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CIM - cum in mouth

It is a widely used acronym in the escort industry that means ejaculation into the mouth after sexual acts between client and escort. ILLUSTRATION ONLY! CIM like any other sexual acts, perversions, foreplay, forms of sexual intercourse (e.g. anal sex) can be found in the list of favorites shown in escort profiles on any escort site. ILLUSTRATION ONLY! The act of CIM presupposes – like in case of prostate massage – at least one male participant, who, after sex based on mutual sympathy can cum into the other's mouth. ILLUSTRATION ONLY! Regarding the escort-client relation, CIM can be given by both the client and escort alike. However, in the latter case, a gay or bisexual client (if he turns on getting ejaculated into the mouth) has to find also a gay male escort. Of course, it is more frequent that heterosexual male clients buy a female’s time whose list of favourite sexual services contains the act of CIM,...

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Färdiga filmklipp:1. ”En nymfomans bekännelse”, unga Antonia e 20 och avslöjar i ett videomeddelande för sin kille att hon i hemlighet egentligen e en riktig slampa och har sex med främmande, äldre män som dessutom ger henne pengar och presenter. Med poser och beskrivningar förklarar hon hur de gör det skönt för henne. 10min 350:-2. ”Om du vore här” Mistress e kåt och berättar för dig vad hon vill att du ska göra med henne och hon med dig, hon poserar och smeker sig själv till orgasm ca 5min 200:-3. ”The best of Spice” -filmen innehåller exklusiva bilder /material som inte finns nån annanstans tex så får man se mig smeka min våta fitta-något jag inte annars visar- 200:- 4. ”Blow me-slowly” Chefen blir avsugen av den nya sekreteraren, med risk för att bli påkommen av frugan. Ca 12min 350:-5. ”All in”. Mistress Spice dominerar och knullar hårt sin slav i olika positioner ca 10min 450: -6. ”Förbjuden...

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A request to Dave

Blog 303days.blogFor the original post click hereDave,Since you respond for Sex-tjejer I would like to make a request in regards to moderation of content in the threads. First the website sex-tjejer was developed with the intention to advertise escort ladies and also to be a place with freedom of speech. The website existence is mainly dependent on the purchase of advertisements made by escorts, and not on members opinion. Without our money, there is no platform, no maintenance, no staff (admins), no threads and the last no members.It is also of my understanding that THIS IS our online workplace, and for this matter the website has the obligation to provide a virtual safe environment for the girls, which is well done to a certain extent. The visitors of the website, are of course a valuable element that makes it one of the most if not the most popular page in Sweden, however I see a clear division and different...

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Untitled masculinity - To certain sex buyers!

My blog link click hereToday, I woke up prepared to take my morning walk, when I was about to leave I read a post at sex-tjejer thread, which by the way I am not even allowed to write at because I speak my mind and create too much work. Well my feminist outspoken thoughts seems to upset people, specially the men the sex buyers.I left the morning with extremely angry because the men, the sex buyers used the threads to spread their androcentric ideas, on how they are above escorts, how they categorize women - the ''girlfriend'' material vs ''escort'' material and where you can find them. In the perspective presented an escort is only good for sex, and not to have a relationship with - at home you need to have the saint good woman and in the streets you need to have the the dirty bad woman.Ironically the men who claims to be ''different'' than others, to care about working conditions of an escort and also to be nice and...

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Is there a risk doing oral sex without condom?

YES- YOU-CAN-CATCH-STD-AND-HIV Well there is a risk on everything you do however, risks can be always avoided or let’s say measured. I am sure doing oral sex without condom is something that guys love to give and receive, but it also scare many girls, because even If a man’s penis look clean and nice, you can not guarantee who has or not anything without a test.  Both gender think that a plain funky smell, rashes or warts are STD, but sometimes not. Of course who wants to go down for a fellatio when there is something smelling strange or is  visually scary....Click here to read the full post

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Chocolate meets vanilla

It is told that opposites attract themselves, and in this spirit I met Mys, my first and very special reviewer, which I never got the change to reveal in details how our meetings unfolded in the last couple of months, and as much as I would love to write about our previous interesting meetings I can not remember with  rich details about every single of them however, I will do write about our latest one.I met once again Mys a very nice young baby (so cute…I want to bite), 22 years old, responsible and shy guy. Me, a couple of years older,  and let’s say a little shy too.Click here to read the full post

