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Swallowing (sperm) is a sort of escort favourite indicated in escort profiles involving an escort girl, an escort boy, a shemale escort, a lady boy, or a TV or TS escort that consents to swallow the client’s semen as long as mutual sympathy has developed...

Welcome drink

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Welcome drink is a service offered by escorts that functions as a gesture to please clients before escort meetings.  A welcome drink is simply a beverage, a glass of champagne or a fine wine which is used to impress clients at the first meeting. On...


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There are different types and styles of clothes and costumes called uniform that can be worn by an escort upon the request of a client during escort meeting.  An escort meeting is usually preceded by an arrangement between escort and client. In...

Se hit! Vi söker dig som är svensktalande man och besökare av denna sida!

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Vi är två studenter vid högskolan i Gävle som just nu skriver vår C-uppsats. Genom en intervju med just dig vi vill få en förståelse för varför män väljer att köpa tid av kvinnor vid denna typ av internetsida. Intervjun kommer att ske över telefon...

Escort review

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Escort review is a function offered by online escort sites through which clients can evaluate sex-workers’ performance after escort meeting, based on his impression and experience. Quality online escort sites provide feedback for clients through writing...

Local escort

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Local escorts are those escort girls, escort boys, shemale escorts, lady boys, TS or TV escorts who receive sex-clients at their own country or place (home or tenement) who buy the time the escort puts up for sale. Local escort is the opposite of touring...

Touring escort

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The group of touring escort includes those escort girls, escort boys, escort shemales, ladyboys, TS or TV escorts, who provide sexual service not in their home country but they take termin abroad for short time (1-3 weeks), which being expired, they either...

Behind the doors - money can kill

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Five years ago I went to Thailand for the first time. One evening when I walked around I step into a ladybar and order a beer in the bardisk. Beside me was sitting a middleage scottish guy and we start chatting and he told me he been in Thailand for several...

Escort termin

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Escort termin is the time period (1-3 weeks) that a touring escort spends at a place (hotel, apartment, flat, room, etc.) chosen either by herself or the escort agency, putting her escort service up for sale for clients. An escort, who is going to spend...

My experiences with Tattoo

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Even though I’m in Vacation I feel that I must interfere and share you my experiences too. The first time we met I was new in Sweden so I had no idea how the people and mentality are here. It was a testing period to see if I can fit in this environment or...

Escort profile

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Escort profile is a personal advertising place provided by an online escort site that can be edited, self-tailored to the extent of the functions of the site by the user, usually an escort girl, escort boy, shemale escort, lady boy, TS or TV escort, which...

Boob job, tits fuck, russian, breast sex...etc.

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Boob job is an escort service on the list of favourite sex acts when the client’s penis is positioned between the escort’s breasts that imitate the function of the vagina. The popularity of boob job, similarly to deep-throat, can be thanked to porn...


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The name ‘outcall’ on escort profile refers to private reception of clients in the client’s own flat, house, tenement (room or apartman) or hotel room, occasionally, after mutual symphaty has developed at escort meeting. Outcall service (if the escort...


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The name ‘incall’ on escort profile refers to private reception of clients in the escort’s own flat, house, tenement (room or apartman) or hotel room occasionally after mutual symhaty has developed at escort meeting. With other words, incall defines...


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Handjob is a form of sexual satisfaction given to guests on the list of escorts’ list of favourite sexual services during which an escort girl stimulates the client’s penis with the hands. Handjob as a sexual service belongs partly to the acts of foreplay when...


Rebecca Stockholm

Kipper · · 0 · 1

Är inte det hon som tidigare höll hus i Göteborg tillsammans med en väninna som hette Alisse väl?...

thief in Gothenburg 0738782446

HOTJOANA · · 0 · 3

Be careful girls, this is a thief 0738782446 If someone finds your fb, please tell me. thanks

Robbers In Malmo now!

Lolita · · 0 · 25

Girls watch out! Right now there was minimum 2 ( what have been in apartment ) and some others was outside...

Värmland (västra framförallt)

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Det verkar väldig dött på eskortfronten överlag i Värmland. Är det något särskilt som har hänt...

Be very careful

Jazmine Soler · · 0 · 5

A Somali-looking young man trying to rob me today with a knife, be very careful, girls, this is your...

Apartment 15 minutes from Gothenburg central city available NOW

dedu23 · · 0 · 3

59sqm 2 bedroom apartment 15 minutes from central city is out for rent immidiately, rent is 10000kr per...

Do you need an aparment in Stockholm?

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I have one aparment in Stockholm city for rent 1-3 mouths Text me private for more information


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Some girls don't have enough brain to write theyr own description and some of them prefer to copy and...

någon som träffat Emyra i gbg? Verifierad och ser trevlig ut!

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Tja någon som träffat Emyra i gbg? Verifierad och ser trevlig ut!


Amira23 · · 0 · 18

My dearest ones♡♡ wish you all a happy valentine's filled with love, tenderness , protection and...


Berthold · · 0 · 4

Finns det några i Sverige?


Alice · · 0 · 3

When some "girls" are frustrated that they do not make money,they put their pimp,to call and threaten...

Be careful girls

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Dangerours and agresivd man in vasteras 0700981865

Need a apartment in malmo for one or two months

Julia · · 0 · 2

We are two girls, searching for a two-rooms apartment in malmo for mars and april months. Discreet and...

Olika tjejer, samma profil?

Berthold · · 0 · 13

Besökte Janette i Stockholm. Bra recensioner från etablerade punters övertygade mig. Men det var...

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