The Big Book of Escort Trade-2.

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Who the escorts wereContrary to escorts today, escort girls in the ancient times, apart from being attractive, had to meet several criteria, such as being witty, educated, and familiar with contemporary politics. For this reason, the ancient escorts were...


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The Big Book of Escort Trade-1.

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From the beginning to the present dayThe formation of prostitution is surrounded by thousands of mysteries and scuttlebutts. What is the truth? How did it develop? Unfortunatelly, we have just partial information. We do not know exactly who prostitutes...


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The importance of sex, and factors affecting sexIn the previous chapters sex was shown in historical context, arriving at the current concept of sex. There were words about the sex and joint industries and people with perverted sexual tendencies. Except...


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Dangerous sexual perversions1. Sexual blackmailers And we have come to the kind of sex where perversion manifests itself when someone takes the sexual advantage of people who are in a vulnerable situation. The most typical form is when a person in higher...


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Another dimension of sex: aberration, sexual diseases and fetishes Sex can be unfortunately a serious threat in our world. Sexually aberrant persons are dangerous not only to themselves, but to the society as well.  How does anyone become sexually perverted?...

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Hej mina älskare och slavar,Många av er har saknat mig och undrat länge när jag ska besöka Stockholm. Äntligen är min resa bokad under två heta veckor i Juli. Just juli är en sådan månad när sommaren i Sverige är som hetast, folket är lättklädda...


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Hej.  Jag undrar verkligen  vad som händer med dessa höga priser  i Sverige.  Nästan alla tar 2500 kr. Hur kommer det sig ?? Finns några som är värda 2500 Men de flesta är värda mest 1500-2000 för en 1h. I övriga Europa  ligger...


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The positive effect of sex-industry on sex and its participants: customers and clients Like everything, the sex-industry (prostitution, pornography) also has negative and positive sides. The first and most important positive thing about it is that everyone...


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Webcam sex   The webcam sex was considered completely a new thing when the broadband Internet became accessible. Webcam sex is about online surfaces where sexual services can be chosen with the suitable performer, according to sexual orientation,...


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Prostitution in societyProstitution or purchase of sex is banned in some countries and allowed in other places with or without restrictions. But if you think about it more, there are many people who badly need it. Thousands of men who cannot find a suitable...

Students who become prostitutes

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Students that are escorts? Is it a fantasy or a very real situation? Without doubt a little of both. It is true that prostitution is a phenomenon in full expansion. It could affect 40 to 42 million people worldwide and 80% of them women. The reason for...


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Prostitution and sexAmong the above-mentioned industries the largest sex-related industry is prostitution. In fact, prostitution is the most profitable sector in the sex-industry. The number of prostitutes can be measured in millions, which indicates that...


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Aphrodisiacs and potency enhancersBesides the sex toys, there is a huge demand for different aphrodisiacs, lubricants, potency enhancers as well. For example, Viagra helped millions of human to have full sexual life, even those who have not had erection...


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Sex toys and sex-shops Today, I think almost in every household there is one of the best-selling sex tools: a plastic penis or dildo and vibrator, which is not only essential for lone women, but also a popular toy for couples to perk up sexual life....


What is your preferences about you choise?

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What preferences are important for you to choose a lady for meeting? Is it the price? Services? Pictures?...

Apartment central stockholm

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Hi, I have an apartment for rent in central Stockholm, Its 25 sqm, newly renovated, rent acording to...

Lucy back to stockholm!!!

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Hello guys just i come bavk to stockholm for 2 weeks and i hope meet lovely guys!

Lucy back to stockholm!!!

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Hi guys just i come back to stockholm for 2 weeks and i hop meet lovely guys!

Looking for that special person

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A submissive, stable and attractive woman or Tranny for perverted kinky sex. I have much to offer the...

Betalning i förskott??

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Till någon med erfarenhet av eskorter. Är det vanligt att man måste betala i förskott via konto?...

Information about swallow or take semen in mouth

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Even if you're oh-so-very-sure you and your partner are safe, unless you've been together six months...

Varning För Stor bedragare på camshower!!! BETALA ALDRIG INNAN MAN VERIFIERA SIG!!

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Brukar ni köra långt för att träffa era favoriter runt om i landet?


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Brukar ni köra långt till andra städer för att träffa er ”favorit”?

escort linköping/ norrköping

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Looking for outcall escort in linköping or norrköping asap


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Hallå gubbar! Tänkte fråga lite hur stora kukar ni har? Min är 13,5cm vid full mast så ganska liten...

Look for apartament in Göteborg

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I looking for one apartment with one room or studio flat, I'm alone and independent escort, very discret...

Wash, shave and brush your teeth...

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Reading some reversed rewieves makes me surprised and puzzled due to the fact that some guys don't take...

Malmö (Malmoe) today?

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Hello, what´s up in Malmö/Malmoe today? Does anybody please know? Only eight girls available now...

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