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Anal sex and the youth

Today the young adult’s altered sexual habits over the past twenty years has been attracting the scientific attention. There are surveys showing that only 40 percent of the young adults use condom before sexual intercourse. What is more startling is that some teenagers have such sexual habits that shock the elder generations. As a root of this phenomenon we can discover the Internet and its harmful impact on teenagers’ mind by making its violent and sexual content free and available. Young people do not have the opportunity to get socialized sexually on realistic, experience base because pornographic sites on the Internet grab their attention and divest them of the real knowledge they can only gain by getting involved in a relationship. What they see on these sites they will believe true so it is not surprising that they think it is natural for males to possess huge penis and for females to love being ass-fucked. This kind of content,...

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Medical point of view

If we intend to look into anal sex from different angles, we cannot leave the medical approach out of consideration, that is to say the medical expert’s report, advice and in case of accidents the proper way to treat the problem. If our partner lends herself to anal sex and we suppose she/he is not a professional prostitutescort prepared for this kind of penetration, there must be done some measure of precaution, taking the anatomical boundaries into consideration. The anus is a sort of constrictor, which is not capacious enough to receive immediately the pecker ready for penetration, therefore before anal sex it is advisable to start with expansion to avoid that certain uncomfortable accident. There are suitable tools available at sex shops as well as on different internet sites. For this purpose there are special-developed anus-stretchers, various kinds of lubricants, which are indispensable before anal sexual intercourse. The lubricant...

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Perversion, Anal Sex

Pushing the envelope in getting to know the boundaries of human fantasy is possible but it is immeasurable to gauge its need for perverseness. It is impossible to examine it in a scientific way due to its secrecy and peculiarity: on the one hand, the private world of fantasy is none of anyone’s business; on the other hand people usually do not feel inclined to discuss it with outsiders of the personal world. It is not preferred as a topic of conversation not because it is shameful or something to hide but having it on everyone’s mind, lurking in a dark corner, we usually tend to think of it if everything is quiet around us, that is to say we are alone in our personal recess where we can really be ourselves. Keeping dark desires in secret can be called a moral principle or taboo that people are not supposed to talk about it and it is in some forms often represented in culture, e.g. in arts but there is a limit beyond which it is...

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Who can be prostitute or escort? – Rules and regulations

It depends on the rules and regulations on prostitution in the country where someone wants to work in the sex-business. Different legislation cannot apply to the two trades as both of them is adult entertainment, however there are possibilities to jockey due to the different services they offer. Prostitutes and escort tend to adapt to the legal environment to dodge legal persecution and they seem quite creative to do so. Let’s see an example from Thailand to represent how skilfully they can jockey the law and one another. Bangkok is the paradise of sex tourism. If someone happens to go there without the intention of drabbing, even so he is going to end up in a brothel. Prostitution is legal there, but due to the intense rivalry among sex-workers they need to use knacks to get clients. The prostitutes in Thailand chat up with male stranger, lying that they aren’t prostitutes, but when they go up to hotel room, they guest has to pay...

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15. Don’t go drabbing slovenly

Finally I am finishing the list of warnings with the most obvious one, which is about hygiene. Primarily the most crucial is the hygiene of sexual organs as it has a great influence on the quality of the service. Just think of how a brushy cock with stinky foreskin cheese will motivate a prostitute or escort to carry out a quality service, in vain he will be driven to have a shower. Minor but still important hygiene consideration is the nails as yellowish, eagle-like fangs won’t make any guest desirable. Hair can be important, especially if it is grown in unusual place like in ears, nostrils or on neck, which also does not contribute to making sex-workers enthusiastic. Guests have to pay attention to cleaning body curves as dirt likes bedding those places.        

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14. Don’t go drabbing if you are drunk

This is a similar warning to the one talked about in the previous paragraph, that is to say, like consuming drug, drinking booze may cause erectile dysfunction, which will cause difficulties in carrying out the intercourse, if not make it impossible. Many punters tend to drink in order to avoid premature ejaculation as too much alcohol intake will numb the senses, but too much amount can bring about the opposite, the guest’s falling asleep on the bed while the prostitute or escort waiting for the end of the paid time. Of course she won’t take the trouble to wake the client up if the time is paid.  

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Well, who are then the prostitutes? I think every escort can become prostitute but not every prostitute can become escort. I cannot believe that an Eastern_European street-walker prostitute could perform an escort’s various tasks. I’ve taken this example as I mentioned an escort’s position is not stationary, but a prostitute is supposed to be standing by roads in every sort of weather condition, her pimp beats her up if she fails to perform as he wants, and she also can be forced to work. This is not a slight difference. This imaginary Romanian street-walker goes on the street to drab because she speaks only her mother tongue. Even if she could speak other languages she wouldn’t be sophisticated, I mean she’d hardly be able to tell something appropriate. The quality difference among escorts is not that conspicuous than it is among prostitutes. I mean a prostitute can be a luxury sex-worker or a cheap slut. Generally, prostitutes are...

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13. Don’t accept unknown drug from prostitute or escort.

There might happen, especially to high-class punters, that they are offered drugs to intensify sexual experience. We do not necessarily have to be suspicious about this generous intention but punters have to be aware that consuming unknown drugs can lead to unwanted consequences such as sleepiness, which results in languor, or dizziness and nausea, that also do not help the guest enjoy the moments of purchased pleasure, not talking about the safety risk again, that the aim of offering drug is to stupefy and then rob the guest.

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12. Don’t screw prostitute outdoor!

