Using Escorts

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Im into this because I want to fill my bucket list. So far I have made a lot of it. But there is one problem, as deeper I get into this as more new things on the list. I will only say, I try to be nice and treat you good,  So far have all the aqquintance...


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COB is a term in the escort industry, which means ejaculation on the body either by the client or the escort after vaginal anal or oral intercourse.   Cumming on body, unlike the above-mentioned acts, is almost a routine of sex life. COB is quite a...


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In the context of escort sex business COF means that either the escort or the client cums on the face of the other participant in the sex-act after vaginal anal or oral intercourse.Besides a specific spot on the face or head where ejaculation is allowed,...


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CumOnMouth, a business term used in the escort trade, means that either the escort or the client cums on the mouth of the other after the sexual intercourseMany escorts, or in general, women or gay men, find it difficult to have the partner’s semen in...

The positive and negative aspects of the impact on customers and escorts

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I think this issue should be discussed in two respects. One of aspects is the business approach and the other is the human one.The impact on the sex-business is completely clear. If an escort impresses a client by being kind and attentive to him, it will...

Bias, Bias and Bias

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To read the original post click hereTo understand my post please read the article on Aftonbladet ”Var tionde man i Sverige köper sex”I think every society  has issues that have an urgent need to be addressed, and I guess prostitution is among...

Possible negative experiences given by escorts

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PLEASE NOTE: The things are mentioned below might be occured but not with every escorts in every case! These are just possible cases!Beside positive experiences, unfortunately, there are negative ones we MAY receive after a rendezvous with an escort girl....

Possible positive experiences from escorts

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It is worth pointing out at the outset that people make use of the services of escort girls, because they feel some emptiness in their relationship which they cannot or simply do not want to fill in. Many times they find it simpler to pay escort girls...

What we can receive from an escort girl

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It is obvious that people do things – which are sometimes incomprehensible for others - because they have some sort of craving. They have unintelligible instincts, strange emotions and strong stimuli that tend to govern our bodies, minds, and eventually...

CIM - cum in mouth

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It is a widely used acronym in the escort industry that means ejaculation into the mouth after sexual acts between client and escort. ILLUSTRATION ONLY! CIM like any other sexual acts, perversions, foreplay, forms of sexual intercourse (e.g. anal...


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Färdiga filmklipp: 1. ”En nymfomans bekännelse”, unga Antonia e 20 och avslöjar i ett videomeddelande för sin kille att hon i hemlighet egentligen e en riktig slampa och har sex med främmande, äldre män som dessutom ger henne pengar och presenter....

A request to Dave

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Blog 303days.blogFor the original post click hereDave,Since you respond for Sex-tjejer I would like to make a request in regards to moderation of content in the threads. First the website sex-tjejer was developed with the intention to advertise escort...

Untitled masculinity - To certain sex buyers!

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My blog link click hereToday, I woke up prepared to take my morning walk, when I was about to leave I read a post at sex-tjejer thread, which by the way I am not even allowed to write at because I speak my mind and create too much work. Well my feminist...

Is there a risk doing oral sex without condom?

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YES- YOU-CAN-CATCH-STD-AND-HIV Well there is a risk on everything you do however, risks can be always avoided or let’s say measured. I am sure doing oral sex without condom is something that guys love to give and receive, but it also scare...

Chocolate meets vanilla

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It is told that opposites attract themselves, and in this spirit I met Mys, my first and very special reviewer, which I never got the change to reveal in details how our meetings unfolded in the last couple of months, and as much as I would love to...


Apartment Västerås

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This monday to sunday 6000 kr

Apartment Västerås

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Monday to sunday 6000 kr

Varning betala i förskott

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Vill bara på förekommen anledning varna för att betala i förskott och komma överens med eskort om...


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A girlfriend was diagnosed with herpes, so I got a blood check, I was told that I have antibodies of...

Turkish gue no money Malmo

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076-946 84 85, +46 76-227 79 97 This gue slim and Yong coming to my apartment and don't have a money!...

Apartment for rent in Landskrona!

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If you like some more information. Just give me a messeage. Love emma❤❤❤

Rent apartment in Stockholm/jonkoping /norrkoping

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I search for apartment ! Somebody have for rent ?

Apartament in Jonkoping , norrkoping and stockholm

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If somebody have for rent apartament in one of this city can contact me . I want to rent for some days...

Polisen intensifierar mot lättutredda brott

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Ringa narkotikabrott, trafikförseelser ...och troligtvis en kategori till, får man gissa. En haffad...

Free aparment in Kungsholmen

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One free aparment from today to rent ( 30 days)

Apartment Goteborg

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Hi girls! I have a cute and discreet apartment for rent in Gbg from Thursday for 1 week. Message me...

Who can rent me apartment in jonkoping ?

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I need apartment in centrum of jonkoping ! Contact me if you have

Warning for police action

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A warning to all escorts, especially escorts from south America and other countries outside EU. The swedish...

Harry haffa har koll i västerås!!

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Vad säger vi om det senaste om handeln i västerås? Har ju varit stora rubriker... kan säga att jag...

Fejk reviews skrivs i västerås mm

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Finns en user som spottar ut flera st i veckan helt plötsligt, från att ingen skrivit nån alls om...

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