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Prostitution in societyProstitution or purchase of sex is banned in some countries and allowed in other places with or without restrictions. But if you think about it more, there are many people who badly need it. Thousands of men who cannot find a suitable partner to gratify their perverse sexual desires can find one among prostitutes and escorts. And that how ethical is it, everyone should decide themselves. Furthermore, it is also important for men to buy sex from escorts who hardly or not at all can develop relationship or they may not have time for it. In addition, of course, there are those who simply love having sex with escort girls because it excites them.

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Students who become prostitutes

Students that are escorts? Is it a fantasy or a very real situation? Without doubt a little of both. It is true that prostitution is a phenomenon in full expansion. It could affect 40 to 42 million people worldwide and 80% of them women. The reason for the explosion of prostitution is without doubt in the first place, precariousness, poverty, and in one word, hunger. In Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe, 70% of women in the age 15 to 25 have been prostitutes at least once. The second reason would be the hypersexualization of our society. Sex is everywhere. Pornography is on the Internet. Prostitution is a "money business" that gets ruled by organized mafias that just enslave women.

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Prostitution and sexAmong the above-mentioned industries the largest sex-related industry is prostitution. In fact, prostitution is the most profitable sector in the sex-industry. The number of prostitutes can be measured in millions, which indicates that there is a huge demand for sex with prostitutes and escorts. Here, 99.9% of the clients are sex-hungry men who - depending on the financial situation – are able to pay millions for sex. Most of the sex-employees are women, and the smaller proportion consists of men, gays, shemales or lady boys. Regarding the workforce, prostitution as sexual service industry can be divided into two main parts, prostitutes and escorts. Escorts As for the quality of the sex-job, escorts pursue the occupation on higher quality level for sex-hungry clients. Escort girls are usually much more expensive than ordinary prostitutes. Unlike prostitutes, escorts sell service packs which contain certain sex...

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Aphrodisiacs and potency enhancersBesides the sex toys, there is a huge demand for different aphrodisiacs, lubricants, potency enhancers as well. For example, Viagra helped millions of human to have full sexual life, even those who have not had erection for long years, thus being unable to have sex. Viagra is one of the most tried and tested drug for impotence. And of course there are also other alternative methods that allow impotents to have sex. The majority of these say are rather superstitions, and sometimes their effect is just a placebo. Apart from Viagra, hundreds of other types of potency enhancer can be found form of drops or pill (, vencion, spx, eXXtreme, dr.hard, etc.) to make sex better. For lady boys, gays or shemales it is important that penetration should be smooth as the anus is not that supple as the vagina. A very popular product among gays is, for example, the Rush which not only acts as a stimulant, but it also...

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Sex toys and sex-shops Today, I think almost in every household there is one of the best-selling sex tools: a plastic penis or dildo and vibrator, which is not only essential for lone women, but also a popular toy for couples to perk up sexual life. I almost forgot it: lesbians cannot do without it, especially strap-on dildos. The market today is quite diverse, so everyone can find the sexual toy that will help satisfy even perverted sexual desires. Dildos in extreme shape and size are also available, as well as artificial vaginas, if jerking off has become boring. And now, thanks to the online sex shop, you do not need to go into sex shops personally (if it's embarrassing for someone) as on the Internet you can find everything with detailed descriptions and advice to protect incognito. Further types of sex toys Today such lifelike rubber women dolls are produced that are easy to confuse with real ones. But there are BDSM accessories,...

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PornPorn now has developed generic characteristics, which resulted in dozens of pornographic tendencies. The business aim is to target all possible sexual needs and tendencies so that any consumer can find the kind of sex that they long for. It is natural that everyone has different sexual needs and sexual drives. Some prefer jerking off on MILF porn, others get excited by watching teen porn and shemale or lady boy porn is increasingly getting popular. Different fetishes appear in porn movies to the pleasure of fetishists (feet, clothes, role play games like BDSM, dominatrix). The scenes of sex acts is also increasing with such as the popular deep-throat, anal penetration or squirting. Gay porn is also becoming more and more popular. Here joins another industrial line that produces sexual accessories to be used at porn shootings and in sex. The porn industry had been a huge business until online amateur porn free to download and upload...

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Other industries of sex: porn, escort, webcam service, sex chat and sex shop.Many forms of sex now operate as independent industries that want to break into the sex-market with newer and newer sex-related products to satisfy sex-hungry consumers. The sex industry has many forms ranging from prostitution to porn industry, from sex toy production to sex-drug distributors (e.g. aphrodisiacs, protection) to different online sexual services like webcam sex or sex chat. The business policy of the sex industry is not new: it is to map up sexual habits, and then to serve the sex-hungry consumers.

