The Big Book of Escort Trade-13.

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How and for what reason do certain countries support escort trade? Dealing with the escort industry falls under controlling prostitution in many countries, ignoring the conceptual differences between them. Apart from that, the issue of the support of...

The Big Book of Escort Trade-12.

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Why does someone become an escort?Let's admit that the escort work does not belong to the group of occupations about young people dream as their future ambition. The fact that someone becomes an escort is a coincidence of many small and sometimes unfortunate...

The Big Book of Escort Trade-11.

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Who can be an escort?If we approach the question ‘who can be an escort?’ from legal point of view than it has to be said that every female, male, shemale, ladyboy, transgender (TS, TV), Domina person who is over 18 can be an escort, but only in the...

The Big Book of Escort Trade-10.

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Online escort sitesESCORTS in SWEDENIt's worth talking more about online escort sites as the most popular form of escort advertisement. In my view, the most innovative and beneficial way of escort marketing lays in the structure of a professional site....

The Big Book of Escort Trade-9.

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Escort meeting,Escort marketing is basically essential in the escort trade. As escorts neither stand out on the edge of roads like a street walker prostitute and nor advertise their charm in some public brothels or in shop- windows of the red-light district...

The Big Book of Escort Trade-8.

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Escorts todayWhat may be more difficult than precisely presenting how the world of escorts works is making the difference between prostitutes and escorts understood, as there is an essential as well as conceptual distinction between today’s escorts and prostitutes....

The Big Book of Escort Trade-7.

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The first steps towards modern escort prostitutionThe following centuries did not make any significant changes in the development of escort prostitution until the nineteenth century, when the industrial revolution and its new brilliant inventions had a...

The Big Book of Escort Trade-6.

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Escorts around the world – geishas and ganicasIt would be a mistake not to mention the most colourful escort (sub) culture, the geishas before discussing how the modern escort industry developed. Geishas actually were escorts, but if we want to be more...

The Big Book of Escort Trade-5.

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Escorts’ great returnThe disappearance of escort profession and escort of girls lasted until the renaissance and humanism. The age especially favoured the return of escorts, as the spirit of the age – without the respect for the religion - began to explore the...

The Big Book of Escort Trade-4.

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Why did the trade disappear for a while?The gradual development of the technology and the increasingly central role of religion in society meant the end of escort trade for a while. (We will later see how these processes have a drastic impact on the profession...

The Big Book of Escort Trade-3.

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The possible circumstances of the formation of escort trade in the pastIn the past, the formation of escort trade was due to women hoping to get out of the dark pit of prostitution. For this reason, ingenious escorts needed more than just a good business sense...

The Big Book of Escort Trade-2.

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Who the escorts wereContrary to escorts today, escort girls in the ancient times, apart from being attractive, had to meet several criteria, such as being witty, educated, and familiar with contemporary politics. For this reason, the ancient escorts were...


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The Big Book of Escort Trade-1.

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From the beginning to the present dayThe formation of prostitution is surrounded by thousands of mysteries and scuttlebutts. What is the truth? How did it develop? Unfortunatelly, we have just partial information. We do not know exactly who prostitutes...


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The importance of sex, and factors affecting sexIn the previous chapters sex was shown in historical context, arriving at the current concept of sex. There were words about the sex and joint industries and people with perverted sexual tendencies. Except...


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