so hot when I’m trying to pleasure myself.”

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5. Be informed about the rules on prostitution in the country you drab

Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!This is a crucial thing to do before you go drabbing. It’s better to spend the night in a hotel room than behind the bars. Drabbing is not worth being imprisoned for months or having to pay a fine multiple of the service cost. You could spend some time looking up the rules and regulations of the country. Paying for sexual service is not legal everywhere and where it is legal there may be restrictions. For instance, there are countries where you are free to buy sexual service but you are not allowed to do it openly, thinking of street-walker prostitutes. It depends on countries where it is illegal to use sexual service or it is partly illegal with punishing only the buyer of sexual service. I am sure you will find a way to some nice prostitute or escort, but before doing that it is definitely advisable to study the topic on the...

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4+. STDs

Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!Information about places where you can visit prostitutes legally is available on the Internet, such as list of prostitutes, escorts, services etc. But don’t be surprised to hear that it does not apply to street-walker prostitutes. You cannot be prepared enough to avoid some sexually transmitted disease when being serviced by them. As you certainly know, there are venereal diseases like HPV that cannot be prevented even with condom. You are bound to get infected even if you are wearing it. It’s best to wear condom even with blowjob, however many punters tend to pay extra for OWO (oral without condom). This is a common as well as a blatant mistake. You won’t be the first to request this service from the same prostitute or escort that day therefore sexually transmitted diseases will be spread with the help of your ignorance....

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The modern-day human trafficking, as most of us see it

There is a special kind of human trafficking in the context of prostitution which is regarded human trafficking mainly by the laws that attempt to regulate prostitution, but in fact it cannot be called human trafficking. Prostitutes escorts and all sexworkers are basically not victims as they are not deprived of their liberty, neither are they exploited. A well-functioning industry (prostitution) employs them and they are not the victim of the system but the beneficiaries. Here we cannot talk about victims, because sexworkers, who will come from one country to another to work as a prostitute or an escort through “human trafficking”, will do it of their own free will. But then what makes this human trafficking? The answer is the second or a third party who help prostitutes, escorts and thus prostitution operate. Thus, today human trafficking has been misinterpreted a little; the term itself has been expanded, as the modern-day prostitution...

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4. Have a proper plan.

Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!I think it is advisable to plan what you want before visiting a prostitute or escort. But, is it possible to plan when after a party you and your pals get horny in alcoholic enthusiasm and getting in a taxi you automatically give the address of a brothel. Of course, it is impossible, but in that case only a quickie is the aim. Well, what can be planned and how? If you have special requests, being a perverse pig, who likes being assfucked with a huge strap-on dildo worn by a big-breasted dominatrix, you have to check out where to get prostitutes with this service-and body-type. Not every prostitute will take this job. Many escorts and prostitutes tend not to take extreme jobs, just the typical is offered like handjob, blowjob normal sex. Don’t believe that you can have any escort or prostitute swallowed your cum or enjoy CIM,...

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Modern human trafficking, as we see it

Human trafficking is booming worldwide, and it has ever been doing so during human history. Without exception, we could come up with every country in which people are bought and sold such as market products. Today, human trafficking specializes in sex trade and coercion into prostitution. According to credible surveys, the number of victims (in Europe) is over 20.9 million, of which 5.5 million are children.It is important to divide human trafficking into two parts, as it has two different sectors, operating mainly in Europe. One of them is the well-known type when women are put up for sale thus forced into prostitution.This phenomenon is prevailing worldwide, and just over 25 million Euros is invested in Europe to curb it. It is rife in Asia and even the Arab States. In India where one woman gets ten men due to the disproportion of sexes, even today there are classes where head of the family obtains profit by allowing his wife to be...

