Is the love of having sex enough for anyone to become a good escort?

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Are there escorts who only choose the profession because they like having sex? Do nymphomaniacs want to be professional escorts at all?Earlier we have talked about what kind of personality is needed to be able to become a good escort. It is too complex...

If it develops later, then what external effects can it cause to be an escort?

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What can lead to the event that someone becomes an escort? Is it social or financial status? Why does someone choose this profession? (for example, bad parental relationship, domestic violence, shame) Is it fashionable to be an escort? We can often...

What qualities does someone have to have to become an escort?

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Is it already destined at birth or later? If so, where does it come from? Can it be inherited? For example, were there similar tendencies in the family, such as adulteresses or escorts?The woman has the innate characteristic that makes her receptive, and without...

What’s the difference between a prostitute and an escort? Are they just synonyms or is there any differentiation in their defini

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First of all, let's make it clear that from a business point of view both a prostitute and an escort have the same reference; they are both sex workers. A prostitute intentionally and professionally abuses herself and her female peculiarities in order to...

Your holes belong to me. Open them wide for my strapon!

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Today I played with a virgin- 21 years old feminine boy with a slim hairless body. He was very shy when he arrived. I told him to get undressed and stand in front of me. He was covering his pubic area with hands. I ordered him to put his hands behind his back...

The advantages and drawbacks of escort reviews

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It is surely to be regarded as an advantage that rating and commenting the service has a positive effect on the clientele. Customers will be informed about the possible dangers and traps and it also gives escorts the opportunity to change something in their...

Escort girls receiving bad reviews

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As I told you I am discussing only extremities (escorts receiving good and bad reviews) so now let’s see those escort girls who have negative feedbacks from clients. Bad reviews can explain a lot of things, unequivocally predicting that there is something...

Escort girls with good reviews

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Let us first examine why an escort girl can get positive and negative reviews, what kind of person tend to make ratings or evaluations. Thanks to my own profound experience I prefer those escorts who have positive comments. Personally, I do not like making...

Hariga brudar

CASIO · · 0 · 1

Dagens brudar är håriga. Vill men vågar inte.Jag hittar ingen och ingenting.Fast jag vill bara ha sex med en snygg och snäll tjej.

Reviews on escort websites

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It is not my aim to analyse online escort sites – it is not part of the topic of this article - but it is worth mentioning that their content can greatly affect feedbacks. Before I begin discussing this issue, let's look at what an escort review is...

Good and Bad Escorts – Evaluations through Reviews

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Recently the question has often come up about escort girls, that is, apart from their services, photos and introductions on the site about their personality and services, who they can be, what sort of person.  On an online escort site only these details...

28. The appearance of prostituting and escort activity

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The appearance of prostituting and escort activities has two forms. Under the appearance of the activities are meant the location of sex business and the platform where the advertisement takes place. The appearance of escort activity shows diversity...

27. Laws regulating escort trade; Swedish, Dutch and Arab model

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One of the functions of the laws and rules regulating escort industry, as it has already been mentioned in the chapter “How and for what reason do certain countries support escort trade?”, is the protection of employees working as an escort or a prostitute....

26. Relations between escort and other industries – porn, celeb world, modelling

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Escort industry is very close to other industries. Primarily, this is to be understood as a certain acess to other industries from escort trade (pornography, model and celeb world). This passage is two-way: escorts after giving up the profession end up...

25. Is it possible to quit escort trade and what can an escort does for a living after giving up sex business successfully?

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There are two possible motives to quit escort trade. In the first case, the reason for giving up sex business is too intense competition, that is to say, when an escort is unable to compete with other sex providers due to the lower quality of the sex service...


+46 72-179 70 00 Dangearous man !!!!!! Blackmail and rape!

Chanel · · 0 · 1

Please be carefull girls this guy wanted to rape us and blackmail ! He come first alone after send 4...

Blackmail and want moneY from us ! Please help us !

Nicole · · 0 · 0

1 arabian guy his name Maher Turkey his phone Number its +46 72-179 70 00 be care full girls ! He take...

Warning girls!! Így who take money from the girls and Blackmail!!!!!

Hannagirl · · 0 · 4

he call like a client and he for the begining its helpfully and do like nice guy to help for you but...


Svenskman · · 0 · 0

Looking for someone ( girl ) on the 25 of October to come to Falkenberg for 1 hour! 2500 - 3000 please...

Another joker

Thalia · · 0 · 0

Ladies please be aware this number is just a time waster do not reply to him. 0737200932

Apartment available : Gothenburg

Adella · · 0 · 1

Hello , I have an apartment available until 20th November And you can check in starting with today,...

What I consider as good quality service and my 10.000kr+ of money's worth

TA · · 0 · 26

I feel that I need to explain a few things for the girls that are looking for higher paying quality customers...

Domina in Växjö ASAP

dinorider · · 0 · 0

Come to Växjö as soon as possible :)


A-n-g-e-l · · 0 · 0

Hi everyone Wanted to see if any girls here offer camshows please send a message in that case and...

Time Waster ( Fake Outcall) !! - 0790406908

Thalia · · 0 · 0

Please girls if you get a message from this number don't bother because he will only waste your time!...

uppsala 15-16 november

petter.p · · 0 · 2

kommer att vara i krokarna i uppsala den 15-16 november och önskar då lite sällskap. gärna en STOR...

Looking for Apartment Malmö ,Gothenburg ,Stockholm

Sonja · · 0 · 1

Looking for Apartment in Malmö ,Gothenburg ,Stockholm .please if you can help me write me private message...



Hi girls, apartment available in Malmö for rent, 2 bedrooms, 2 beds, ONLY GIRLS WITH VERIFIED ADS AND...

Planning to visit Stockholm

Blonde Victoria · · 0 · 1

Hello guys! I live and work in London. Planning to visit Stockholm for some fun! Can you recommend...

Crazy men in Malmo

SOFIA · · 0 · 1

This men called me 2 times for give me a fake outcall at the adress Fredsgatan 31 in Malmö and when...

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