Types of pimps according to their target groups and their methods

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There are various typological aspects of distinguishing pimps in the literature. The basis for typologization is, on the one hand, the method how pimps get their victims and then force them to sell sexual services, and, on the other hand, what kind of target group they prefer to work on. The next aspect is the location of the hype, that is, street or house, flat, but ultimately the success of pimps can also be the basis of typology, i.e. how many and what kind of sex workers they employ and how much they are integrated into the given society.

The gorilla

Gorilla-type pimps force and intimidate the victim to do sex work. They usually pick on teenagers at parties, on social media, or in shopping malls, whom they invite to bars, night clubs where they drug and souse them then take intimate images of them with which they will blackmail them or simply force them to sell their bodies. To win their will, they shout, fight, threaten the prostitute’s family, and represent some weapon to frighten them.

The Romeo

The Romeo pimps take in their victims by enticement and expensive gifts instead of violence. These pimps are generally conspicuously handsome men, in contrast with the gorillas, who are characterized by strong and muscular body. However, the Romeos’ target group is different because they pick on girls about whom they know that these girls are looking for love and acceptance, therefore these pimps capture them by acting out understanding and love, thus trapping them emotionally and making them their slave.

The CEO, that is, the director-type of pimp

This type of pimp induces or persuades the prospective sex worker to sell sex services by representing the sex trade as a lucrative business opportunity and he assures the victim that he will provide her financial support and assistance to help the victim start the sex business. The target group is young and naive models and other women in the entertainment industry who are in an unknown environment, far from home and want to have a high profile career. The CEO pimps therefore promise these unsuspecting women stardom and a lot of income.

The way how all three types of pimps have power over their victims is very similar. It includes threats, blackmails, intimidation as the most commonly used methods. They isolate their victims and keep them under strict control, which is executed by being in the vicinity all the time, watching them, constantly calling them, and then they go collecting the income made by sex work if enough accumulated.  They often change the localization of their prostitute escorts to keep a low profile or to avoid the escort to create any relationship with the social environment. They prefer to use psychological manipulation, e.g. they pretend to be very friendly and understanding, and they implore apology after each violent acts against the escort, as though it really hurt them to force the prostitute escort to carry out sex work and the punishment they inflict on the escort to motivate them. They promise a lot, e.g. that things will soon turn right, and the escort won’t have to do sex work anymore. They try to counteract the painful isolation by pretending them and the sex workers to be a big and homely family where the sex workers can find understanding and love.

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