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Silkesstrumpor och fotfetisch

Mistress Lana (@lanasilverberg) · · 3 · 2

Gillar du mina sköna lĂ„r i dessa dyra silkestrumpor? Mina fötter kĂ€nns mig sĂ„ mjuka, sĂ„ erotiska, och sĂ„ knullbara... Kryp, slav och slicka varje millimeter!

Power exchange

Mistress Lana (@lanasilverberg) · · 4 · 1

Your job is high-powered, high-pressured, & you’re always in control. Come be my toy, & experience being controlled & dominated for my pleasure only!

Worship my Louboutins

Mistress Lana (@lanasilverberg) · · 4 · 3

My Louboutins need licking clean, little bitch. Let me penetrate your pathetic, slutty little mouth, and make you deep throat these stiletto heels.

27. Laws regulating escort trade; Swedish, Dutch and Arab model

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 0 · 1

One of the functions of the laws and rules regulating escort industry, as it has already been mentioned in the chapter “How and for what reason do certain countries support escort trade?”, is the protection of employees working as an escort or a prostitute. Besides, the right to exercise law is also taken into consideration by lawmakers, which means that for escort girls, escort boys, ladyboy escorts, transvestite escorts and transsexual escorts the freedom to to use the body must be granted. And this is what the righ defenders emphasize. Legislators need to consider a lot of things when creating a new law. Since legal protection is just one of the many, there are still other issues such as organized crime, violence sex workers, forced prostitution and exploitation. Therefore at legislation these must be taken into account, and we still have not even talked about the people's will. In a democratic country everyone has a say in...

BDSM utrustning till en ny dungeon

Mistress Lana (@lanasilverberg) · · 1 · 0

Hej Ă€lskare och slavar,En av mina drömmar Ă€r att inreda en lokal till en kinky lekplats för att plĂ„ga och utnyttja mĂ€n.Just nu söker jag BDSM utrustning som t ex St Andrews kors, stupstock, kedjor med handbojor som man kan sĂ€tta fast vid sĂ€ngen, pisk bĂ€nk och annat.Om du har nĂ„got av ovanstĂ„ende som du inte behöver lĂ€ngre - sĂ„ se till att ge det som dig gĂ„va till Mistress.Är jag nöjd med din insats, fĂ„r du en belöning ;)Hör av dig via mail och bifoga foton pĂ„ kinky prylar.Puss och smisk,Lana

26. Relations between escort and other industries – porn, celeb world, modelling

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 0 · 0

Escort industry is very close to other industries. Primarily, this is to be understood as a certain acess to other industries from escort trade (pornography, model and celeb world). This passage is two-way: escorts after giving up the profession end up in porn industry, model world or become a celeb, or vice versa: after participating in porn movies, working as a model or finishing being a celeb, (especially celebs in Eastern Europe) take up working as escorts, or it is also possible that they do it while being employed in the above mentioned industries (modelling, porn and celeb world). Working as an escort is an extra opportunity to make more money for the Eastern European celebrities that can produce a luxurious material appearance for them. These celebrities are mainly engaged in sex work because their salaries are relatively low compared to the average in the western world. Being shown on TV screen, and the continuous public...

Passa pÄ att trÀffa mig i Stockholm innan 15 februari - sedan bortrest i sex veckor

Mistress Lana (@lanasilverberg) · · 1 · 0

Hej,Om du har varit nyfiken pÄ att testa BDSM men inte vÄgat, kÀnt att det Àr nÄgot lÀskigt och hÄrt - dÄ Àr du vÀlkommen att prova en unik kombination av GFE och BDSM med mig. Vi inleder mjukt och försiktigt för att sedan tÀnja pÄ dina grÀnser pÄ ett sensuellt sÀtt.Passa pÄ att trÀffa mig i Stockholm innan 15 februari - sedan bortrest i sex veckor och Äter igen 3 april 2019.Mer info finns pÄ min hemsida:

25. Is it possible to quit escort trade and what can an escort does for a living after giving up sex business successfully?

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 0 · 0

There are two possible motives to quit escort trade. In the first case, the reason for giving up sex business is too intense competition, that is to say, when an escort is unable to compete with other sex providers due to the lower quality of the sex service she provides compared to that of others, with other words, she won’t be able to make money, as a consequence. As described above, the escort trade has serious professional requirements to meet, and if someone cannot do it, she has no other choice than to work on the street or at brothels as a common prostitute. The escort trade will primarily drop out those escorts that have been broken and worn away by the sex trade, that is, who will not be mentally able to do the sex work properly. This usually happens after several years of professional practice (60% of the sex workers). Mental problems will become apparent physically after long practice of sex work as stress and psychological...

