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The Big Book of Escort Trade-12.

Why does someone become an escort?Let's admit that the escort work does not belong to the group of occupations about young people dream as their future ambition. The fact that someone becomes an escort is a coincidence of many small and sometimes unfortunate things in adulthood, which can include a childhood trauma, growing up in a bad social environment, or just the mere desire to overcome poverty.If we want to understand why exactly somebody will become an escort then the first thing to look at is the trade itself. Nowadays working in the escort trade is one of the most lucrative jobs. The good earning opportunity is also associated with the fact that an escort girl can gain a great deal of profit in a relatively short time. To illustrate it, let's take the case of an average touring escort (who travels to foreign countries where she does sex work) who, for example, does a week long term in Stockholm and she has been working for a year...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-11.

Who can be an escort?If we approach the question ‘who can be an escort?’ from legal point of view than it has to be said that every female, male, shemale, ladyboy, transgender (TS, TV), Domina person who is over 18 can be an escort, but only in the countries where the local legislation allows it. Regardless of the fact that escorts are not prostitutes, the law regulating prostitution unfortunately treats them as prostitutes. If we take Sweden as a model, according to the 1999 Swedish model, the above persons, that is, escorts can legally take employment in the sex industry.The legal point of view to approach the issue is only one side. There is another side of the profession, in our case, the approach from professional point of view, since it is not only the law that has to be corresponded, but also the profession itself has requirements. Employees have to be competent in carrying out escort service, just like in any other profession,...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-10.

Online escort sitesESCORTS in SWEDENIt's worth talking more about online escort sites as the most popular form of escort advertisement. In my view, the most innovative and beneficial way of escort marketing lays in the structure of a professional site. The first argument to prove it is the easy accessibility.According to the customer's taste, just a few clicks and instantly hundreds of escort girls, less often, Escort Boys, Escort Shemales, Escort Ladyboys, Transvestite, Transsexual and Domina Escorts are at the client’s disposal. With a smart search engine (if an escort site has it) there is further way to filter escorts according to age, race, hair, language, body, breast size, weight, sexual orientation (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual), perversions, escort favourites (analsex, COL, COF, OWO, COB, breast sex, dominatrix, penis massage, deep throat, fetishes). In addition, the client can get informed about the prizes of different...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-9.

Escort meeting,Escort marketing is basically essential in the escort trade. As escorts neither stand out on the edge of roads like a street walker prostitute and nor advertise their charm in some public brothels or in shop- windows of the red-light district like in Amsterdam, therefore customers have to get to them through some medium. Escort marketing existed even in the ancient times, but not in the form of advertisement, but in the form of reputation. This is one of the reasons why the profession has been downplayed in a sense because today’s media practically is able to sell everything. That the profession is downplayed or dulled-down does not mean a lower quality in the service, that today’s escorts are worse than their ancient colleagues. That is not the case. It rather means that long ago the escorts had to acquire significant literacy for fame, but in contrast, today some well-written lines on an escort profile and a professional photographer...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-8.

Escorts todayWhat may be more difficult than precisely presenting how the world of escorts works is making the difference between prostitutes and escorts understood, as there is an essential as well as conceptual distinction between today’s escorts and prostitutes. Furthermore, it is disputed that due to the characteristics of escorts and the escort industry the profession itself belongs at all to prostitution.According to what the word means, prostitution takes place when a woman prostitutes her body for sexual purposes to a second or even a third party. Until now, it is clear since there is nothing difficult to understand here. There is a pack of sexual service (vaginal, oral, anal, blowjob, handjob) for which a sex client pays a prostitute, who can be a female, male, domina, transvestite or shemale prostitute working on the streets like a hustling whore, or even at luxurious German or Dutch brothels and window. In short, it does...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-7.

The first steps towards modern escort prostitutionThe following centuries did not make any significant changes in the development of escort prostitution until the nineteenth century, when the industrial revolution and its new brilliant inventions had a formative force on the world of escort prostitution. The last centuries, so to say, had problems with prostitution due to the rapidly spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Syphilis produced hundreds of thousands of victims through brothels and from under the skirt of street prostitutes all across Europe.In the new centuries escorts belonged to the elite echelon, and they were considered as luxury items on the sex market. Typically, escorts were the entertainers of noble and gentry groups (civil servants, politicians, and wealthy men) who were happy to appear in cafes, restaurants or at exclusive social gatherings in clubs.Also it happened in the 1900s when the formation of the word ‘call...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-6.

