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Conception of escort service

Brady · · 0 · 0

An escort is usually a sex worker who does not make her profession explicit in contrast with a street walking prostitute and does not work within institutional framework (e.g. at a brothel), although it is not excluded that she works through an escort agency....

With escorts there is no disappointment

Brady · · 0 · 2

Contended thus long relationships always end in obesity. Happiness simply fattens you. In the beginning of a relationship stormy and intense sexual intercourses leads to increased food intake as women tend to get hungry after a rocketing orgasm. They lose...

An escort neither does...nor...

Brady · · 0 · 0

An escort will never make scenes, will never be jealous, and will never complain if you do not care of her or if you mistreat her. It is true vice versa you will never have affections towards her because you have tried many of them, you have been using many...

Cost efficiency -supporting prostitutes is less expensive than keeping a relationship-

Brady · · 0 · 0

If I say drabbing or visiting an escort girl are cheaper than having a girlfriend, many of you might be dubious about what you hear. You might answer that enjoying a good service at a nice brothel is disastrous to your budget. But having a girlfriend does not...

There is no danger of becoming a father

Brady · · 0 · 0

Prostitutes or escort girls pay a profound attention on protection due to high hygienic requirements therefore most of the times sexual act takes place in condom. Of course by paying a lot of extra money pure rubbing meat against meat is also available, but...

To indulge suppressed dirty sexual fantasy

Brady · · 0 · 0

Perverse sexual practices cannot take place on the family bed most of the times because the wife simply thinks it is disgusting what we would like to do. There are misfortune husbands for whom even oral sex is forbidden, not talking about analsex or BDSM...

There is no after play and other emotional nuisances

Brady · · 0 · 0

We are often criticised to be so careless that we do not pay enough attention on caring for our partner’s feelings and soul after the intercourse as we are just like animals that having satisfied its needs go on with their everyday routine as if nothing...

There is no boring fore play with escorts and you can concentrate on the sexual substance

Brady · · 0 · 0

It must have happened to most of you that sometimes you got such a tremendous boner that your brain stopped working and you needed immediate sex action to alleviate your burning desire. You were just waiting and waiting for your partner to come home just to...

The advantages of drabbing -1. Variety delights – Cicero

Brady · · 0 · 0

Nullus est locus domestica sede iucundior – said the Roam citizen while following penises engraved on pavement and walls to get to the nearest brothel, or the wealthy ones to spas where, as a way of relaxation, they would enjoy one or more prostitutes...

Drabbing as an archetypical masculine disposition

Brady · · 0 · 0

The habit of drabbing is as old as the human society itself. As soon as humankind reached the mental development that made them able to live in society, there had appeared this service to satisfy the masculine demand. From prehistoric times we do not have...

5.4. Sexual role plays

Carlos · · 0 · 0

The hidden function of sexual role plays is largely related to the world of sexual paraphilias of criminal activity or sinful fantasies, in which the participation in sexual role play exempts a person engaged in perverted sexual activity from social legal sanctions....

5.3. Sexual fetishes

Carlos · · 0 · 0

The various fetishes are essential in the performance of different deviant sexual practices, and their use is perfectly legal, causing maybe just slight consternation. Essentially, sexual fetishes can also be classified as paraphilias because they mean special...

5.2. Voyeurism as sexual deviation

Carlos · · 0 · 0

In the context of sin, voyeurism is considered a crime if the parties involved in sexual act do not give their consent, however, there is a form of voyeurism that is not sanctioned by society: the so-called peep show or pornographic theatre, which provides...

5.1. BDSM sexual deviation

Carlos · · 0 · 0

Perhaps the most well-known sexual deviation defined as not sin is a course of actions, the so-called sadistic-masochistic sexual practice, which often involves various bondages and pinions between subordinate and superior member of the game, and hence its name:...

5. Sexual deviancies regarded as not crime

Carlos · · 0 · 0

Deviance is basically a form of behaviour that violates norms accepted by most of the community or society, and in case of their violation sanctions are inflicted. In other words, deviance is a sort of perpetration of crime that is controlled by the community...



Peter · · 0 · 12

Denna tjej kom istället för den kvinna jag bestämt träff med och tycker det är helt ok men fattar...

Riktigt falsk tjej

Peter · · 0 · 0

Bestämde träff med denna tjej . Men det kom en annan tjej . Tänkte på det när hon gick hon va väldigt...

Riktigt falsk tjej

Peter · · 0 · 0

Bestämde träff med denna tjej .men det kom en annan tjej istället . Tänkte på det när hon gick...


Peter · · 0 · 1

Bestämde träff med denna tjej men det kom n annan tjej tänkte på det när hon gick hon va väldigt...

Admin when are you gonna make me admin?

John Player Special · · 0 · 10

I’m busting my ass here keeping the morons in place so when are you guys going to make me admin here?...

Rekommenderar inte.

Power_87 · · 0 · 10

Jag gick och träffade vacker För första hennes lägenhet var jätte smutsig träffade henne för 1...


Jesicca · · 0 · 0

Hi. I m looking for a photographer for a new pictures set.

Rosie uppsala

petter.p · · 0 · 0

Någon som träffat Rosie som är kring Uppsala? Är hon fräsch för...


Mich mortennis · · 0 · 0

Nelly Smal och vacker smal kropp. Vackrare än bilderna. Det luktar väldigt bra och smakar friskt...

Fatima Helsingborg/ Malmö

yogibear1 · · 0 · 0

Hej! Undrar bara om nån testat henne. hon hade bara en recension men har sett att hon varit i hbg och...

Fake Outcall

Rebekka · · 0 · 4

don't waste your time. The Arab from Lebanon, when I got to the address, didn't answer 0729631988...


Mikael · · 0 · 0

She Don’t answer when you’re there!

Hur många?

Loverboy · · 0 · 2

Jag började räkna antal eskorter som jag har knullat. Av de som syns på hemsidan nu, är det 5 st....

Not recommend

Mikael · · 0 · 0

I make an appointment to meet her but after I arrived she did not answer the phone.

Very aggressive

Ruby Gold · · 0 · 3

I was to the Hotel at 1 customers he was so agresiv because I don't want to kiss him and suck him without...

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