Discounts, discounts and discounts

Tina Wild Porn model (@tina-wild) · · 2 · 5

Hello Tina here with more complaints and guidance so you can become a good punter!I don't give discounts, not even to regulars. I can let them stay longer or I can give them discounts If they stay for several hours but when someone wants to book an hour or 30 minutes or ask for those darn quickies they insult me. Do they think girls are a fleemarket in Bangladesh? Usually imigrants ask for this (what a surprise) but  the last time I worked here even swedish men started to ask me about this.What has happened with their manners?I will now explain why you will never get discount with me or with any other girl with self-respect.1. Don't treat me like a 15 year old jacket. Show some respect for me as a human being2. We are not friends. I don't even know  you and there is a very big possibility that I only meet you for money which also means that you will never find out if I like you or not.3. You asking me for discount to have sex with you??...

Tinas amazing hints for punters and escorts

Tina Wild Porn model (@tina-wild) · · 3 · 5

Hi everybody. Im not sure if I am a familiar name to people here. I did work in Sweden for several years ago but with another name. I advertised on a site calle Sthlmt***** at that period as with many other girls. That page is gone since long though. Usually I mostly sit in this forum and complain  while i share what i consider funny memes on facebook. Its a double life. (im like superman) :) This blogpost is actually gonna be full of complaints, surprise huh?I wanna talk about this thing that most certainly all escort have been asked; when clients ask girls to go on trips with them for free. Yes sure it might be possible but it takes a lot of time to build that kind of relationship. For a normal human being this is not rocket science really. I mean, why the fuck would i go with a person i might have nothing in common with, that i have meet maybe 2-3 times (where he actually paid for my company), he knows nothing about me and i dont...

Efter helgerna

Berkis (@berkis) · · 0 · 1

Skönt att vakuumet Àr slut, att allt börjar rulla pÄ som vanligt. Tjejerna Äterkommer till Stan och av en hÀndelse sÄ Àr bÄda mina absoluta favoriter hÀr samtidigt.

24. Dangers in escort trade

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 0 · 1

Dangers for escorts Working as an escort has a lot of dangers. A large part of the dangers could be eliminated by preparadness for possible inconvenient situations, being careful and having circumspection. However, there is a group of dangers that can not be prepared for. Most of the dangers are always due to the fact that the escort is not prepared properly for the job in the trade. If an escort is doing a tour, that is to say, she is selling her escort time in a foreign country then it is essential that she should be aware of the laws of the given country before getting started, which is just one of the many things to do. Knowledge of the foreign language of the country where she is going to work is also indispensable, since a small misunderstanding can also lead to major problems. The really big problem may be caused by the defenselessness of escorts. An escort cannot know what intentions a sex client may have, or, in the...

23. The relations of escort girls in the trade

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 1 · 0

Mostly in countries where escort trade is legal and there is good earning opportunies for sex workers, there is huge competition among escorts as well. The way in which competition is managed and competitors are overmatched determines primarily the relationship between escorts. Escort competition takes place in the sex market’s segment where there are the most escorts. Consequently, escort shemales, ladyboy escorts, TS and TV escorts have more market opportunities than escort girls. Escort girls have different ways to compete with each other. There is, first of all, the professional method, which is the high quality of sex work. This means trying to dominate the sex market through carrying out quality sex work and sharing real information (on escort site) with prospective clients: real pictures, real details. Well, these escorts will be the most desirable ones, that is, they will earn the most money during their term. Then it...

22. Sexual tools and toys in escort trade

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 0 · 0

The services of escort trade and the favourite sexual services often require the use of sexual accessories and toys in the profession. Accessories and service toys are indispensable for quality work. The description of sexual toys and accessories starts with the smallest details. For example, if an escort is doing an outcall and the customer invites the escort to an exclusive venue, she must have and wear suitable clothes for the occasion. An escort can be asked to wear special clothes(uniforms) (student girl, businesswoman, secretary, porn actress, sexy dress) as well as sexy lingerie, which is also a piece of accessory on the escort date. There are two groups of sexual tools and toys in the profession used by escorts. One group contains the general sexual tools, while the other group includes those in connection with the implementation of favouire sexual services. The group of general accessories includes, for example, various...