Escorts around the world – geishas and ganicasIt would be a mistake not to mention the most colourful escort (sub) culture, the geishas before discussing how the modern escort industry developed. Geishas actually were escorts, but if we want to be more punctual, they were more than escorts. The meaning of the word signifies a person who is an entertaining artist. Geishas began to be trained in their early years, which meant artistic, literary and musical literacy, as Japanese men who paid for the time of geishas wanted to be fascinated by them. Of course, sexuality was included in the service as it was the integral part of it. In the 1900s geishas would spied for the Japanese government, trying to obtain important information from US military leaders. The espionage of escorts for governments was a well-established strategy across Europe. For example, the former Italian porn actress who was a member of the parliament, called Cicciolina,...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-5.

Escorts’ great returnThe disappearance of escort profession and escort of girls lasted until the renaissance and humanism. The age especially favoured the return of escorts, as the spirit of the age – without the respect for the religion - began to explore the pleasures of the material world.The fine arts and sciences once again become central and what is most important to us: prostitution re-invigorated. While in the previous era (well before the 12th century) prostitution had completely been on the periphery with escorts disappeared from society, in Rome and Venice there were born world-famous brothels. The rise of prostitution, along with escort girls, was largely helped by the Church's tolerance, and that the morality that clutched society became completely loosened. In addition, the Italian city states realized that by taxing prostitution they could earn fabulous income. Another decisive reason why the escorts industry could...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-4.

Why did the trade disappear for a while?The gradual development of the technology and the increasingly central role of religion in society meant the end of escort trade for a while. (We will later see how these processes have a drastic impact on the profession as well as on prostitution.) The flourishing prostitution and the glory of the ancient escorts began to fade away with the end of the Greek culture. This began approx. in 800 BC when the most important civilizations (Greek, Egyptian) started to fall. A new social structure began to develop whose main reasons are the invasion of sea people with advanced weapons, the Persian conquests, and then, after the death of Alexander the Great, the collapse of the Hellenistic society, leaving way for the new great religious movement, Christianity. Continuous wars eradicated Greek literacy, destroyed most of the temples, and along with Greek culture, prostitution, brothels and escorts were...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-3.

The possible circumstances of the formation of escort trade in the pastIn the past, the formation of escort trade was due to women hoping to get out of the dark pit of prostitution. For this reason, ingenious escorts needed more than just a good business sense and sensitivity to perceive the market gap. As it has been already mentioned above, the escorts of the past were wise, intellectual and educated women, who became an escort in order to achieve success in their lives. From this point of view, there is some similarity between today and ancient escorts, with the major difference that today the profession no longer requires the wide knowledge that ancient escorts used to have. However, the purpose of becoming an escort is similar: finding the way out of poverty, accumulating material goods, acquiring a carefree life.Looking back on this again it has to be emphasized that being an escort in the past was a kind of special and privileged...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-2.

Who the escorts wereContrary to escorts today, escort girls in the ancient times, apart from being attractive, had to meet several criteria, such as being witty, educated, and familiar with contemporary politics. For this reason, the ancient escorts were highly esteemed and respected as well as glorified for their beauty and intellectual qualities in poems.  Men would yearn for escorts, and they almost competed to win the favour of escorts. Yes, in ancient times, buying escort service was a privilege for which men had to compete by buying a lot of presents to impress the sex worker even before they would agree to meet. And if the escort was willing to meet the client it was not for sure that she would give her charm to the buyer. Escorts used to have a big role in political life as well. They were influential, with having a lot of well-known people of importance in their circle of friends, so clients would often pay a visit...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-1.

From the beginning to the present dayThe formation of prostitution is surrounded by thousands of mysteries and scuttlebutts. What is the truth? How did it develop? Unfortunatelly, we have just partial information. We do not know exactly who prostitutes were, what kind of prostitution there existed, who used prostitutes, to what extent prostitution was accepted by societies, what sort of sexual services were available, and what is the most important thing: how the escort trade developed, breaking away from prostitution forever. Where and how far should we go back in time to get a real picture of the form of prostitution we are studying now to get to the current state of the escort trade today? The famous saying that prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world is no mistake. According to some researchers, putting up the female body for sale began at the time when money as a means of payment still did not exist. We cannot...

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The importance of sex, and factors affecting sexIn the previous chapters sex was shown in historical context, arriving at the current concept of sex. There were words about the sex and joint industries and people with perverted sexual tendencies. Except for the distorted forms of sex, it cannot be emphasised enough that sex is indispensable part of a healthy, balanced life. Apart from the fact that today sex has no longer a sacred role in human relationship than it used to, still there are people who try to live through the whole intimacy of sex, trying to make sexual intercourse be about love and not just fuck. There is still a minority for whom losing virginity is an important moment in life. The sexual revolution of modern society, fortunately has given us freedom of sex and we do not have to feel ashamed if we had more sex partners in life. And we have a choice of who to have sex with because laws protect us from forced sex with...

