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4.1. Religious and individual sins

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Investigating individual or religious sins is also important because committing these crimes in the escort industry is typically a common occurrence, and moreover, the escort industry is almost based on it. If, for example, a female escort prostitute considers...

4. Types of sins

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Types of sin can be categorized from a variety of points of view, of which religious believes, the severity and intensity of sin are the main type-setting criteria. According to the Christian view, it is sin when one knowingly and willingly does not obey...

3.3. Sin, guilt, crime

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Although analogous notions, sin is not equivalent with crime, crime is not equivalent with guilt because crime is not a moral category but violation of norm legislated by a society. An act of sin can also be a crime that both society and religious beliefs...

3.2. Repentance

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There are two psychological states of mind after the crime has been committed: the resulting remorse leads to repentance when the sinner realizes that they have sinned, and the realization is followed by repentance. Repentance can be passive, that is to...

3.1 Expiation, remorse, punishment and sentence

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Ideally, committing a crime is followed by expiation, which is not the same as punishment because expiation is the mental or physical pain caused by punishment, in other words, the consequence of punishment on the offender. As for punishment, there are two types,...

2. Different approaches to sin

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As I have mentioned, the origin of moral standards is religious, that is to say, they are set up by a deity, with other words, a system of acts, omissions, and thoughts displeasing to the current god of the culture, while according to non-religious beliefs...

1. The concept of sin

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Sin is a complex concept that has religious, moral, philosophical, psychological and social implications, which will be discussed separately below. In the most general sense, sin is a single or multiple violation of a moral ethical-social standard, or a...


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1. The concept of sin 2. Different approaches to sin 3. Other concepts related to sin 3.1. Expiation, remorse and punishment 3.2. Repentance 3.3. Crime 4. Types of sin 4.1. Religious and individual sins 4.2. Venial sins 4.3. Sin...

Var Àr Dan Eliassons medkÀnsla med Paolo Roberto?

patrik · · 0 · 2

Inom det vÀnsterliberala Äsiktsetablissemanget rÄder en allmÀn uppfattning om att den som begÄtt ett brott och avtjÀnat sitt straff ska vara förlÄten och vÀlkommen tillbaka i samhÀllet. Den principen gÀller emellertid inte den som stöter sig...

Relation among the parts of sex industry

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Is there any relation between natural escort profession and other industries like porn?  For any escort, it is important to have an attractive look as well as a sexual palate that does know no boundaries and conventions. These are common points...

What is the proportion of natural escorts in the sex trade?

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Those escorts who are successful are likely to fall into the category of natural escorts, who are born to be an escort. It's hard to make statistics, but if we take all of the escorts into account, it's likely that there are more in numbers the average...

What are the factors that have an effect on natural escorts’ performance in the profession?

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Escort work involves a very complex workflow. Each escort meeting has its schedule to go, but each encounter has its uniqueness. What the uniqueness of the current meeting lies in is to be assessed by escort on the spot and choose the best possible role...

Who is the perfect escort?

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What makes a perfect whore become a perfect escort? Does s/he only give physical pleasure or is s/he able to act as a companion (e.g. girlfriend, wife, someone to talk to, who is easy to appear with)As already mentioned, escorts are not only specialized...

Business plan of escort career

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Does a natural escort have a consciously set up business plan or does she act instinctively? Which is the more profitable in the long run? If natural or true-born born escorts exist, then it is possible that certain essential personality features needed...

Dangers of sex business

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Does a true-born escort realize the concomitant dangers of sex business and how can she do against them? Does every escort stand up to them consciously or just some of them? Is it indispensable for success?Generally speaking, every profession has its own...


Escort som Àr ok med kola.

denniskink · · 0 · 2

NÄgon som vet en party escort? Skulle vilja festa loss ordentligt men inte mÄnga horor som Àr ok med...

What to do in !?

Jhone · · 0 · 6

Hello guys I used to believe that sex without love is the worst thing that you can do, I believed Sex...

Trist nÀr en eskort tar bort möjligheten till recension

Richard · · 0 · 8

Jag trÀffade Lady Diana idag i Helsingborg. Det var inte bra och jag skrev en recension enligt nedan....

Me and my girl want extra female

Couple4anal · · 0 · 0

We love anal ❀

Apartment in Stockholm

Kakau Brazil · · 0 · 0

Looking for apartment in Stockholm,.. for 1/2 weeks,.. tanks

Malmöö, extra kille

mrfitness · · 0 · 5

Hej, NÄgon kille som Àr sugen pÄ att trÀffa nÄgon eskort ihop för skojs skull?

Helsingborg appartament

Selena · · 0 · 0

Hello i’am search for one place where i can work for 1 week in helsingborg! Did someone know something?...

Svenska tjejer?

Lorentina · · 0 · 1

Är det nĂ„gra svenska tjejer som hĂ€nger hĂ€r? Verkar mest vara utlĂ€ndska. Om det Ă€r nĂ„gon svensk...


Alita · · 0 · 10

NÄn som vill knulla mig Àr en kille.

Apartament for rent

Stephanie · · 0 · 0

I search apartament for rent in malmo or Stockholm


jmaaan · · 0 · 0

om nĂ„n vill hyra en killa sĂ„ finns jag mellan Åre och östersund

3500 -4000

Dave1990 · · 0 · 2

Looking for a girl for outcall to Falkenberg next week in the center of town: D breasts or bigger...


Sara · · 0 · 3

Here I leave the number of the abuser who filmed our meeting without my consent, I could say it because...

Looking for an apartment

Mayababy · · 0 · 2

Hi Dear :) i looking for an aparment free in Gtb or Linköping or vasteras, Upssala! ) thank you so much...

Trans till mej.

ubbe1965 · · 0 · 0

Vill möta en trans kille. Vill suga kuk o bli sugen. Vill du knulla min anal sÄ Àr det toppen. Finns...

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