10. Don’t be careless when choosing wild games

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It may occur in dominatrix games that humiliation turns into such violence that a sort of password has to be said if the guest wants to quit the service because he does not find pleasure just pain in the act, with the risk of getting injured. If we do not...

Melissa Mexican escort

Tommy · · 0 · 1

Har någon av er nyligen träffa Melissa?Inget av hennes mobilnummer fungerar.Has anyone of you recently met Melissa? None of her telephe no works./Tommy

9. Don’t use service of suspiciously young sex-worker!

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Today girls grow up so quickly that sometimes it is difficult to tell underage girl from adult woman, especially when they wear thick make-up. In certain countries buying sexual services from underage is strictly punished as it is considered part of human...

8. Don’t have too much money on you

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There are several newspaper articles on criminal cases when careless clients’ money gets stolen while enjoying service. While he is being serviced in one of the rooms, his clothes, which he left in another, are searched and his money, bank card, wrist...

7. Don’t take risk if you see signs indicating sexually transmitted disease

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This paragraph is in close logical relation with the previous and warns to be able to see clearly, not just breast to grip or vaginas to pound. There are certain bodily, outer signs that can clearly betray venereal diseases, in this way warning us we’d...

6. Don’t believe you cannot get venereal diseases

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Quality sex-workers usually have valid medical certification to prove they are exempt from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases. This is satisfaction for guests but a medical certification can never be fresh enough to rule out infection as examination...

5. Don’t be too confidential

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Since several blackmail felonies have happened lately, it is very important to be aware of the danger of giving out confidential information to an escort or a prostitute as the guest can become the target of blackmailing. However, it is quite difficult...


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In this subchapter I will group the different sorts of prostitutes. In the previous chapter I have mentioned that it’s difficult due to the lack of words, moreover there are a lot of unanswered questions in the topic. For instance, what category to group...

4. Practical tips

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After the service it is quite practical to pay attention to how our appearance how we leave the escort or prostitute as the rendezvous might have its signs and smells on us. The most basic thing I am thinking of is lipstick prints, but a proper dominatrix...

3. Technical tips

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It is very crucial as well as practical to use an own, private computer to browse the selection of different escort agencies as a wife or a girlfriend can easily find out in the history of internet searches how we spend our secret free time. If it is not...

Interpretation of prostitution with the help of language

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As it is clear, in order to make a proper distinction between prostitutes and escorts, it seems we will have to go into more details. We have to take into consideration every little detail due to the linguistic difficulties. First of all, we should mention...

Besöker Visby 19-22 januari!

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Lämnar Göteborg ett par dagar och kommer befinna mig i Visby 19-22 januari. Har endast möjlighet till outcall!Hoppas vi ses där! I övrigt är jag hemma i Göteborg och har möjlighet att resa enligt överenskommelse även till dig som bor i andra...

2 of 15: Drinks to avoid

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As well as foods, certain drinks can ruin the intimate minutes of clients enjoying the company of their favourite prostitute or escort. One of the common mistakes is excessive alcohol consumption that may lead to erectile dysfunction with many male guests...

How to handle the website features in mobile view

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Device: Samsung Galaxy NoteOperation system: AndroidBrowser: Google ChromeWEBSITE MENU:1. click on the menu icon on the top of the left, beside the name of the website (which is marked with red colour)2. select the menu point what you want to visitESCORT...

1 of 15: Foods to avoid

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Let me begin with the simplest, the biological by which those foods is meant that punters possibly should avoid to consume before going drabbing, which is quite likely to have a negative effect on his paid sexual experience, if not prevent it from developing,...


22 to 1

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Today when I checked the site there were 22 girls in Västerås and only 1 in Örebro. Can't you girls...

I rent apartament gotebourg

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Hello i will go holiday one month and i will want to rent my apart in gotebourg.The apart is very good...

Porn Star Experience

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I would like a well detailed definition of "porn star experience" , I give preference to the ones that...

Apartament for rent weekly

Patricia · · 0 · 2

Hello,any anybody know any apartament for rent weekly in uppsala,gavle and other city in sweden good...

Apartament for rent weekly

Patricia · · 0 · 0

Hello,if you know any apartament in uppsala,gavle and other city in sweden weekly please write to me,thanks...

Cashonley Västerås

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Är det någon som träffat henne? Är hon fortfarande aktiv

Top 3 cities to visit

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Hi Guys And Girls I am starting to consider other destinations so I would like to know the top 3 cities...


Alissa · · 0 · 40

I just come back from holiday and i notice the change made in the site..i wish all the guys who visit...


matilda · · 0 · 2

VARNING FÖR BDRAGARE PÅ CAMSHOWER Hej alla camälskare- änskar varna er om att det finns en STOR...

Maybe need help

tattoo3 · · 0 · 7

Hi everyone. This is about Cathrene from Litauen ( not her real country) and in this moment in Norrköping....

Halmstad needs more escorts

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Halmstad was party town for sweden deserves more escorts instead of all girls Being in Göteborg Stockholm...

Headscissors, "session wrestling" ;)

Bergstrom · · 0 · 0

Denna fetish är mycket rolig och kan vara mycket dominant. ´Kvinnor som sysslar med denna form av domination...

Mathilda Uppsala Kåt mogen kvinna

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Någon som träffat henne? Hon brukar sätta in småannonser. Hon har ingen bild så man vågar knappt...

Threesome fantasy

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Guys - does any of you have a fantasy about the threesome with a real couple? We are a real Dutch couple,...

Ladrone cuidado

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Chica tengan cuidado con este numero 0761678613 son atracadores es un grupo con numero diferente hace...

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