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Our monthly traffic from the last 6 months (last updated: 2016/09/014)

Source: Google Analytics

More than 9.5M pageviews and 358k+ unique users a month. Average visit duration is 6 mins and 56% of traffic is given by returning visitors.

Changes in our traffic

Compared to previous year our traffic has grown at least by 40%.

As our community keeps growing our traffic keeps growing your advertisement can reach wider and wider audience. 

We do not accept affiliate,pop-under or third-party served advertisements 

but we are open for fair cooperation. For more information please contact us.

Targeting options

Only basic level targeting is available (gender, city, etc. -- only if the logged in member gave these information, remember, it's a fair play game). We do not participate in any advertising network. On the other hand - due to the specific subject of the site - exact targeting is not recommended.
By launching an ad campaign, you have to set up two other options: in which country and which site you want to advertise. Our sites are the following: - for Swedish visitors - for Danish visitors, on dk. subdomain - for Finnish visitors, on fi. subdomain - for Norwegian visitors, on no. subdomain - for Swedish visitors - for Norwegian visitors - for Danish visitors

Ad campaign measurement

We do only measure clicks on each banners. In most cases the banners are available only for human visitors, but we can not guarantee a full bot-less traffic. After redirection the ball is on your side. We can provide source (where the banner appeared before the redirection) url if you need it and you also can use your own campaign tracking code.
Since advertising on the site(s) is only available in time-period format, we do not offer any click-based solutions.

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