There are several risk factors of receiving sexual service outdoor. One of them is safety risk that lies in the fact that the guest cannot pay attention to what is happening around him, for example, who is approaching from behind, a policeman or a thug or the accomplice of the prostitute. None of them is preferred. In many countries purchasing sexual services is illegal and too rambunctious punters are heavily fined by authorities. Indecency in public area can just increase the fine. 

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11. Don’t go to room in a suspicious part of the city

It is not uncommon occurrence that a careless client gets beaten and mugged after the escort or prostitute enticed him to some forlorn flat where he can cry for help in vain. The sex-worker’s accomplices hide somewhere in the flat and after the door has closed they take away every valuable possession of the guest, who can be even glad of not getting beaten.

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Reser till dig för en härlig dejt!

Har uppdaterat min blogg på min hemsida med lathund på vad jag tar i milersättning till lite olika städer för att underlätta. Minsta bokning tidsmässigt beror såklart på hur långt jag ska åka.Tycker det är väldigt trevligt att ut och åka lite så var inte blyg bara för att du inte bor i Göteborg! =)Hoppas vi ses snart. kommer bli jättemysigt!PussEmmaVänligen se före kontakt! <3

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10. Don’t be careless when choosing wild games

It may occur in dominatrix games that humiliation turns into such violence that a sort of password has to be said if the guest wants to quit the service because he does not find pleasure just pain in the act, with the risk of getting injured. If we do not keep in mind the password or quit phrase, we can get into trouble easily and instead of pleasant sexual experiences we will leave the dominatrix escort studio with tramped testicles, bleeding rectum and face full of bloodshot and bruises caused by a violent dildo. Clarifying the quit phase is essential in that case when the dominatrix escort does not speak the language properly and we either do not understand the quit-phrase or get a difficult phrase in an unknown language for us that we will forget it at the first imperious penetration.

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Melissa Mexican escort

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9. Don’t use service of suspiciously young sex-worker!

Today girls grow up so quickly that sometimes it is difficult to tell underage girl from adult woman, especially when they wear thick make-up. In certain countries buying sexual services from underage is strictly punished as it is considered part of human trafficking, which is a major offence so it is warmly advisable to be very circumspective. 

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8. Don’t have too much money on you

There are several newspaper articles on criminal cases when careless clients’ money gets stolen while enjoying service. While he is being serviced in one of the rooms, his clothes, which he left in another, are searched and his money, bank card, wrist watch or smart phone taken away. It sometimes takes place that escorts with their male accomplice staged a police raid and fined the guest, especially in those countries where prostitution is illegal, not the offering of sexual services.      

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7. Don’t take risk if you see signs indicating sexually transmitted disease

This paragraph is in close logical relation with the previous and warns to be able to see clearly, not just breast to grip or vaginas to pound. There are certain bodily, outer signs that can clearly betray venereal diseases, in this way warning us we’d better be cautious. To solve the problem we could say let us wear condom, which prevents from sexual diseases but unfortunately it is not true because certain vds can spread even through a simple touch. Well, if you can see herpes-like warts around the sexual organs, you’d better choose another prostitute or escort. Vaginal smell and liquids can be another warning signs however they can put off any excited client. Foul breath does not necessarily give away low hygiene but some sort of infection as well.

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6. Don’t believe you cannot get venereal diseases

Quality sex-workers usually have valid medical certification to prove they are exempt from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases. This is satisfaction for guests but a medical certification can never be fresh enough to rule out infection as examination does not happen just before the sex act therefore the risk of getting infected cannot be eliminated. Mainly this is why it is worth using protection during escort service though having rubber between the cock and mouth or any other female cavity is not that enjoyable than having direct contact on the glands. But definitely much more enjoyable than the feeling when the syphilitic cock splits up like an overripe pea-pod.

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5. Don’t be too confidential

Since several blackmail felonies have happened lately, it is very important to be aware of the danger of giving out confidential information to an escort or a prostitute as the guest can become the target of blackmailing. However, it is quite difficult not to be too intimate, especially when a client is regular as the chance of building a close relationship is unavoidable. It may happen mainly to socially influential and respected clients whose social status is incompatible to visiting sex-workers. Some daring escorts might want to make some extra from guests by threatening them to inform their wife or local media about how they spend their free time however they are quite likely to have male accomplices to carry out this rather dangerous procedure.

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In this subchapter I will group the different sorts of prostitutes. In the previous chapter I have mentioned that it’s difficult due to the lack of words, moreover there are a lot of unanswered questions in the topic. For instance, what category to group in those girls who pick up guys in the Tinder app? Should we call them Tinder-girl? Maybe. As the name call girl refers to a woman who organizes the sex-business via phone, a woman could be dubbed as Tinder-girl who sells her body with the help of the Tinder application. Unfortunately, this word is still not common, so let them be called escorts or with the group name, prostitutes for the time being. Well, let me emphasize again that the appellation prostitute is a collective noun signifying in every language those women, men, lady boys, shemales who offer sexual services in return for money. Besides, there are whores as well as escorts who are basically whores too, but what make...

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4. Practical tips

After the service it is quite practical to pay attention to how our appearance how we leave the escort or prostitute as the rendezvous might have its signs and smells on us. The most basic thing I am thinking of is lipstick prints, but a proper dominatrix service tends to leave its violent traces of lash so it is crucial to be aware of the necessity of covering or making the traces disappear, or if it impossible, it is advisable to invent some explanation about the bruises or lash traces so that we won’t have to make up a story when discovered by a suspecting wife or girlfriend. As I have mentioned the fact we have visited a prostitute or escort can be easily felt or smelled on us through the perfume of sex-worker, which is quite likely to be detected straight away by jealous partners. Therefore punters are highly recommended to take a thorough bath after sexual service to cover up the tracks. Long female hair also can betray punters, especially...

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