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Dangerous sexual perversions1. Sexual blackmailers And we have come to the kind of sex where perversion manifests itself when someone takes the sexual advantage of people who are in a vulnerable situation. The most typical form is when a person in higher position of a company, like a manager or leader at a modelling agency, allocates jobs to candidates who are willing to have sex with him for the desired position. This is blackmail. This sexual abuse is common, and pretty female applicants often find themselves with a managerial cock deep in their throat. Here belongs sexual harassment at work, when the boss turns on harassing pretty female employees and screws them eventually. But this is not a rare phenomenon in schools and educational institutions. Virtually it can occur everywhere. This is not necessarily sexual violence, because the harassed has a choice (quit the job), but it is unquestionable that these women are in danger of...

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Another dimension of sex: aberration, sexual diseases and fetishes Sex can be unfortunately a serious threat in our world. Sexually aberrant persons are dangerous not only to themselves, but to the society as well.  How does anyone become sexually perverted? Well, what the researchers found in most cases is some kind of trauma caused by rape, molestation or a traumatic sexual experience in the past. Now let’s discuss those fetishists and perverted individuals who pose a particular threat neither to society and nor to other people due to their unique sexual needs. Harmless sexual aberrant persons and fetishists 1. Onanists Here belongs those perverted whose sex life is between four walls only, and only in their own company. But how does sex work with them? Actually, there is no sex. They just masturbate on porn, nothing more. Also, there are perverted individuals who do not just jerk off, but also penetrate their anus with...

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Två sommar veckor Stockholm

Hej mina älskare och slavar,Många av er har saknat mig och undrat länge när jag ska besöka Stockholm. Äntligen är min resa bokad under två heta veckor i Juli. Just juli är en sådan månad när sommaren i Sverige är som hetast, folket är lättklädda och humöret är på topp. Det gör också att lusten ökar ;)Jag ser mycket fram emot att njuta av mysiga middagar på uteserveringar i trevligt sällskap samt utforska med er mina nya leksaker.Denna gång bor jag fint och diskret i stan.PussLana · · 0 · 0


Hej.  Jag undrar verkligen  vad som händer med dessa höga priser  i Sverige.  Nästan alla tar 2500 kr. Hur kommer det sig ?? Finns några som är värda 2500 Men de flesta är värda mest 1500-2000 för en 1h. I övriga Europa  ligger de på max 2000 kr eller runt 1500 kr. Varför betalar vi mer i Sverige  ?? Men det är klart alla är blåsta eftersom  vi betalar dessa priser. Har ni inte funderat på dessa höga o orimliga priser i Sverige.  Ta en funderering o försök få ner priserna istället.  Annars fortsätter de smyg höja dessa framöver. För mig är det bara några  få tjejer som är värda 2000 kr max de andra max 1500 kr. Tack för mig

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The positive effect of sex-industry on sex and its participants: customers and clients Like everything, the sex-industry (prostitution, pornography) also has negative and positive sides. The first and most important positive thing about it is that everyone has access to sex. Sex is available for those who cannot pick up a girl for a quickie or the ones who do not have enough confidence to initiate sexual intercourse or the ones who would not have any chance due to some physical deformity that prevent them having a relationship. In addition, sex with an escort can even give self-confidence, and porn is a good source of different sexual techniques. The positive effect of sex-industry on sex and its participants: sex-workers The group name ‘sex-workers’ refers to those who take employment in sex-industry (prostitutes, escorts, luxury escorts, porn actors and actresses, porn stars). Undoubtedly it is very positive that big money...

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Webcam sex   The webcam sex was considered completely a new thing when the broadband Internet became accessible. Webcam sex is about online surfaces where sexual services can be chosen with the suitable performer, according to sexual orientation, women, men, couples, gays, shemales or lady boys. They are available for free chatting after which the user can go private to enjoy sex-show in return for a certain sum of money that is paid to the website. In private the performer can be instructed what to do, for instance, to perform a dildo scene with blowing the toy or penetrating her/himself with it etc.  And all of this performance goes live. Virtually it is a privately directed porn movie. Or is it prostitution? The boundary is, however, definite, as there is no physical contact between the performer and the client. Sex chat Sex chat works in a similar structure as webcam sex, except that the user cannot see who...

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