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5.2. Voyeurism as sexual deviation

Carlos · 2020-09-23 · 0 · 0

In the context of sin, voyeurism is considered a crime if the parties involved in sexual act do not give their consent, however, there is a form of voyeurism that is not sanctioned by society: the so-called peep show or pornographic theatre, which provides a legal framework for this act, but is ...

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5.1. BDSM sexual deviation

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Perhaps the most well-known sexual deviation defined as not sin is a course of actions, the so-called sadistic-masochistic sexual practice, which often involves various bondages and pinions between subordinate and superior member of the game, and hence its name: BDSM, bandage, discipline, sado-m...

Tags: BDSM, sadomaso, sexservice, sexualdeviance, SM

5. Sexual deviancies regarded as not crime

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Deviance is basically a form of behaviour that violates norms accepted by most of the community or society, and in case of their violation sanctions are inflicted. In other words, deviance is a sort of perpetration of crime that is controlled by the community or society through legal means. However,...

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4.3.7. Terrorism

Carlos · 2020-09-03 · 1 · 0

Terrorism is one of the most current and dangerous social crimes since it undermines the power and order of an existing state with the constant threat to which citizens are exposed daily. In our case, it has to be touched because terrorism is closely linked to prostitution and sex work. Well-fun...

Tags: escorting, pimping, prostitutes, prostitution, sexmarket, sexwork, terrorism

4.3.6. Migration, crime and sex work

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From a social and legal point of view, economic migration is not a crime, although excessive emigration causes economic damage to both the issuing and receiving country. The primary concern, however, arises more often when immigrants end up in illegal sex business, both during their migration an...

Tags: escort, escorting, humantrafficking, migration, prostitutes, prostitution, sexwork, sexworkers

4.3.5. Human trafficking and organized crime

Carlos · 2020-08-23 · 0 · 0

Human trafficking as a social crime is now regarded as part of the violence against women, since the victims of human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution are primarily women and young females . And cross-border human trafficking requires a well-functioning criminal organization, bringing tog...

Tags: blackmail, escort, humantrafficking, prostitution, sex, sexbusiness, violence

4.3.4. Prostitution & Escort

Carlos · 2020-08-18 · 0 · 0

4.3.4. Prostitution In the history of mankind, prostitution is most often seen as an illegal and criminal activity, but the question of whether prostitution is a crime or not is difficult to answer clearly. Let's look at the issue from both sides, namely, that interprets it as a crime and th...

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4.3.3. Sexual violence

Carlos · 2020-08-13 · 0 · 0

The sexual paraphilia discussed above, paedophilia, can only be accomplished through coercion, and when it comes to coercion in a sexual act, we have already come to another category of sexual deviance, which is sexual violence or rape. It should be added that sexual violence as a paraphilia, also c...

Tags: BDSM, escort, prostitute, purchasedsex, sex, sexbuyer, sexual, sexualservice, sexworker, violence

4.3.2. Sexual paraphilias

Carlos · 2020-08-08 · 0 · 0

Some sexual paraphilias (sexual perversions) that were dangerous to societies and individuals used to be taboos and crimes at the early stages of human society. Some paraphilias denote dangerous sexual activity that can cause serious illnesses, such as sexual attraction to the dead, necrophilia, or ...

Tags: homosexuals, paedophilia, pervert, sex, sexualparaphilias, sexualperversions, sexualservice

4.3.1. Incest

Carlos · 2020-08-08 · 0 · 0

Incest was regarded as a deadly sin and taboo even in pre-social times when religion had not yet become a social force. Incest refers to sexual activity within relatives, including family, and, as the name suggests, it results in a kind of infection of the bloodline. The infection is not specifi...

Tags: incest, sex, sexact, sexual, sin

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