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10. Don’t be careless when choosing wild games

It may occur in dominatrix games that humiliation turns into such violence that a sort of password has to be said if the guest wants to quit the service because he does not find pleasure just pain in the act, with the risk of getting injured. If we do not keep in mind the password or quit phrase, we can get into trouble easily and instead of pleasant sexual experiences we will leave the dominatrix escort studio with tramped testicles, bleeding rectum and face full of bloodshot and bruises caused by a violent dildo. Clarifying the quit phase is essential in that case when the dominatrix escort does not speak the language properly and we either do not understand the quit-phrase or get a difficult phrase in an unknown language for us that we will forget it at the first imperious penetration.

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9. Don’t use service of suspiciously young sex-worker!

Today girls grow up so quickly that sometimes it is difficult to tell underage girl from adult woman, especially when they wear thick make-up. In certain countries buying sexual services from underage is strictly punished as it is considered part of human trafficking, which is a major offence so it is warmly advisable to be very circumspective. 

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8. Don’t have too much money on you

There are several newspaper articles on criminal cases when careless clients’ money gets stolen while enjoying service. While he is being serviced in one of the rooms, his clothes, which he left in another, are searched and his money, bank card, wrist watch or smart phone taken away. It sometimes takes place that escorts with their male accomplice staged a police raid and fined the guest, especially in those countries where prostitution is illegal, not the offering of sexual services.      

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7. Don’t take risk if you see signs indicating sexually transmitted disease

This paragraph is in close logical relation with the previous and warns to be able to see clearly, not just breast to grip or vaginas to pound. There are certain bodily, outer signs that can clearly betray venereal diseases, in this way warning us we’d better be cautious. To solve the problem we could say let us wear condom, which prevents from sexual diseases but unfortunately it is not true because certain vds can spread even through a simple touch. Well, if you can see herpes-like warts around the sexual organs, you’d better choose another prostitute or escort. Vaginal smell and liquids can be another warning signs however they can put off any excited client. Foul breath does not necessarily give away low hygiene but some sort of infection as well.

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6. Don’t believe you cannot get venereal diseases

Quality sex-workers usually have valid medical certification to prove they are exempt from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases. This is satisfaction for guests but a medical certification can never be fresh enough to rule out infection as examination does not happen just before the sex act therefore the risk of getting infected cannot be eliminated. Mainly this is why it is worth using protection during escort service though having rubber between the cock and mouth or any other female cavity is not that enjoyable than having direct contact on the glands. But definitely much more enjoyable than the feeling when the syphilitic cock splits up like an overripe pea-pod.

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5. Don’t be too confidential

Since several blackmail felonies have happened lately, it is very important to be aware of the danger of giving out confidential information to an escort or a prostitute as the guest can become the target of blackmailing. However, it is quite difficult not to be too intimate, especially when a client is regular as the chance of building a close relationship is unavoidable. It may happen mainly to socially influential and respected clients whose social status is incompatible to visiting sex-workers. Some daring escorts might want to make some extra from guests by threatening them to inform their wife or local media about how they spend their free time however they are quite likely to have male accomplices to carry out this rather dangerous procedure.

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In this subchapter I will group the different sorts of prostitutes. In the previous chapter I have mentioned that it’s difficult due to the lack of words, moreover there are a lot of unanswered questions in the topic. For instance, what category to group in those girls who pick up guys in the Tinder app? Should we call them Tinder-girl? Maybe. As the name call girl refers to a woman who organizes the sex-business via phone, a woman could be dubbed as Tinder-girl who sells her body with the help of the Tinder application. Unfortunately, this word is still not common, so let them be called escorts or with the group name, prostitutes for the time being. Well, let me emphasize again that the appellation prostitute is a collective noun signifying in every language those women, men, lady boys, shemales who offer sexual services in return for money. Besides, there are whores as well as escorts who are basically whores too, but what make...

