OWO oralsex without condom

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OWO is an abbreviation used in escort business (sex-industry) to refer to the sexual act of oral gratification or oral foreplay during which an escort excites or satisfies her male client with her mouth without using a condom. In the context of...

No to Trafficking

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If you know any girl that was trafficked to Sweden and you would like to help and if you are a girl that was trafficked and do not know how to seek help please check the page below for more information:Click here to be directed to the pageRegards,Adriana

The glamour of escorting…

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It seems like most of the people that meet us have a very glamorized version of what it is like to be an escort, the 'easy life' and the usual portrayed profile, of course all built up with misconceptions. As I would love to truly believe I am living everyday...

For the escorts

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I just realized today that I mainly write about my individual experiences but I would also like to write a little bit more about the things that are general topic for the escorts on the site.I also realized that there are some girls that do not speak English,...

For the voiceless ones: trafficked girls in need of help in Sweden

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I have once felt the hopelessness at the point to believe that it was not possible to get out of a big deep whole where I was put in. Us women in special to the ones in hands of people that suppress our thoughts, our feelings and our will to live will someday...

Sexy lingeries

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Sexy lingerie is the set of undergarments worn at escort meeting by an escort girl either upon the request of the client or on her own choice. Sexy lingerie worn by an escort can have several purposes. Primary consideration is when an escort...


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Sex is the possible result of French kiss taken place between escort and client during rendezvous. If an escort goes on a date organized and paid in advance by a client and the rendezvous goes on in the purchased time, then it is also possible...

French Kiss:

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French kiss is the "first kiss" between escort and client at an escort meeting. It definitely indicates that mutual sympathy has developed between them. The origin of French kiss can be derived from the Western culture, and it represents the...

What will happen after becoming an escort?

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 Who knows that apart from the reasons listed above why someone will or can be an escort girl or a prostitute. Surely, there are a thousand and one reasons. However, what I listed are the most possible ones that we can see and I have seen during my...

Hej, I am your sex slave!

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A couple of days ago, I received a phone call from a business man from Stockholm that seemed to be a little tired of the every day being a boss and have control over people. He was very interested in domination, he enjoys to see girls having power over him....

to everybody

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Oral sex

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This group includes the sexual activities that are carried out with the escort’s or the client’s mouth or tongue to excite sexual organs. The word comes from the Latin oralis (mouth). Oral sex is very popular among escorts. There are...

Malmö, Norrköping and Linköping kommer jag!

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Hej Everyone, I have decided to make plans to go to the following cities and I would like people that are interested to meet to give a step foward and send me some message in case you are interested in booking a time.If you are interested, click here , and...

The punisher

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A pleasant surprise comes to my door, a sweet looking guy, in his 40’s, very friendly. He seemed happy to see me and to have trusted my words – because I knew he wouldn't regret it.We started with kisses, teasing each other, meanwhile I open his trousers...

The new and the mäklare

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Very late night, about to go to bed, I get a phone call, a sweet voice says Hello? I was a little upset but silent, and he said, Are you available? I want to meet you. I felt in his voice right away, he meant it, but as usual I had to ask him many questions,...


Varför så många tjeckiska tjejer problematiska?

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Ser att det är många tjejer från Tjeckien som är flaggad som "problematiska", overifierade bilder,...


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Another joker ask for the adress never show up


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Another joker ask for the adress never show up


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Hej alla camälskare- änskar varna er om att det finns en STOR bedragare! Hans sidan är HETANINA1 Han...


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Ingen snabbträff i Årsta någon tjej?


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Did u see whats happend in RE?

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in RE they make u can see only one phone number per 5mins. thats why its so quiet today.. i have only...

Varning! Olika verifierade profiler med samma tjej olika bilder.

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Karina Hon på bilderna är inte korrekt....

Pills to buy in Gothenburg

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Hey guys got a question. Does anyone know where we can get either of viagra or cialis in gothenburg?...

Girls whats wrong with them???

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+46 73-366 83 55 I dont know after theese guys and them messages i really feeling bad inside, first...

stripclub norrköping

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Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a stripclub in Norrköping? Or girls that perform for bachelor...

Any Escort availeble for outcall to Årjäng tomorrov?

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Please send me a message if intersted

Söker Escorttjej som gör outcalls inom värmland.

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Helsvensk man söker tjej 18-25 år.

Attack calls!! Mabye this is a solution

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Vet ni om escorter i småländska höglandet?

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Hej skulle vilja komma i kontakt med tjejer som säljer sex i småstäderna. Menar då Eksjö Nässjö...

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