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BDSM partiesAnother sexual trend in the 20th century is going to BDSM parties, where you can buy a ticket as if you do it when you want to see a movie. This is slightly an underground style of sex-entertainment where sexual fetishists and the audience that love humiliation and hardcore sex can enjoy the show. These BDSM parties feature BDSM actors and actresses who perform sex acts in which prostitute actresses are nailed, bonded, raped, deep-throated and penetrated with sex-machines hard according to a scenario, while the viewers sit or stand around and enjoy the scene. This type of sexual entertainment does not come cheap, but if someone happens to try it out, prepare to go through his wallet too have such a sexual experience.In addition, there are sex expos, porn shows, and different promos to entertain sex-funs. It would be a fair question to ask whether porn is just a sort of entertainment, or serve as a means of sexual gratification. Maybe...

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Sex as tool Sex is not only for enjoying pleasure for temporary or permanent couples in everyday life, but it functions as a certain tool, with which some people can gain an advantage by using their sexuality. Such is the career chicks who try to climb up the career ladder by offering their body. They can get rich and famous men or possibly can acquire high-paying positions at a company. And we know that sex as a tool works perfectly. In addition, sex can also manipulate people and it is well-known for pretty student girls who have sex with their teacher for better marksSex as funIn some cultural circles - if they can be called like this - sex is used in everyday life as a way adult entertainment or a status symbol. Here, sex, or the purchase of mere sex sights does not serve sexual gratification, it is only a kind of entertainment or simply expression of boast in front of others. Sex is just a tool of entertainment, which many times...

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Balance in sex.Based on the above, some sort of equilibrium must be found in sex and its frequency. Sometimes, too much sex can cause sexual dysfunction like the lack of it or flat and cold sexual life. That is quite important in our over sexualized times. And then there are the compromises and progress in sex. Here, I mean, sometimes things must be done that we do not long for, which is often even painful (for instance anal sex). Sex needs to be talked about in a relationship without perverted desires silenced or kept in secrets. Maybe if the aforementioned BDSM and anal sex loving guy admitted to his wife that he longs for screwing her tied up to the bed for hours, the wife would give in. Thus, the sexual perversions would be met, and the husband would not cast an eye towards prostitutes and escorts and would not watch perverse porn in secret.

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Flattening and disappearance of sexual lifeIn a relationship the two most dangerous things are: the disappearance and the flattening of sex. Based on the above example, the husband’s perverted sexual fantasies probably won’t ruin the relationship, but there will be a great chance that sex becomes flat, leading to its total disappearance after a while. Cold or flat or average sex life does not ruin most relationships, however, there can be side effects. For example, a husband is more likely to jerk off watching bandage or dominatrix porn than to touch his wife. Then sex is slowly disappearing from the relationship, and when watching porn has become boring, the husband will start fancying other women on the street or in shops, eventually leading to the first paid sex-affairs with prostitutes and escorts, who will satisfy his kinky desires. Besides, due the lack of sex and sex-affairs, the marriage will be at risk.

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Lack of sex, repression of sexual desires, compromises in sexWe have talked about sex in marriage, sex in unmarried relationship and in general, how sex works in modern liberal societies. But what about the importance of sex? I mean excessive sex, or lack of sex, and the problems ensuing from lack of sex. It has been already mentioned in the context of relationship that there are relations between men and women that are not necessarily based on sex. But what if a man was longing for a bit of BDSM play and dominatrix experience, but the other party is not open to this kind of sexual perversion, so it's left out of their sexual life. What is then? It is likely nothing happens, because when the pair came together, the relationship was not built just on sex, but also on other values. The man's perverted sexual fantasies probably won’t ruin the relationship. However, apart from kinky sexual tendencies, sex must be practiced in a relationship,...

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Sex without relationshipThe second part of sex in everyday life discusses those who, on the one hand, completely lost the intimacy of sex, and, on the other hand, those who do not even know what intimacy in sex is. The latter includes the young generations who are sexual socialised on porn movies in the 20th century and who practice sex according to some kind of pattern or fashionable tendency they see there. That is why sexual psychologists have been so busy over the last twenty years. More and more young people are losing their way in the jungle of sex as they are misled by the false information porn shows, such as false stereotypes (big dick is superior) and false sexual patterns (assfuck is what girls long for, humiliation is cool during sex etc.) Among American youth to give a blowjob is almost equivalent with a kiss. In England teenage girls below 17 tend to get ass-fucked first before they lose their virginity. Sex-addicts Here...

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Sex in everyday life1. Sex in relationship Sex in everyday life can be divided into two main parts. One part - the majority – is those people who have sex in their relationship. It is important for this group to find the matching pair and the satisfying sexpartner. Although some researches show that sex is sometimes only the second, and sometimes the third most important thing in a relationship.Of course, it does not work like this for everyone; so many people specifically look for the partner who also sexually fit to them. Because nowadays it is no longer a shame if someone wants a little more perverse sex than the average. A lot of online dating sites are designed so that prospective partners with sexual needs dirtier and kinkier than the average can find a suitable match for each other. If I have mentioned the word “average”, it is advisable to ask the question of what is meant by it! What is average sex? Unfortunately, it...

