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Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing

In this short article I’m going to collect some pieces of useful advice for punters before visiting an escort. First of all, there are obvious things to do, aren’t there? The things that we don’t care about because we believe we know them very well. Anyway, many things depend on our personal requirement. In vain I would write down to warn you to have a bath or use deodorant before visiting an escort girl or hook up a prostitute if you like to take a bath once a week when you just tend to wash your feet. Some think paying or visiting an escort gives them the right to do whatever they want. They pay for the service and they think sex worker just shut up. In my view escort service is just like any other type of service to which the same unwritten ethical rules and manners apply as to a guest in a restaurant, for instance. Because this guest pays for the meal and the service, he is not entitled to do whatever he cannot breach...

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Prostitute with overused pussy

God didn’t decide on the gender of this pussy until the last minute, hence the huge meaty bit that makes penetration extra challenging. Due to overuse of sex organs typical in the profession, the meaty bits became crumpled and elongated. It looks like an old, frost bitten cabbage lettuce. Clients often complain that they have to sort of unfold the pussy before the use to make penetration possible.

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Stinky prostitutes

There are two subtypes in this group, the uncomfortably and the pleasantly smelly ones. The firsts cannot help it, for some biological reason, so they use a lot of perfume and cologne, but unfortunately it just results in a cloud of deadly reek around them. The pleasantly smelly prostitute usually smells of urination and vaginal juice that makes men crazy, who intentionally smear themselves or a tissue paper after the intercourse so that they can smell the sweet vaginal secretions spiced up with some maddening uric scent for long.

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Plastic prostitutes

They are the diametrical opposite of natural prostitutes. They are usually characterized by lots of implanted body parts like breasts, mouth, buttocks, hips etc. Guests are advised to nail them carefully in order to avoid deforming and damaging implants.

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What can be done against the escort theft?

Do you remember what I said a few paragraphs above? Caution, circumspection and preparedness. Never believe that it won’t happen to you because it will do. Note that if you're going to visit an escort girl: do not take more money than the amount you fixed with the escort girl by phone. It is unnecessary as well as dangerous. If you're there in the doorway, do not give her the money straight away, even if she is saying she won’t let you in unless you have paid the service. Then it’s better to leave. Before you enter, just look around to see if there is anyone else in the apartment. If you see anything suspicious or unusual about the escort’s behaviour, just leave. If not the girl opens the door who you saw on the escort site, do not go into the apartment. If she has lied on the escort side you do not expect anything good of her. If you're there in the escort girl’s apartment and you've got more money than the cost of the service, even...

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The reality of being a phone-sex operator

Operating a phone-sex hotline takes fortitude. The obvious reason is that being a sultry phone actress requires you to forget your inhibitions, embrace graphic sexual discussions, and oftentimes transcend taboos. But there are a lot of misconceptions out there about the payoff for this line of work. Movies such as "For A Good Time, Call" depict phone-sex operators down on their luck soon raking in the cash from their new ventures. And tongue-in-cheek articles often emphasize the upsides of the job, including flexible hours and the endless supply of funny anecdotes to share with your friends.

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The other side of the coin: escorts pose threat

Yes, there is the other side where escorts are not the victims, but the culprit in the famous capital of Sweden, Stockholm. I want to remark first that in Sweden the escort industry operates effectively based on the so-called Swedish Model. This system turns a blind eye in certain degree to prostitution. Prostitutes are not punished, but customers have to face legal consequences if getting caught. As for the escort industry, the situation is different as they do not always do sexual services. They do not sell sexual services as prostitutes, but service packs that can include sexual acts (GFE, OWO, CIM, PSE, CIF, COB, dominatrix experience, strapon, bondage, kinky S & M), however, they are not basic escort service. Many customers see escorts as a companion with whom they can share anything, or just an elegant woman, a social decor with whom they can appear in official places. Prostitution in Sweden has been completely changed since...

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Hairy prostitutes

They are like natural prostitutes but more developed sex workers in a sense, in the hairy sense. The clientele’s bit morbid need created this group of prostitutes, who feel somewhat perverted affection towards hair and heavily hairy female body parts, so this kind of prostitute is usually hairy from the armpit to the shin. It is a very easy and comfortable type of prostitutes because they never have to spend on hair removal, and special guests go must about just the sight of the hair.

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Natural prostitutes

They have no any plastic surgery and their sexual organ is bushy or lightly trimmed. Guests go crazy about them who consider naturalness as a sex-appeal.  

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Fame prostitutes

They are very similar to materialist prostitutes with the difference that they are obsessed with fame. They seek to be famous and appear in magazines and newspapers. They can be found at the side of famous scientist, footballers, writers, politicians or any royal family members. Their favourite pray are distinguished elderly men of importance, fortune, good family or position, preferably not far from decease, from whom they can inherit. They usually succeed in making the prey believe he is loved.  

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What can be done in this case? Escorts how to protect themselves?