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Strap-on sex

Strap-on sex is the sex act that can be listed in escort’s favourite sexual services and refers to the sexual practice during which an escort sexually satisfies clients - sometimes vice versa – with a suitable dildo strapped on her (strap-on dildo). Besides, the strap-on sex is a complex and unique form of intercourse with escorts specialized in self-tailored sexual needs and sexual perversion. Strap-on sex by escorts is only a sexual act, but a certain way to gratify sexual perversions and fetishes as well. For example, a BDMS or a dominatrix escort play is hard to imagine without a good strap-on dildo. Primarily it is the favourite sexual toy of gays or bisexuals. For example, if a bisexual or lesbian escort girl has a lesbian client then, after mutual sympathy has developed, a strap-on dildo almost certainly will turn up to satisfy the client vaginally or anally. Among homosexual and bisexual male clients it is...

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Anal sex

Anal sex is a type of sexual act, which is solely based on mutual sympathy (escort and client), and which can occur between client and escort after escort meeting and French kiss, if anal sex is included in the escort’s list of favourite sexual services (she does anal sex). Anal sex as a conceptual framework means a pleasure-seeking mode between client and escort that applies the anus as an erogenous zone for mutual pleasure, while the escort or the client (in condom exclusively), places his genital (sometimes a strap-on dildo) into the other’s anus. Regardless of the fact that anal sex is becoming more and more common in everyday sex life, most people are worried about doing it. This particular fear - if it can be called like that – about anal sex can be felt among escorts as it is not a favourite sort of sexual service. This is mainly due to the fact that anal sex can be painful and cause sex accident if there is no appropriate...

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Support for sex buyers and sellers

When in Malmö I was approached by KST (Kompetenscentrum sexuella tjänster)  employer, which contacted me with  interest to meet  and to provide any type of help needed. I went there in person, and I talked with Elin, a social worker, that presented to me a little bit of the work at KST, we also talked a little about selling and buying sex and so safety measures.So, for the sex buyers, KST provide support, specially to the ones with sexual addiction...Click here to read full post

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Prostate massage

It is the kind of escort service when a male customer’s prostate is stimulated with fingers or with some special tool used for this purpose, for example, with hand- or strap-on dildos and sundry vibrators. Prostate massage is a very particular and ancient way for men to get sexual pleasure. It was already a common sexual indulgence in the ancient China, so the Chinese called the prostate the spot of a million of gold. Why? Because if a good escort learns the exact method of prostate massage, she can intensify clients’ orgasm significantly. Many may not even know that prostate massage can be given not only through the anus. If the escort girl, after the client has reached erection, can find a special spot between the scrotum and anus, which she stimulates at the proper pace, the client will ejaculate very quickly and intensely. The most common way to massage prostate is through the anus, when the escort localizes...

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Massage is the act that is provided by an escort to create a stress-free environment in which a client is turned on to receive sexual pleasure. Massage can have many types and functions in the escort business. In the context of escort industry it can be simply a sexual contact or a stress-relieving relaxing massage, when a client buys escort’s time to have a chat, dinner, or a walk, after which he enjoys the relaxing massage, carried out by a beautiful escort girl to finish a busy and tiring day. Regarding the further functions, massage can be erotic or aphrodisiac stimulation to client in order that both the client and escort should be able to attune to each other as much as possible, relieving stress or tension. Erotic or aphrodisiac massage involves sexual contact as well because this kind of massage may include stimulation of the erogenous zones or sexual organs with hand, but it is not uncommon that erotic massage...

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OWO oralsex without condom

OWO is an abbreviation used in escort business (sex-industry) to refer to the sexual act of oral gratification or oral foreplay during which an escort excites or satisfies her male client with her mouth without using a condom. In the context of the escort business, it differs from the traditional concept of oral sex - which means the stimulation of both the male and female sexual organs with mouth - in that OWO means only the sexual stimulation and satisfaction of a client’s penis without using condom. OWO as a service is very popular, though, it has its risks. On the one hand, hygienically it can be inconvenient for sex-workers, and on the other hand, there are sexually transmitted diseases as well (such as HPV, syphilis, herpes virus, etc.) which can be passed from client to escort in the act of oral sex. In addition to OWO, there are also many other abbreviations used for presenting favourite escort services (COM,...