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Careerist prostitutes

The main feature of careerist whores is that they sell their body and sex indirectly. While traditional prostitutes receive money from the buyer directly after the act, the careerist prostitute benefits from the higher income they obtain after having sex with some men of importance at a company to get on the career ladder. They screw to get a higher position, and the higher salary is their payment after their sexual service for the males who helped them to get promoted. They do not ask for money after sex because they use the men to get promoted. There are basically two kinds of them: corporate whore and a careerist escort. The corporate whore kind of solicits among high-ranked position holders who may help their career. One may assume a high level of acting in soliciting or hunting for managerial men at the firm but, interestingly, they generally do not act because the attraction of position and money is so strong that they can really...

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Flash or quickie prostitutes

Quickie prostitutes are akin to industrial sex workers, namely what they have in common is the implementation of rapid and quantitative sex service. These prostitutes are so practical that the only thing they concentrate on while carrying out the service is relieving guests of their semen as quickly as possible. As a result, these whores are usually hired for a round or a single sexual action not for a period of time, consequently they try to shorten the time of the service by making guests, even the ones with languid erection, cum quite rapidly due to their professional knowledge, in vain they drink or use drugs to lengthen the moments of pleasure. Their knowledge of erogenous zones and oral techniques are so highly developed that it enables them to do away with any persistent erection in a short time.

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3. To jerk off or not – that’s the question.

Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!Opinions tend to differ from one another in this question. Some like to be able to nail escorts for hours (after all, the time is paid, let’s use it up!) and others prefer going drabbing urged by intense sexual desire, although if someone is too horny, he may cum in two minutes. If it is uncomfortable or too expensive for you to cum even when she starts to take your cock into her mouth or pull a condom onto it, then just jerk off. If you feel embarrassed with the five minutes action, just jerk it off before visiting prostitute or escort. The point is it should be enjoyable. But be careful with time and don’t run over the limit as you need to pay extra. Personally, I jerk off twice before going drabbing. I may be a bit perverse but I like to fuck hookers and escorts properly. I get excited when I see she’s working hard for...

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2. Get it out of your mind that you may find the love of your life

Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!Forget you will find Ms Right, the mother of your children, who is waiting to be found by you. As the phrase goes ‘prostitute makes the best wife’. It is certainly true for those women who are pimped by their boyfriend, hunting for such a sucker like you. Escorts see only bank notes in you, not prospective husband or partner in life. If they get wind that you’re looking for love, they will perform such a play that would deserve an Oscar. You’ll find yourself in a game where you are the loser even when it hasn’t started. You’ll soon realize you have a kept girlfriend, a gold-digger, on who you have spent a fortune. After she has departed you from your money, the girl will move on.   

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Born to be prostitutes

In rare cases guests may be so lucky that they are taken care by a real, born to be prostitute. Born to be prostitutes simply require regular sex on a daily basis, and they cultivate the profession for joy therefore money is only a secondary aim. Born to be prostitutes are basically abnormally nymphomaniac women who have used up all their partners with their excessive need for sex, so they enter the prostitution business to get the daily dosage of sex. Born to be prostitutes really enjoy what they do, so they do not have to act while performing the job.

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Industrial prostitutes

They are the sex workers who provide sexual services so dispassionately owning to the large quantity of sexual actions they do every day that the client may have the impression he is on a conveyor belt in a fuck-factory where a mechanic sex-machine made of steel will soon aspirate his semen. The unceasing sexual drudgery has killed even the most rudimentary eroticism in them. 

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Elastic prostitutes

They are such elastic prostitutes that they can put their legs in any kind of position in order to expose their vagina and ass for the guest, who enjoys the variety of the different angles of penetration. Elastic prostitutes are usually petite sexual providers who can be moved and positioned easily on the tadger thanks to their light weight, so they are very practical. 

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They are highly experienced elderly ladies with great technical knowledge of sexual practices. They are such experts that they give lecture to less experienced guests how to improve their sexual skills. Guests tend to like the professional guidance a cougar offers, entrusting themselves completely to her. It is like a role play: the mature lady (who can be a teacher, an aunt in the game) introduces the little boy (student or nephew) into the world of sexuality. Many beginner punters look for this kind of sex worker because they do not always know what to do in their embarrassment.

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