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It is worthy to be a verified escort!

by admin.Dave | 2014-11-07

We've changed the list of the displayed escort profiles in the random "like-box monitor". This box is placed under the banners on the right side of the front page. From now our system displays only...

More search options

by phobos | 2013-05-21
More search options

The escorts profile list is more customizable from now. For example try these combinations or build your own query! Verified escort girls in Stockholm who likes analsexEscort girls in GBG who likes kissing...

Escort profile listing

by phobos | 2013-05-20

Escort profile listing is more rearrangable from now. You can use some sorting options to make the listing more personalized. The selector boxes will remember the closed/open status so if you don\'t want...

Blogging system is being updated

by phobos | 2013-05-06

We are working on some serious improvements at this moment so I post a short status update about the new blog system....

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by tomahawk | 2014-11-24

Undergiven slampa

by Sabine491 | 2014-11-23
Undergiven slampa

Duplicated profiles.

by tomahawk | 2014-11-23

Did you know that how many escort profile are about the same person??? More than you think. Severaly escorts are using dupicated profiles. The man could belive that what a rich offer of girls are here...


by Emma von Linné | 2014-11-21

Har letat förbrilt efter min strapon i snart en vecka. (Sen jag insåg att den var borta)Överdriver inte om jag säger att jag vänt upp och ner på hela lägenheten. Puts väck! Började fundera på...

Skön vecka i Göteborg?

by Emma von Linné | 2014-11-17

Ny vecka, nya möjligheter!Hoppas ni haft en lika bra helg som jag. =) Dags för en härlig träff i veckan kanske?!Jag är sjukt sugen på det! PussEmma...

LB has risen

by LonerBoner | 2014-11-16

Hey! Just thought i would give this a go. big chance it will be one time then never again but who knows. Every more drawn to this searching for someone in your Town and trying to get what im looking...

Tjej maffian???

by SASHA | 2014-11-13

Åh herrejädra 😱😱😱 Så som det finns tiggare maffian som tar hit massa av dessa till Sverige, finns de öststaten lastbilschauffören som kommer hit och jobbar a 50kr i timmen eller hur den än...

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