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Sexual providers, adult entertainers or escort prostitutes can be classified according to several criteria. The most typical classifications are:

Categorization of escorts according to their gender identity

Gender identity is a very important aspect in categorizing escorts, because there are not only female sexual service providers present in the sex market, but there are male escorts as well who offer sexual services according to their gender preference (homo, heterosexual and bisexual) for only female or both male and female clients. The popularity of the so-called " shemale or ladyboy” escorts (transsexuals, who are born in male body, so their personality and temperament both are womanish but they do not undergo a complete sex-reassignment surgery), whose specialty is that they have both female and male gender features, most typically feminine face, female breasts (by surgery), slim legs, but they also have male genitalia. Some transsexual sex-worker can manage to mix the male and female primary sexual features so well that a shemale may look like a pretty and fragile woman, but the unattractive client may be surprised, especially in the Far East, where skirts and lingerie can hide a massive male member.

Categorization of escorts according to their function

According to escort functions, we can distinguish escort prostitutes, who are paid to perform sexual services on the client, and traditional escorts, who are paid to hire their company. In the former case the main purpose is the sale of sexuality. In the latter case an escort is a leisure partner whose beautiful appearance and pleasant companionship are to be paid for, because the client does not purchase the escort’s sexual qualities and abilities, but her beauty, the pleasant appearance and personality, the company, even her help in attending social events. Sexual service is often not included in their escort service, but of course it cannot be excluded.

Categorization of escorts according to their personality

Like all professions, this also has its bottom, the manual sex workers, which means that the escort is just an indoor prostitute with having nothing to do with the traditional escort service and escort qualities, just performs the most basic sexual services because her personal qualities do not allow carrying out more complex escort services. She does not speak languages, nor does she have business attitude, because she does not see the importance of them due to her modest intellectual abilities. All she does is execute the dirty work, and she does not care much about it. The intellectual sort of escort is over the manual. She builds her sex-business through her intellectual abilities. She understands and speaks the language of the client, and in addition, she is able to provide the client with entertaining company and enjoyable conversation. She always looks for profitable acquaintances and endeavours to build a steady, trusted clientele, and in the course of time she will try to change by the help of one of her influential clients. This category is very similar to that of luxury escorts. This group includes those quality sex-workers who are made surgically perfect, and for which reason she costs a large sum of money for her sexual services. She is driven by luxury and she is also a part of others’ luxury.

There are personalities that are less resistant to work-related adversity and often turn to drugs or alcohol to forget their bad experiences that they are frequently forced to suffer during their sexual services. This category is the group of junkie sex workers, who has become a junkie to better process the bad experiences or the fact that she is selling her body to earn money by performing sexual services, even if she does not like it. The other one started to use drugs because consuming drugs is simply a part of sex work in certain social environments where the rich sex client almost feels compelled to provide the sex worker with different drugs for greater pleasure.

Categorization of escorts according to the intention of work

That what is the sex employee’s intention by working in the sex industry and begins selling sexual services depends on the multiple sending circumstances.

Independent escort

According to the intention to be a sex worker, an escort can be an independent sex worker who will start the profession from her own will on the basis of her well-understood interest because she does not want to do something boring and underpaid all her life.

Escort forced by another party, the sex slave

The opposite of the above discussed is the escort who is forced to do sex work by, for example, someone tempting her with some promising job to work abroad, then upon arriving her passport is taken and she is detained, and the captor will bring the customers. It is also characteristic that human traffickers help the unfortunate woman to get to a Western country where they demand the expenses of the smuggling by forcing her to sell sex.

Blackmailed escort

It is not uncommon to force women to be prostituted by extortion and various threats often targeting her family or her relatives.

Pimped escort

There are also the so-called pimped escorts, whose work is organized by a network into a foreign country, arranging their official and paperwork to be able to stay in the country legally in return for some compensation paid after each client. Of course, it is better to keep them in one place for control.

Escorts forced by circumstances

There are some escort prostitutes who are not forced to sell sexual services by a third party, an outside person or a criminal organization, but they are forced by their own pessimal circumstances to sell sex in order to survive by making money quickly. As I mentioned earlier, personal financial and global financial and credit crises have greatly contributed to the spread of escort business, as it is better to sell sex at home or at a private tenement than to get to the streets to sell sexual services there. Because yes, there are prostitutes who are essentially homeless, and their sexual services are already sold in barter, i.e. their sexual services are exchanged for temporary shelter and food. Of course, it does not have to be mentioned that such sex workers are the bottom staff of the sex service market.

Escort forced by drug addiction

What still has a huge motivation on the intention of someone to become a sex worker is another, equally commanding and coercive factor: drug addiction. Real drugs, that is, non-cracked or makeshift designer drugs are extremely expensive sources of fun, which, of course, after a while become a vital necessity for many consumers. It is particularly dangerous for the popular high class or luxurious escorts that can be regularly exposed to drug use, which their rich guests are almost compelled to offer. In this way, one can get used to and addicted to consuming high-quality drugs quickly, and soon the escort will realize the growing need for more and more drugs, most of which she will have to buy for herself. It goes so far as the growing proportion of the income made by selling sex will be blow on drugs, and ultimately she will do sex work in order to be able to satisfy her drug-addiction.