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4. Practical tips

After the service it is quite practical to pay attention to how our appearance how we leave the escort or prostitute as the rendezvous might have its signs and smells on us. The most basic thing I am thinking of is lipstick prints, but a proper dominatrix service tends to leave its violent traces of lash so it is crucial to be aware of the necessity of covering or making the traces disappear, or if it impossible, it is advisable to invent some explanation about the bruises or lash traces so that we won’t have to make up a story when discovered by a suspecting wife or girlfriend. As I have mentioned the fact we have visited a prostitute or escort can be easily felt or smelled on us through the perfume of sex-worker, which is quite likely to be detected straight away by jealous partners. Therefore punters are highly recommended to take a thorough bath after sexual service to cover up the tracks. Long female hair also can betray punters, especially...

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3. Technical tips

It is very crucial as well as practical to use an own, private computer to browse the selection of different escort agencies as a wife or a girlfriend can easily find out in the history of internet searches how we spend our secret free time. If it is not possible, it is better to do it on our smart phone, but since the operational system automatically synchronizes the hardware, we have to be very careful as it can be traced down on the family computer where we browsed. So what we have to do first is switch off the automatic synchronisation or delete all search record or disable the record history option. Besides it is also useful to have your user account protected from curious eyes because there are so many kinds of spy programmes on the software market that we can easily get caught. This is also why it is not practical to use the home computer to browse prostitutes and escorts. Younger generation is much more skilful at computing so children...

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Interpretation of prostitution with the help of language

As it is clear, in order to make a proper distinction between prostitutes and escorts, it seems we will have to go into more details. We have to take into consideration every little detail due to the linguistic difficulties. First of all, we should mention the profession itself has been always changing, never staying the same. Well, as I referred to it, I am going to use the word prostitute as a collective noun in which I will represent prostitutes and escorts and try to give an answer to those open questions that often share the public. I don’t think the vocabulary is enough to describe the various forms of prostitution. Besides, our words have so many meanings that can lead to misunderstandings. Let’s see those chicks first who dig gold at the side of a wealthy man in return for sex or those women who marry a man or rather his money. Moreover, here is the new application, Tinder, a sex-partner finder, which is used by many to...

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2 of 15: Drinks to avoid

As well as foods, certain drinks can ruin the intimate minutes of clients enjoying the company of their favourite prostitute or escort. One of the common mistakes is excessive alcohol consumption that may lead to erectile dysfunction with many male guests falling asleep on the bed. Patient and benevolent escorts or prostitutes of course wait until the end of the paid time and then the intoxicated guest is made to be thrown out. Drinking too much beer is also not advisable because incessant urination will torture the guest and in case of a massive erection urinary tract will be blocked so urination will be impossible. Meanwhile the bladder is just getting filled and filled which makes the guest unfocused who therefore cannot enjoy the service properly. In worse cases the full bladder will press a nerve-ending that will intensify erection as well as sexual desire eventually resulting in rupture of the bladder as the guest is unable to...

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How to handle the website features in mobile view

Device: Samsung Galaxy NoteOperation system: AndroidBrowser: Google ChromeWEBSITE MENU:1. click on the menu icon on the top of the left, beside the name of the website (which is marked with red colour)2. select the menu point what you want to visitESCORT PROFILE MENU:1. Click on the small upside down triangle icon on the right of the area whic is marked with red colour  2. click on the pont of the menu what you want to visit.FILTER OF ESCORTS:1. click on the button with tesóxt "filters" what is marked with red colour.2. select the options what you want the escort list should be filtered.PERSONAL MENU:1. click on the small man icon which is marked with red colour on the top of the right.2. select the menu point what you want to visitESCORT PROFILE EDITOR(for advertisers only):1. Click on the man icon to open the personal menu and click on the MY ADS point of it.2. click on the small rack wheel icon which is marked with red colour.3....