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No to Trafficking

If you know any girl that was trafficked to Sweden and you would like to help and if you are a girl that was trafficked and do not know how to seek help please check the page below for more information:Click here to be directed to the pageRegards,Adriana

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The glamour of escorting…

It seems like most of the people that meet us have a very glamorized version of what it is like to be an escort, the 'easy life' and the usual portrayed profile, of course all built up with misconceptions. As I would love to truly believe I am living everyday in  Pretty Woman like kind of reality, I regret to inform  it is not always flowers.I can not deny that I have met the kindest and the most generous men though, but through this process of meeting the 'right one' we cross with all kinds of 'men', which makes me want to break some stigmas about escort girls...Click here to read the full post

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For the escorts

I just realized today that I mainly write about my individual experiences but I would also like to write a little bit more about the things that are general topic for the escorts on the site.I also realized that there are some girls that do not speak English, and so I am adding translation flags of the following countries - Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Poland. For the swedish speakers you will get a fluent version of my posts in Swedish and I am removing two other languages (Probably Spanish and German). If you think I should add other languages instead of the ones above get in touch with me. My blog

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For the voiceless ones: trafficked girls in need of help in Sweden

I have once felt the hopelessness at the point to believe that it was not possible to get out of a big deep whole where I was put in. Us women in special to the ones in hands of people that suppress our thoughts, our feelings and our will to live will someday pay for what they have done.Meanwhile justice is not served, I write to you that are right now feeling hopeless, you that often tell yourself that there is no exit, that you live in fear and are constant afraid that something will happen with you or your loved ones.Many men that buy sex believe to not be the reason this system is in the way it is, I in the other hand truly believe they have everything to do with the fact that many of you are indeed in this situation (specifically talking about the men buying sex from trafficked girls). Click here to read the full post

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Sexy lingeries

Sexy lingerie is the set of undergarments worn at escort meeting by an escort girl either upon the request of the client or on her own choice. Sexy lingerie worn by an escort can have several purposes. Primary consideration is when an escort wears them in order to excite client. An escort may wear hot lingerie just to please client, completely of her own accord, but in many cases clients request escorts to wear some specific undergarment. Indeed, if mutual sympathy has developed during escort meeting, and finally the date ends up with sex, then wearing sexy lingerie is a perfect erotic foreplay or it may even be the tool of a hot strip-tease. On the other hand, escorts also wear sexy lingerie in order to cover something on their body. If an escort chooses to wear body shaping sexy undergarments, she can hide her disadvantageous excess weight as well as cellulite, sagging or small boobs etc. To cover...

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Sex is the possible result of French kiss taken place between escort and client during rendezvous. If an escort goes on a date organized and paid in advance by a client and the rendezvous goes on in the purchased time, then it is also possible that sex will be at the end of the meeting. If the escort and client like each other with mutual attraction or even sign of affection, then the first kiss is allowed to smack during the rendezvous, the French kiss. With the first kiss an escort bases mutual sympathy and expresses her consent to having sex, if it is among her favourites. Sex between escort and client takes place either in a hotel room, or the escort’s place or the client’s home. Escorts do sex in condom in all case. Sex with escorts can be done in various sex poses (Kamasutra). One of the most popular is the so-called doggie style, which however simple it may seem, it can be a wild, passionate sex with...

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French Kiss:

French kiss is the "first kiss" between escort and client at an escort meeting. It definitely indicates that mutual sympathy has developed between them. The origin of French kiss can be derived from the Western culture, and it represents the intimate act of tongues touching one another. French kiss at escort meeting is a big step to establish intimacy that will lead to further actions and services. If an escort is willing to French kiss during the time bought by a client, she practically shows her sympathy towards the client. This is actually an offer by the escort that she is willing to do the favourites -indicated on escort - site with the client.

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What will happen after becoming an escort?

 Who knows that apart from the reasons listed above why someone will or can be an escort girl or a prostitute. Surely, there are a thousand and one reasons. However, what I listed are the most possible ones that we can see and I have seen during my career. And behind them there is always a constraint and frustration. Because who would think that someone has ever wanted to be a prostitute or an escort since her childhood? We need to keep these in mind when we go visiting escort girls or prostitutes, and there’s one more thing which we should not forget about. We are advised to avoid any pity. Not because we are heartless, and ruthless people, but sex work may take away something from an escort girl’s life, but it will be compensated in form of cash (except victims of trafficking). And if we clients did not use sex-services like anal, deep-throat or a French kissing, there would not be opportunity for thousands of women to break...

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