Is every escort an inborn escort or it is just a certain stratum of the professionals?

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Can a street walker prostitute become a natural escort or can she feel she is just the victim of circumstances?I would like to use again the previously established statement that not all prostitutes are escort, but all escorts are prostitute. With this...

The media advertisements and the sex

Stromboli · · 1 · 0

Sexuality is the most powerful motivator of external force that has ever been and always will be present at all eras and layers of human society in different forms and different intensities. However, today thanks to commercials exploiting the power of sexuality...

Who are escorts?

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What do Escorts provide?Escorts are prostitutes who primarily sell their time, and within this time phase a wide range of sexual services are available, but at the same time, it is not just about sexuality. We've already been discussing what makes a prostitute...

Does it matter if there is no devotion in sex service and it is felt that escort forces herself to do escort service?

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 Is it disturbing and revealing?  In the case when an escort has taken the profession not out of her own will, then she is probably not likely to show such devotion and commitment to sex work as other escorts who do escort profession on their own...

To what extent does a born-to-be escort have to exceed her joy-ceiling in order to fully satisfy sex clients?

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How important is subordination?A good escort knows what her sex client wants, even if he does not talk about it. That's why he goes to visit an escort, that is, not to have to explain things unnecessarily, just to do and enjoy it. Of course, surprises may...

How does the look influence the attitude of escorts?

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What can make a beautiful woman repulsive and an ugly woman attractive? A nice escort tends to be choosy, so there is less chance for her to grow clientele, while if a less beautiful but erotic escort with guts is more open, her good reputation can spread more...

Is there a chance to be an escort without good look?

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If so, what can override the look? For example, good technique of blowjob, being feisty, low prices, wide range of favourites, good acting skills, erotic aura etc.Just as in real life either, I would not consider the look of escort as predominant. Of course, beautiful...

What if the love of sex is not accompanied with acting?

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Is it possible to get on without it as a born escort in the profession?Suppose there was an escort girl who loves to have sex - she doesn't even know why, whether because of the sex act itself or the lack of self-confidence - as she uses sex to gain self-affirmation...

Is the love of having sex enough for anyone to become a good escort?

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Are there escorts who only choose the profession because they like having sex? Do nymphomaniacs want to be professional escorts at all?Earlier we have talked about what kind of personality is needed to be able to become a good escort. It is too complex...

If it develops later, then what external effects can it cause to be an escort?

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What can lead to the event that someone becomes an escort? Is it social or financial status? Why does someone choose this profession? (for example, bad parental relationship, domestic violence, shame) Is it fashionable to be an escort? We can often...

What qualities does someone have to have to become an escort?

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Is it already destined at birth or later? If so, where does it come from? Can it be inherited? For example, were there similar tendencies in the family, such as adulteresses or escorts?The woman has the innate characteristic that makes her receptive, and without...

What’s the difference between a prostitute and an escort? Are they just synonyms or is there any differentiation in their defini

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First of all, let's make it clear that from a business point of view both a prostitute and an escort have the same reference; they are both sex workers. A prostitute intentionally and professionally abuses herself and her female peculiarities in order to...

Your holes belong to me. Open them wide for my strapon!

Mistress Lana · · 0 · 0

Today I played with a virgin- 21 years old feminine boy with a slim hairless body. He was very shy when he arrived. I told him to get undressed and stand in front of me. He was covering his pubic area with hands. I ordered him to put his hands behind his back...

The advantages and drawbacks of escort reviews

tomahawk · · 1 · 1

It is surely to be regarded as an advantage that rating and commenting the service has a positive effect on the clientele. Customers will be informed about the possible dangers and traps and it also gives escorts the opportunity to change something in their...

Escort girls receiving bad reviews

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As I told you I am discussing only extremities (escorts receiving good and bad reviews) so now let’s see those escort girls who have negative feedbacks from clients. Bad reviews can explain a lot of things, unequivocally predicting that there is something...


Hultsfred o kåt

ubbe1965 · · 0 · 0

Finns det inga escorter här omkring som vill experimentera lite. Gillar fötter o eventuellt wet. Men...

Fake GBG/Uddevalla

solen · · 0 · 0

Var försiktigt! GBG Uddevalla 0737599582 Jonas, 50± Verkar trevligt får adress sedan försvinner och...


Per · · 0 · 22

Hej, undrar om det är mycket pengar från försäljningen av droger och knark som letar sig till sexsäljande...

Im searching longterm apartmant in stockhom

Sonja · · 0 · 0

Please serious peaople write me ! Thanks

500kr rabatt plus video

Carmen Ferrera · · 0 · 5

Heej alla härliga gentlemen! Idag torsdag tar jag med kameran igen för att spela in sköna filmer här...

Varför knullar ni escorter? Köper sex...

Loverboy · · 0 · 6

Personligen så beror det på att jag gillar att knulla, men inte vill ha något långsiktigt eller att...

Fake booking stockholm 0737285275

Amanda Moore · · 0 · 0

He book a meeting and confirm. Then 20 min late without any message and ask for code and info. When he...

Gøteborg Apartment / Room Wanted maybe Malmo also

Elly-meee · · 0 · 0

Hi all Landlords We are several beautiful girls wanting to rent an apartment or rooms in Gøteborg...

No number

Rowe · · 0 · 4

Do not see any numbers on ads. Anyone else experience this?

Vissa tror på tomten

Bibliophil · · 0 · 1

Vissa tror på Jesus. Vi är alla olika

Let's fuck 😋

Mr&Ms Smith · · 0 · 2

We search couple or bisex woman for some hanging with as. Let's fun together ? w24 m 35

Looking for incall near Majorna

gubbfan · · 0 · 0

I’m looking for women that does incalls in or near Majorna in Gothenburg. PM me.

Lång escort

Långtjej · · 0 · 0

Hej söker en partner som vill jobba ihop med mig i Gbg området

Fake outcall

Vika Malina · · 0 · 1

Fake outcall in malmo. signed up two hours in advance, answered until I prikuda then stopped responding!...

Any serious escorts for today ? 12/02

Emil199494 · · 0 · 1

Looking for a serious escort around stockholm/uppsala.

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