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1 of 15: Foods to avoid

Let me begin with the simplest, the biological by which those foods is meant that punters possibly should avoid to consume before going drabbing, which is quite likely to have a negative effect on his paid sexual experience, if not prevent it from developing, due to the unpleasant consequences of intense digestion. One does not have to be a scientist to find out that posterior transpiration, with scientific term, farting does not tend to contribute significantly to the deepening of sexual experience. Although a small number of discrete fart cannot ruin the paid intimacy between client and sex-worker, but it cannot be considered a pleasant occurrence, especially if the farts have sulphurous atmosphere thanks to the consumption of large number of boiled eggs, because this kind of gas fills up the room and likes staying there for long unless the annoyed prostitute or escort, suspending the service, ventilates the room, which is rather disappointing....

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15 Essential Things to Consider before Visiting an Escort or Prostitute

In this short piece of writing I’d like to call punters’ meandering attention to what they should not do before going drabbing or dating with escorts as there can be quite unpleasant biological and societal consequences of following the orders of the cock and leaving some seemingly irrelevant circumstances out of consideration, however these seemingly irrelevant circumstances may influence the moments of pleasure as well as have an impact on the punter’s relationship. Well, ‘don’t do’s can have a lot of relations each of which I will try to explain from the most rudimentary biological to the more differentiated social. It is very important to be aware of the possible difficulties of visiting prostitute or escort as it is full of pitfalls and traps that can easily ruin the paid sexual experience. Whoring or visiting prostitute or escort is not just about that there is a dick to push into any kind of body cavity then with...

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Prostitute, whore, escort – Where do the differences lie?

When someone hears the word escort or prostitute what will come to their mind first is a woman who offers sexual services in return for money. Consequently, many don’t tend to make distinction between prostitutes and escorts. In order to form a proper concept about the most ancient job, sexual providers: escorts, prostitutes and their possible differences, I think it is better to use a collective name, which is prostitution. If we manage to clarify what this collective name covers and then classify and characterize all the types of sexual services belonging to this category, we will probably be able to get a clearer picture what prostitutes and escorts do as well as about those sexual services that are hardly covered in the context of prostitution, however it is partly included in the service. Today sex industry has been so diversified and there are so many way of selling sexual services that many seem to struggle with conceptual...

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Human trafficking as a useful tag

I think based on what I outlined it can be seen how extent term human trafficking is and that its actual meaning is completely different from what common people think of the word. An ordinary person literally shudders at hearing the word and cannot think of anything else just of a villain who forces women into prostitution, and the prostitute, the victim, must be sorry. This tag can actually be used in certain situations, and everyone knows well that many prostitutes made use of this opportunity. Acting out the role of the victim for a prostitute can serve as a shield if a prostitute happens to have some problem with the police. Significant part of the "victims" is those prostitutes who walk streets to solicit or take work in countries where it is illegal. Well this kind of prostitutes most needs some management to be able to work safely. They are the sex-workers who will end up at a police station the most easily. As we are aware...

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Human trafficking in escorts’ and prostitutes’ perspective

The potential victims of modern human trafficking are not escorts but prostitutes. Human trafficking can be much less realized with escorts, since the majority of escorts work exclusively of their own motion when taking employment in prostitution. So escort services see the least human trafficking because these prostitutes sell their sexual services on Internet escort sites. They register on the site, and usually it is them that receive customers too. Another reason why the term “human trafficking” cannot be completely applied to escorts is that they do not carry out only sexual service, but they sell service package, which may cover certain sexual services such as anal sex, titfuck, CIM, deep throat, fetishes, OWO, GFE, BDSM, Strap-on experience, but most of them are just informative. This is why escort sites are allowed to operate in countries where prostitution is prohibited on some level, and that's why escorts can operate less...

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Safety for girls

Was visiting an escort and she met me up outside the main entry. If u have the opportunity to meet the client this way and discret its more safe for you. Safety and protection have to come first. In you can do this way you get a chance to refuse the client if u notice something suspicious. I think its much more problematic for you if the client already have entered your apartment. No one take notice if want to hurt you or rob you if you stay alone in apartment. If you meet client outside main entry and no money in pocket you are not an interested object for at least robbers. Maybe this can be a tips for the escorts black box.

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