Time for a new start!

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Dear Advertisers and Users! We have wonderful news for you! After many years of collaboration with “”, we are happy to announce that we are now able to stand on our own! It was a long road, blood, sweat and tears to achieve what we have...


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In the escort business rimming refers to the sexual act when one of the participants orally stimulates the other’s rectal area after mutual sympathy has developed. In professional circles the act is also called anilingus, about which there are records...


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Duo, stemming from the word dual, basically means two escorts spending their time together with the client at the same time and after mutual attraction has developed at the escort meeting they satisfy the client’s sexual needs in pair.    By...

PSE(pornstar experience)

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PSE is the name of the service on escorts’ list of favourites when an escort renders such a professional and hard core sexual service that the client feels as though he had sex with a porn star. As it is strictly about sexual experience, PSE or porn star...

Done with this

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Im finished with this now, I did all i wanted. Yes there is two more that Im interested of but, yesterday I met the best for me and I will stick to her. I have had some memorable moments.  About the ladies I have made a Review of you can ask in pm. I will...


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GFE, that is the so-called girlfriend experience, is a major favourite sexual service offered by escorts, when an escort is requested to create such an intimate atmosphere that imitates the real relationship between male and female. Following the development...

The reality behind positive and negative experiences

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So it's not so easy to work as an escort girl, isn’t it? It’s easy to expect, of course, to get exactly what we have paid for escorts at the highest level. But what about problematic clients? The fact is that there are problematic clients who can never...

Soon done

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Soon im done with my bucket list, It costed me a lot of Money, But it gained me new excitment and happy moments in Life.    All women i have been with, I hope I made a impression on you and you definately made it for me.Left to doHotjoana (with or without...

Using Escorts

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Im into this because I want to fill my bucket list. So far I have made a lot of it. But there is one problem, as deeper I get into this as more new things on the list. I will only say, I try to be nice and treat you good,  So far have all the aqquintance...


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COB is a term in the escort industry, which means ejaculation on the body either by the client or the escort after vaginal anal or oral intercourse.   Cumming on body, unlike the above-mentioned acts, is almost a routine of sex life. COB is quite a...


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In the context of escort sex business COF means that either the escort or the client cums on the face of the other participant in the sex-act after vaginal anal or oral intercourse.Besides a specific spot on the face or head where ejaculation is allowed,...


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CumOnMouth, a business term used in the escort trade, means that either the escort or the client cums on the mouth of the other after the sexual intercourseMany escorts, or in general, women or gay men, find it difficult to have the partner’s semen in...

The positive and negative aspects of the impact on customers and escorts

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I think this issue should be discussed in two respects. One of aspects is the business approach and the other is the human one.The impact on the sex-business is completely clear. If an escort impresses a client by being kind and attentive to him, it will...

Bias, Bias and Bias

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To read the original post click hereTo understand my post please read the article on Aftonbladet ”Var tionde man i Sverige köper sex”I think every society  has issues that have an urgent need to be addressed, and I guess prostitution is among...

Possible negative experiences given by escorts

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PLEASE NOTE: The things are mentioned below might be occured but not with every escorts in every case! These are just possible cases!Beside positive experiences, unfortunately, there are negative ones we MAY receive after a rendezvous with an escort girl....


Appartment Uddevalla

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Hi! I have an appartment for rent in Uddevalla daily/weekly/monthly basis, 700/day 3500/week, 12000/month!...


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VARNING FÖR BDRAGARE PÅ CAMSHOWER Hej alla camälskare- änskar varna er om att det finns en STOR...

Does anyone know this man? +46 73-618 91 35

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Every single time I change my number this sick man keeps calling me and he has something in his throat...

Free aparment to rent i Stockholm city

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I have one aparment in vasastan from saturday ( 19 august) - 1 october. 2 rooms aparment

Hi, I am looking for an apartment In STOCKHOLM

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If you have one Please send private message in sex- tjejer or call me ASAP

I search apartment in Norrkoping/ Jonkoping

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I search apartment in Norrkoping/ Jonkoping If some one have for rent can contact me


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Is anyone working in vaxjo?


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Are there any escorts in vaxjo? I am here for 3 weeks and need some company !

Helsingborg Natalia 27

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Hon är tillbaka i Helsingborg, gör inget utlovat, halvfet, ointresserad... Spar pengarna, boys.

G-punkten är död

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Nils G. Åsling har avlidit.


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Some guys try to get me do things because they think I will be afraid. Listen if any of you contact me,...

The boys in blue, to serve and protect

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There was probably some people active on this site were affected by this, I hope everything works out...

Mentally ill in Gothenburg +46738722171

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+46738722171 This person is a mentally ill, after making the appointment and say that he is at the door...


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Jag använder Veet, vad använder du?


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In reality meeting she is another girl Her profile : A...

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