 I think many things should be paid attention to. Which I think is the most important: escort girls should invest time and money into their own safety. As I mentioned most escort girls receive guests at their home without first meeting them. This is preceded by an exchange of letters or telephone consultation. From the former form of communication it scarcely turns out who writes the letters, while a phone conversation can tell a lot about the prospective client (command of language, accent, manners etc.) Escort can conclude from the accent whether the prospective client is a local resident or foreigner and by posing sensible questions relevant information can be filtered out about the other party. My opinion - of course, few sex-workers adhere to this - the best is to have a personal meeting for a coffee, a lunch, or just a nice walk in the beautiful downtown of Stockholm. It all turns out there! It turns out who the sex-buyer will...

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Materialist prostitutes

They are the prostitutes who whore so that they will be able to buy things that raise their social status, such as fashion accessories, bags, clothes, shoes, etc. Sometimes their payment is asked in the form of a big shopping with nice dinner before the intercourse. Shopping, eating and drinking turns them on so it is ideal for having sex. They are like sharks in this point of view, which tend to copulate after a big meal. Most of the times these prostitutes are escorts from very low social class, whose aims is to belong to the higher society which they maniacally try to prove to themselves and the outside world by wearing the most expensive clothes, which is thrown out and new, more fashionable is purchased after a short use. They are obsessed with money, high position and luxurious way of life, for which they would give anything in the world.

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Clients’ grouping of prostitutes

This classification lacks any kind of taxonomic principle and bases just on the clientele’s general opinion on prostitutes or just women. Of course, there may be other kinds of names for the same type of prostitutes, but I am trying to list here the best-known ones. 

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Spy prostitutes

It is for certain that this is the best paid job in the profession. Generally speaking, an attractive female secret agent is frequently ordered by her agency, which is now not especially an escort agency but some intelligence one of course, to become a prostitute for a while, until she has gained the necessary information from a watched man after escorting and servicing him. She is a prostitute in the strict sense of the word. She sells sex for information, indirectly for money. During her secret mission she pretends to be interested in, attracted to, in love with the man so what else is she than a prostitute?   

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Go-go girls, strip-tease pole and lap dancers

Go-go girls is the type of dance girls who do not undress during the dance performance, but being scantily clad, they give a kick to the nights, enticing guests to dance with them. In crowded places they are fenced off from the mass to make sure that drunk and horny guests cannot harass them. They often work at nightclubs of major European cities via agencies. They are not really prostitutes, even though prostitutes may work in this role, hunting for guests at the end of the party. Pole dancers are also paid dance performers who are employed to writhe on a pole while performing acrobatic moves in or without clothes. The dancer basically does not have to be a prostitute as lap dance can be interpreted as a sport or art, although it depends on the artist whether to offer or not sexual service after the show. Lap dance is more intense version of erotic dance show during which the performer gets a closer physical contact with the viewer...

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How do refugees get money at the expense of escorts?

As I said, these days I have read a lot of accounts, in which escort girls complain about being robbed by refugees. Recently, mainly African immigrants have seen the chance of stealing money from escort girls, which is easy to do as it poses minimal risk. Many escort girls reported that young and violent African refugees visited them in groups who abused them, resulting in physical violence. There have been escort girls who were beaten so badly that they were hospitalized. Unfortunately, many escorts find themself helpless to prevent such cases. There are escort girls who receive guests in their homes. Guests choose escort girls on the Internet and then visit them on the given address. Actually, an escort girl receives a guest whom she has never met before. What happens? Escort invites the guests into her apartment, home or tenement. Who will go in there? Literally anyone; they can be rapist, murderer, perverts, thieves, robbers. The...

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How do escorts turn into puppets of the beauty industry?

There are just few models that can make a proper living. Not everyone can become Lauren Hutton or Christie Brinkley. The big expenses that are attendant with the lifestyle (cars, clothes, posh restaurants)  have to be settled. That is why many models do escort job beside the stage work. It is a good business to be an escort. In addition, it is a good reference for an escort if she is a model in a full-time job. Many tend not to make a secret of it as they take roles in porn movies or do escort service unashamedly.  The market has been expanding so much that the models’ age is decreasing. Nowadays it seems that young chicks are the most needed for the profession. Therefore models can get superannuated in short time, most of them burning out. Since models enter the world of the beauty industry at a quite young age, they have no chance to educate themselves so that they will be able to take employment somewhere after finishing the model...

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Part-time prostitutes

Most of the times students and young single mothers will become part-time prostitutes because of the quick and high income they can obtain by pursuing the profession, which they do not want as a main occupation, because they already have a position in the civilian sphere (motherhood, university, etc.). This kind of part time occupation is especially widespread in Western countries among foreign students of university campuses, who usually come from some poorer countries, and they cannot pay the costs of higher education and everyday life and thus forced to undertake some escort service or offer erotic massage services to some local rich client.

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