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Balance in sex.Based on the above, some sort of equilibrium must be found in sex and its frequency. Sometimes, too much sex can cause sexual dysfunction like the lack of it or flat and cold sexual life. That is quite important in our over sexualized times....


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Flattening and disappearance of sexual lifeIn a relationship the two most dangerous things are: the disappearance and the flattening of sex. Based on the above example, the husband’s perverted sexual fantasies probably won’t ruin the relationship, but there...


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Lack of sex, repression of sexual desires, compromises in sexWe have talked about sex in marriage, sex in unmarried relationship and in general, how sex works in modern liberal societies. But what about the importance of sex? I mean excessive sex, or lack...


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Sex without relationshipThe second part of sex in everyday life discusses those who, on the one hand, completely lost the intimacy of sex, and, on the other hand, those who do not even know what intimacy in sex is. The latter includes the young generations...


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Sex in everyday life1. Sex in relationship Sex in everyday life can be divided into two main parts. One part - the majority – is those people who have sex in their relationship. It is important for this group to find the matching pair and the...


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Can sex be defined?If we want to somehow define sex and sexuality in today's interpretation, it would be pretty difficult to do so, due to the diversity of cultures, religions, and local customs and fetishes. It is a difficult because sex is defined as many...


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Sex in other parts of the worldBefore we start dealing with the sex today, let's look outside Europe to what sex meant and mean. If we approach sex from religion, it is worth mentioning that sex is only the privilege of men all over Asia and the Arab countries. ...

SEX-2. Historical overview

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For a long time science assumed that sex, sexual habits, sexuality based on pleasure could be traced back to antiquity, which is proved by the records of orgies, group sex, homosexuality, debauchery and all forms of wantonness from the ancient Greece and...


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where did we come from and where are we heading for?Thousands of years had had to pass until sex obtained its current form. Today sex is no longer about mere reproduction of the species, nor about giving and receiving pleasure. The exercise of sex can be a...

A mans cravings are interesting

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My greatest pleasure is when i take control of a mature man with a lot of life's experience and introduce him to interesting, and sometimes bizarre pleasures that he didn't know he had. To watch what pass through the deep desires, inside in a mans headEveryone...


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Swallowing (sperm) is a sort of escort favourite indicated in escort profiles involving an escort girl, an escort boy, a shemale escort, a lady boy, or a TV or TS escort that consents to swallow the client’s semen as long as mutual sympathy has developed...

Welcome drink

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Welcome drink is a service offered by escorts that functions as a gesture to please clients before escort meetings.  A welcome drink is simply a beverage, a glass of champagne or a fine wine which is used to impress clients at the first meeting. On...


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There are different types and styles of clothes and costumes called uniform that can be worn by an escort upon the request of a client during escort meeting.  An escort meeting is usually preceded by an arrangement between escort and client. In...

Se hit! Vi söker dig som är svensktalande man och besökare av denna sida!

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Vi är två studenter vid högskolan i Gävle som just nu skriver vår C-uppsats. Genom en intervju med just dig vi vill få en förståelse för varför män väljer att köpa tid av kvinnor vid denna typ av internetsida. Intervjun kommer att ske över telefon...

Escort review

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Escort review is a function offered by online escort sites through which clients can evaluate sex-workers’ performance after escort meeting, based on his impression and experience. Quality online escort sites provide feedback for clients through writing...


And I Göteborg?

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Någon som testat tjejen And som annonserar här ibland? Verifierade bilder men tillåter inte reviews...


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Någon som vet om någon av de speciella supertrevliga/snygga/sköna escorterna är på gång till Sverige? Jag...

Lazy or stupid girl? Selena vesteros!

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I see that someone just stole my text without any changes.

Looking apartment in Goteborg

Alexandra Sexy · · 0 · 1

Hello everybody. Anyone have apartment in Goteborg, let me know pls

Is Francesca also Yasmin?

shyjohn · · 0 · 4

Ok, so I sent a text to Francesca (listed in Malmö) and got a strange question back, asking if I am...

Angela Cubana.

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Nån som provat en tjej som kallar sig för Angela Cubana i Uppsala????

Tjejer som tar 2 killar i Gbg?

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Finns det tjejer som gör detta?

Tjejer som tar emot 2 killar Gbg?

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Finns detta? Alltid fantiserat om en mmf. Kommer nog inte hända dock eftersom jag inte känner någon...

Trovärdiga recensioner eller försök till manipulation?

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"Mirrepoil" och "Wheelboy" har skapats samtidigt som dom recenserar Amber och Sonja. Sonja har...

idiot stockholm

Emily · · 0 · 1

0737068806 dont even waist your time with him. he came to my place and sayd now stand like in foto, so...

I am looking for apartment in Karlstad

Sweetdream · · 0 · 2

Hello I am looking for apartment in Karlstad for 3 nights from 18 till 21 of April. If someone rents...

Test the Waters

Terrance123 · · 0 · 0

You guys in the big three don't have to put up with this market testing tactic, but it irritates me to...

Hur vanligt är det att killen inte dyker upp?

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Har förstått att det finns killar som tänder på bilderna och bara samtalen. Spänning som väcks...


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hur betalar man? Swish? Kontanter? Pay Pal?

Sonja (28)

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Det är fjärde profilen hon skapat. Syftet är naturligtvis att dölja de kommentarer och recensioner...

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