Strap-on, Prostate Massage Fetish on the Altar of the Perverse

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Occasionally when we pop in a shop to buy something or just walk in the street, it’s unavoidable to meet people whose sexual identity and life is so different from ours that we would definitely tend to stigmatize them if we knew about it. Well, in fact...

Anal sex and escorts

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Among escorts it is a matter of prestige to love anal sex with clients. The numerous men who cannot or do not dare to share the secret perverseness with their partner, seeking complete satisfaction they get sex and secret perversion, namely anal sex or...

Alla hjärtans dag

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Hallå! Vad sägs som om att fira denna underbara dag med ett härligt ligg? ;) Ring och boka en träff och skäm bort dig med en stunds njutning.// Sabina  

Definition, misconstruction

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Among those who practice enjoy anal sex the intercourse is not only about inserting penis or dildo into anus but it is much more than that. Anal sex does not include only penetration but something more, as in case of vaginal penetration there are more...

Reser från Gbg till dig för en härlig dejt!

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Generöst erbjudande februari & mars! Läs mer på hemsidan. =)Hoppas vi ses snart!Puss /Emma

Anal sex and the youth

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Today the young adult’s altered sexual habits over the past twenty years has been attracting the scientific attention. There are surveys showing that only 40 percent of the young adults use condom before sexual intercourse. What is more startling is...

Medical point of view

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If we intend to look into anal sex from different angles, we cannot leave the medical approach out of consideration, that is to say the medical expert’s report, advice and in case of accidents the proper way to treat the problem. If our partner lends...

Perversion, Anal Sex

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Pushing the envelope in getting to know the boundaries of human fantasy is possible but it is immeasurable to gauge its need for perverseness. It is impossible to examine it in a scientific way due to its secrecy and peculiarity: on the one hand, the...

Who can be prostitute or escort? – Rules and regulations

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It depends on the rules and regulations on prostitution in the country where someone wants to work in the sex-business. Different legislation cannot apply to the two trades as both of them is adult entertainment, however there are possibilities to jockey...

15. Don’t go drabbing slovenly

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Finally I am finishing the list of warnings with the most obvious one, which is about hygiene. Primarily the most crucial is the hygiene of sexual organs as it has a great influence on the quality of the service. Just think of how a brushy cock with stinky...

14. Don’t go drabbing if you are drunk

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This is a similar warning to the one talked about in the previous paragraph, that is to say, like consuming drug, drinking booze may cause erectile dysfunction, which will cause difficulties in carrying out the intercourse, if not make it impossible. Many...


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Well, who are then the prostitutes? I think every escort can become prostitute but not every prostitute can become escort. I cannot believe that an Eastern_European street-walker prostitute could perform an escort’s various tasks. I’ve taken this example...

13. Don’t accept unknown drug from prostitute or escort.

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There might happen, especially to high-class punters, that they are offered drugs to intensify sexual experience. We do not necessarily have to be suspicious about this generous intention but punters have to be aware that consuming unknown drugs can lead...

12. Don’t screw prostitute outdoor!

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There are several risk factors of receiving sexual service outdoor. One of them is safety risk that lies in the fact that the guest cannot pay attention to what is happening around him, for example, who is approaching from behind, a policeman or a thug...

11. Don’t go to room in a suspicious part of the city

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It is not uncommon occurrence that a careless client gets beaten and mugged after the escort or prostitute enticed him to some forlorn flat where he can cry for help in vain. The sex-worker’s accomplices hide somewhere in the flat and after the door has...


Risk of getting caught incall

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as the title says have any of you been caught by police while making an incall and is there anything...

Anays, 21, just nu i Göteborg.

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Har sett denna annons många gånger, pendlar mellan Malmö och Göteborg verkar det som. Hon har aldrig...

Don't understand

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Maybe I'm stupid but I don't understand why for man here so fun do booking , tell that he wait outside...

Bad review

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This guy sex4all give me a bad review because i did'nt whant to fuck him for 500

Surching For Photographer !

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Hello Boys and Girls im not sure is it the right place to ask that question but eny way, Im surching...

Söker tjej i Växjö

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Hej Skulle vilja träffa en tjej i Växjö för lite härligt sex. Verkar vara lite dött här. Nån...

Looking for apartment!

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Hi. I am looking to rent a long term apartment. If anyone has informations about anything, please Let...

Tiime waster

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This man calls several times and books then does not turn up he repeats the same how annoying.

I am Looking for female escorts in karlskrona or near Karlskrona. Help needed !!!

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I am Looking for female escorts in karlskrona or near Karlskrona. Help needed !!!


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Im looking for an apartment to rent in Stockolm from 2nd March. Thank you.

Sexig Madam vet hur man uppfostrar busiga pojkar även på Skype

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Hej mina slavar! Längtar ni efter en stäng och sexig Madame i högklackar och nylonstrumpor. Vill...

Hello girls, its any of you interested to ask questions about how its the escorting in Sweden?

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My name is Lizy!! I work sometimes like a escort in Stockholm!! I was in Goteborg twice in 2016 and one...

I have an Aparment to rent in Stockholm

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I have a studio to rent in Stockholm city From the 24 of februari Anser with Phone number and ad name...

To do or not to do OWO !!!

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I would like to dedicate this thread to the members of this website. Before entering in this WORLD...

Sabrina24 Uppsala

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I see Sabrina24 in Uppsala is fake. She have stolen photos from Sonya24 in Stockholm and the nice introduction...

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