Business plan of escort career

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Does a natural escort have a consciously set up business plan or does she act instinctively? Which is the more profitable in the long run? If natural or true-born born escorts exist, then it is possible that certain essential personality features needed...

Dangers of sex business

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Does a true-born escort realize the concomitant dangers of sex business and how can she do against them? Does every escort stand up to them consciously or just some of them? Is it indispensable for success?Generally speaking, every profession has its own...

Dangers lurking on escorts

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Addictions, Booze, Drugs, Burnout, etc.Now, I am going to use a point of view in examining the escort trade that helps use to see their life and problems better, without regarding clientele this chapter. Prostitution itself already has negative overtones,...

Positive and negative factors, because of which an escort is thought to be good or bad

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The escort quality has already been examined from many points of views, that is, what are the things indispensable to succeed in the profession, and what are those that have a negative effect on escort performance. In this chapter I am going to summarize...

Sex and career

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Prostitution exists in many forms in human societies, but for now let me pick up on one, namely the workplace prostitution. Of course, this is not to be imagined like a workplace employing prostitutes whose services the workers can use as a company bonus...

Why do sex clients visit escort?

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Being adventurous, how much is it needed for success? If we look at escort profession in respect of demand that sex-clients visit escort prostitutes for sexual gratification, then we can safely say that being adventurous or desperate on the field of...

What makes it obvious that someone is a true-born escort?

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Who can be successful in escort career, e.g. who naturally emanates eroticism or is it an acquirable skill? In case of acquirement, is there chance for success and is the success just limited?  We would not be wrong to assume that people who choose...

How is it worth working as a born-to-be escort?

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Independently or under the supervision of a pimp?Does a successful escort work on her own as an independent individual or does she have a pimp who practically manages her business? Are there advantages or rather disadvantages of working under the supervision...

The need for sense of purpose in escort trade

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 Is it possible for an escort to achieve results by training for sex work, or is it necessary to have sense of purpose to succeed in the profession? So, if a born-to-be escort has no sense of purpose then she has qualities and skills in vain, because won’t...

Sex Industry

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The infrastructure of sex industrySelling sex is so profitable thus attractive business that a whole industry and infrastructure built up to support it. Attraction here realizes on the other side, as I have already mentioned: working in the sex industry...

Does she have to, want to or would she like to do it?

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What are differences between the possible motives and how they are realized in the practice, that is to say, in sex (does she enjoy or just pretend to enjoy it?)There is a great difference in the meaning of the terms “want”, “have to” and “would...

Sex and risks.

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What are influential people able to risk? Politics and prostitution are almost inseparable from each other because politics is the tool of exerting power over others and power also means unlimited opportunities for gratifying sexuality. Escorts and prostitutes...

Is there such a born-to-be escort who has sense of vocation and finds pleasure in doing it?

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What are the challenges and successes of escort trade? As we discussed earlier, without a sense of vocation, an upward career in the escort profession cannot be reached. I would like to make it more exact, it might as well happen, however, the success cannot...

Has an escort got a sense of vocation?

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Exploring the question of the nature of the inborn escort, we can return to the same principles and theories several times, but always in a slightly different perspective. These considerations put different theories in different lights, either confirming...

Is every escort an inborn escort or it is just a certain stratum of the professionals?

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Can a street walker prostitute become a natural escort or can she feel she is just the victim of circumstances?I would like to use again the previously established statement that not all prostitutes are escort, but all escorts are prostitute. With this...


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Hey dears ,I plane to come in Stockholm

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Hey my lovely I think I 2 weeks I will be in Stockholm,I'm new in this area and I'm pretty sure Stockholm...

Apartment to rent in Stockholm

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I have an apartment to rent in Stockholm

Västerås and Örebro Apartment Wanted

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Hi My name is Grace I am from Poland a model and I will make short tours in Sweden after Corona virus...

Adelynna Stockholm

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Anybody any experience? Do you recommend? Pictures look very promising...


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Dear owners! 2 independed woman, need apartment in Göteborg central, or maximum 5 minutes with car...

Uppsala Apartment Room Wanted

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Hi My name is Grace I am from Poland a model and I will make short tours in Sweden after Corona virus...

Waste of time

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Hi girls Im new to the business in Sweden I wonder how you screen/verify the clients? what details...

breast enhancement

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I asked an escort if her breasts were enhanced as I can't really tell by her photos. She replied that...

I need apartment - Stockholm, Gotheborg or Malmo

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I want to rent APARTMENT in central zones Stockholm, Gotheborg, Malmo. I need apt with 1 bedroom. I'm...

I need apartment - Stockholm, Gotheborg or Malmo

Diana · · 0 · 0

I want to rent APARTMENT in central zones Stockholm, Gotheborg, Malmo. I need apt with 1 bedroom. I'm...


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Any girls planning on coming to Norrköping? We are horny!?

Stockholm Escort

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I need apartment in Göteborg

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