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Can sex be defined?If we want to somehow define sex and sexuality in today's interpretation, it would be pretty difficult to do so, due to the diversity of cultures, religions, and local customs and fetishes. It is a difficult because sex is defined as many ways as the number of individuals who practice it. If we concentrate on the definition of sex in Europe it is also problematic as sex and sexual habits have changed so much compared to that of former historical ages thanks to growing liberalism and tolerance. And the fact that we are basically from a Christian country, our sexual practices do not comply with the Christian morality system. Young people have sex outside of marriage, we love kinky sex, homosexuality is becoming a fairly common thing nowadays, men surgically change their gender to be a woman (shemale) and vice versa, we tend to watch more and more porn, we visit escort girls. So somehow it is what an average European or...

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Sex in other parts of the worldBefore we start dealing with the sex today, let's look outside Europe to what sex meant and mean. If we approach sex from religion, it is worth mentioning that sex is only the privilege of men all over Asia and the Arab countries.  Women still today are not worth much, they are seen as objects or household machines whose only responsibilities are to wait for the husband at home, give birth to children, to follow the head of the family’s orders and satisfy sexual needs. In African countries women are mutilated in various religious rituals and sexual initiation rites, and in many places the darkest sexual perversities have become common at the expense of women.Sexual perversions in today cultures Let just a few examples be mentioned to show how prevalent sexual perversions are in our contemporary societies. In Colombia the mother-in-law watches the first sexual act carried out by the newlyweds. In...

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SEX-2. Historical overview

For a long time science assumed that sex, sexual habits, sexuality based on pleasure could be traced back to antiquity, which is proved by the records of orgies, group sex, homosexuality, debauchery and all forms of wantonness from the ancient Greece and Roman Empire around the 4-6th century, where virginity of young girls were offered to gods and where prostitution was a recognized honorary profession. Prehistoric times Well, before all this, there was a prehistoric age with some sort of sex, about which science has assumed so far that sex was only a tool of reproduction. Over the past ten years, however, excavations have revealed such 30,000 years old archaeological finds (artificial penises made of stone or horn) that prove that the cave men had sex purely for pleasure. Unfortunately, there is no information on how sex was practiced in the early societies and in smaller, more closed communities (tribes), it is not clear either...

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where did we come from and where are we heading for?Thousands of years had had to pass until sex obtained its current form. Today sex is no longer about mere reproduction of the species, nor about giving and receiving pleasure. The exercise of sex can be a milestone that indicates the big change of adulthood in teens’ lives, starting with the loss of virginity, but also sex can be a business sector, which is about one thing: profit.We can affirm that sex has now become a daily routine (it was not always the case), and we make sexual contacts not only when we want to reproduce, but just when we feel like having sex. We modern people have sex in the morning, at night and practically we have sex with everyone who we can with. We have sex with escorts, we have sex with prostitutes, and we screw up the neighbour's wife, have sex with young girls or mature men, and have sex with everyone who turns on us. These sexual habits, of course, do not apply to...

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A mans cravings are interesting

My greatest pleasure is when i take control of a mature man with a lot of life's experience and introduce him to interesting, and sometimes bizarre pleasures that he didn't know he had. To watch what pass through the deep desires, inside in a mans headEveryone has hidden desires and fetishes that they would like to try, they just don't know how to do so. That's what i want to explore. I love to guide by the hand (or by the collar!) and take him on an incredible trip through his desires. His absolute devotion will allow him to leave this world and dive into another universe, all whilst discovering worlds that go beyond his wildest imagination.What is more exotic than strong, sexy woman with the look to match her sensual and deviant mind? My delicate, feminine figure will be the first thing that captures his interest, but my art of knowing how to control and guide a man will be what makes him explore his innermost essence - his soul.

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Swallowing (sperm) is a sort of escort favourite indicated in escort profiles involving an escort girl, an escort boy, a shemale escort, a lady boy, or a TV or TS escort that consents to swallow the client’s semen as long as mutual sympathy has developed at escort meeting.  Generally speaking, it is normal for most men to have the semen swallowed by their partners, in this case by the escort after a successful escort meeting. It is of course not always possible to do unless it is on the list of the escort’s favourite sexual services (‘swallowing’). Swallowing sperm is not as common favourite as GFE (girlfriend experience), titfuck, CIF, CIM, COF, ANAL, GFE, PSE or OWO, and it is quite likely that fewer escorts offer it than they do anal sex. Why?  One of the possible reasons is the repugnance caused by the smell or taste of semen, which is frequent not only with escorts but with other women living in traditional relationship...

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