21. What can an escort service give to a customer or: what is a good escort like?

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 0 · 0

An escort service, which always starts with the purchase of escort time, offers a lot of ways to give sexual satisfaction to the client. Of course, this has the conditions that can be measured in the competence of the escort. Due to the diverse nature of the escort service, an escort girl, escort boy, shemale escort, ladyboy escort, TS escort, or TV escort can give sex clients various kinds of satisfaction, from sexual to spiritual, and an escort can be a decorative companion at a client’s side. Let's start from this group of three. One of the escorts’ peculiarities - which, according to our understanding, distinguish them from prostitutes - is that after the purchase of their escort time they try not just to function as a body for sex but to create a social environment in which the client can receive a sort of psychological or spiritual treatment as well. But what is this psychological treatment or spiritual satisfaction? People...

20. How much can the escort trade and private life be separated? Can an escort have private life?

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 0 · 2

The private life of an escort can realize in many ways. One of the most typical is when the escort honestly exposes what she does for a living to both the family and friends. The other possible way is when the escort girl completely secretly does escort services. Escort trade is very difficult to reconcile with honest private life. One of the reasons for this is the negative judgment of ordinary people about the job. Since the majority of people think that eskorts are simply prostitutes because of their ignorance, openly work as an escort is very difficult because of the stigmatization and condemnation of society. And this is further worsened by the social and religious structure of the country from which the girl comes from. For example, for an escort girl from a religious or radical community it would be almost impossible to get her family and friends to accept the fact that she works as an escort. A non-honest private life can...

19.-What kind of requests do escorts meet? – Fetsihes, perversions

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 0 · 0

If we approach this question from sex customers’ point of view, we'll immediately reveal a secret: some clients visit escort girls, escort boys, shemale escorts, TS escorts, and TV shows because they have some sort of fetish, aberration, perversion, which they cannot satisfy in a traditional relationship. To take an example: it's hard to find a partner for a man who gets excited by being penetrated with a strap-on dildo worn by a woman in a doggy style, who’ll force him to do a blowjob to the same dildo, giving it a deep throat. This isn’t the best thing to do at the beginning of a relationship, is it? We cannot think how many perverted and sexually aberrant people live around us. According to some research, every second person has some kind of fetish or perversion that secretly turns them on. Statistics also shows that only one out of 10 people talks about or practices his or her perversions and aberrations in their relationship....

The Big Book of Escort Trade-18.

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 0 · 0

The process of escort work The process of escort work always starts with the prospective customer’s wish to buy a particular escort’s time whom he gets in touch with in some way. This can be done in different modes: he can go on an online escort site to book an escort meeting or look for escort advertisement in local papers and magazines or contact an escort agency. If a prospective sex customer wants to get in touch with an escort through an escort site, he has the opportunity there to filter the possible choices (sex workers) through a smart browser by setting searching criteria e.g. age, sex, sexual orientation or favourite sexual services (COL, OWO, COB, GFE, CIM, COF, Strapon, Analsex, Domina, Penismassage, Fetishes, Deepthroat, 69, Hard Dominatrix). Then, taking the other important information on escorts available on the escort site into account, the sex customer will choose the one that best suits him. These include...

The Big Book of Escort Trade-17.

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 0 · 0

Types of pimpsBefore outlining the possible types of pimps, it is worth clarifying that today who are called pimps in the context of sex industry, and what sort of behaviour goes with it. There is a wide range of pimps in the world of sex business, regarding their behavior and business models.Pimp is the person, usually a male, who in some form and extent exerts pressure on the escort to make her to work, manages sex business, and provides certain services for her (e.g. protection). A pimp can be a person who is familiar with the escort trade, and help the escort without harming her. These pimps are usually a kind of manager with a good business sense in order to make the sex business as profitable as possible both for him and the escort. As a matter of fact, as it has been said about the types of escorts, not all escorts are able to manage the processes involved in connection with escort work (booking an apartment in a foreign country,...

The Big Book of Escort Trade-16.

kamadeva (@kamadeva) · · 0 · 0

Exact types of escortsDefining the types of escorts begins with the escort’s sexual orientation and gender identity. Accordingly, there are heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual or lesbian escorts. Furthermore, as for the gender identity, an escort can be female, male, transsexual (TS), transvestite (TV), ladyboy or shemale escort.Then we can determine whether an escort is independent or pimped. Independent escort means that an escort girl, an escort boy, a TS, a TV escort, shemale or a ladyboy escort does the sex work out of own will, that is, it is completely independent of a second person or a third person who in some way manage, control the escort and dispose her income. Consequently, an escort decides in which the country she will work, what customers she will go to an escort date, and also, it is her that set the price of different sexual service packs. This gives escorts freedom and vision, and she can decide how much and when...

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