Escort forced by sex addiction

There is a very similar passion to that of the one discussed above, where drug is replaced by sex. Of course, this is not a normal and common phenomenon, but it might occur in the escort industry. There is always some mental illness, usually a bad juvenile sexual experience that always drives the escort to get as many sexual experiences as possible with as many men as possible. These sex workers are generally sick in minds that are stopped in the development of their personality at a certain point in their life and constantly repeating their earlier traumatic experiences.

Another case is nymphomania, a well-known and most preferred feature of an escort, which makes her a sex worker. They do not pretend, do not play roles, and this is why they enjoy great popularity among sex clients.

Grouping independent escorts according to motivation

It is practical to categorize independent escorts according to what motivates them to sell sexual services.

Material escorts

These escorts are only motivated by money. They want to reach a sort of high social status and respect by purchasing all the more expensive items (clothes, shoes, bags, etc.). Their hobby horse is to get in high social status, which is realized in abundant consumption, consequently, they strain after buying the most expensive items of any goods, even if the price does not match the quality. Accordingly, they work very hard and giving them expensive gift is almost compulsory.

Niche escort

It is the kind of escort whose sexual service list includes certain sex acts that others do not take on. For this reason, they are usually very experienced and very open to new things, they love to experiment and discover new things. As a result, they are generally more expensive and have strict rules because they know that certain types of sexual services are only available on their offer therefore they are very popular, so they can set the conditions.

The rebellious escort

This type of escort simply wants to be bad, which is often a direct consequence of too strict and moral education that she had to suffer at her young age. For this reason, she likes to astonish with both her actions and her language style. She is inclined to carry out perverted and scandalous sexual acts.

Honest worker escort

She is a sex worker with definite and reasonable goals, knowing well that her looks can be used very well to make profit. She works hard for what she has, respecting the money that she earns by spending on practical things, in which sense she is the opposite of material escort. She believes in quality sex service, and accordingly, but within reasonable limits, she does everything to make the sex client feel contended about the sexual service.

Converted escort

It is an escort who was a street prostitute before, and due to this fact there are consequences in her mentality: she is rough, little paranoid and suspicious. She is very careful about her valuables so that they won’t get stolen, and she fears that the police will raid on her. The sexual service is performed accurately, but she does not really deal with making the sexual service an unforgettable experience, because she does not have elegance and finesse that is a requirement for an escort with a wealthy and demanding clientele.

The smart escort

It is an escort who has the intelligence even the level of education to get along, but she realizes that this is little to what she wants to achieve in life. She would not like a boss, and a flexible working schedule is her main preference, therefore she decides to start her own sex business enterprise that she manages very well. She is a lively and interesting talker, which can enhance the sexual experience.

Accidental escort

There are also escorts who just accidentally take employment at the sex market for a couple of service implementations in order to, say, get up the carrier ladder after spending some time with the right person able to help them to reach high positions. There are also sex workers who, due to their difficult financial circumstances, temporarily take on sex escort services to get out of the financial difficulties as quickly as possible. These sex escorts are initially inexperienced and a bit tense, but after seeing the opportunities they tend to stay employed as a sex worker.

Part-time escorts

There are escorts who have a traditional job at a major company or corporation, but they take on sexual services for a little extra income. They usually work on weekends or on holiday days, therefore their availability is very limited, which is further limited due to the discretion they require, because they do not really want to get leaked out what they are moonlighting.

The seductive escorts

They are such irresistible escorts with mesmerising personality who might have started the profession as a discreet third in a relationship where they gave a faithful husband what his wife was not able to give or did not have time to do. They have realized that it is not so bad to play the third role in a relationship, unless it is properly honoured and they collect more clients thanks to their subtle seductiveness, which always draws back the clients. With emotional threads, she moves the clients masterfully, but she does not create emotional affection to anyone, because her role is to seduce men, which she enjoys very much, apart from the money she can earn.

Sugar baby

It is also known as a kept woman who has realized she can obtain various movable and immovable property and high financial gains by using her influence on men. Sugar babies tend to be younger women, controlling an older, wealthy man, who is impressed that he can still have such a young lover, who is expected to be only theirs, in exchange for giving all the financial support to the young woman for her love and sexual services. They expect discretion from sugar baby women or private escorts because they usually live a respectable social life and do not want the relationship to be exposed to the public. Sugar babies will certainly realize that they can be kept by more men, but they should not know about each other, therefore there are escorts in the sex trade with very few clients, earning incredibly high profit, compared to other sex workers.

The entrepreneur escort

It is an escort who works to be self-employee, to run an escort agency or start a completely different kind of business from the money she has got from her escort services. She works very hard, purposefully and precisely, and is not ashamed to seek advice from her successful business clients.

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