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Madness of Escorts

Just think about what i'm writing now. Somewhere in the world there is a house where escort girls work. The apartment is very comfortable has 2 double bedroom and 2 bathrom. The girls love to work there coz they have lot of client and the atmosphere is excellent too. Actually i heard this story from the housekeeper. So everybody knows that the girls love the warm and love to vear a nickers only in the time between the clients. For this i necessary to turn the heater on to highest degree. It would not be a problem because this is for this. What do you think about what an do these girls when the temperature too high? NO? Do you think they turn the thermostat down to lower degree. NOOOOOOO. They open the window... In this case the heating system begin to work strongly. The housekeeper is very happy in this time because the heater is worknig-working unnecessarily and make the street warmer for it's money.  Because the girls do not want...

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Testing some new modules

The site is now faster due to some powerful tweak. But this is the beginning of a short testing period so if you experience any malfunctions or errors please send us an e-mail to you!

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ESCORT with real pictures

If are you looking someone different, well then, look no further! I am Your Perfect GFE, best suited for the man who prefers quality over quantity. A sultry combination of brains and beauty , charme  and sexiness. I think of myself as your temporary girlfriend rather than an escort, for I am to share real passion and a lot of fantasies with the man I date. REAL PICTUREShttp://bb4you.webs.com0046704069340

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Fake reviews

Our terms of service & rules page will be updated soon because some advertisers write more and more self-reviews. Please note that this kind of activity is strictly prohibited and may result in remove your profile.

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Ikväll hade jag verkligen sett fram emot att få suga lite.Tråkigt att sitta ensam =) Ny här så jag tänkte passa på attkolla runt lite.

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0704069340real pictures

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Still growing

As we previously said our site is still the best solution for escorts and this is the actual report about our traffic:(source: Google Analytics)A short note again: our traffic is still growing. Thank you!

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Honest fact I know.

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HI, GENTLEMENS! I am Your perfect GFE companion for the busy executive who wants to get away from his hectic schedule to a relaxing,enjoyable environment. I am sweet and easy going so you will find yourself immediately comfortable. Your time with me will be very satisfying. I am accommodating, playful at times, and always pleasant.

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Kåt i solen..

Vet inte vad det är som gör att jag blir så extremt kåt och knappt kan bärga mig tills jag kan få kuk, när jag som idag, ligger i solen.. det pulserar mellan benen-och jag önskar nästan att någon kille kommer ochlägger sig i närheten, så att jag med min kvinnliga förmåga ;) lyckas få honom så pass sugen på min solvarma sexiga kropp, att han kommer och sätter sig vid mig.. mmmm... underbart..

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Besök min hemsida MvhAnn

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I am REAL and SEXY as my pictureshttp://bb4you.webs.com0704069340

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finns det nån escort här skulle vilja träffa nån mellan 18år till 40år

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Second birthday is coming

Our second birthday is coming so we will announce some new features soon. We will celebrate this event on this summer so we have one more reason to party : )Our mobile traffic is still growing that means it's time to prepare some features for iPhone and Android users too. The first (and most important) feature is that you will be able to make and edit your profile from mobile. And when we say mobile access we mean REAL MOBILE, not a fake and useless pc version of the site. So if you store your photos on your handy you don't have to get a laptop or pc - your phone will be enough to advertise.Please note that this option is still in developement phase so we will announce the official version in a blog post and on the front page too.And some words about our second birthday: we will publish a historical retrospection about When and where we started from, what were the milestones and so on. In this post our full statistics and...

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The perfect choice for escorts in Sweden

Stats again, the truth about our REAL traffic. We don't just say - we can prove it that why is the most visited and the biggest escort site in Sweden. Our 30 day stats:Source: Google AnalyticsThank you for your confidence - Tack för ert förtroende!

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Crazy service

once upon a time, there were two sexy escort girl who worked in Stockholm city. They worked together in 1 hotel room. I do not want to let you know what hotel was that just that it was a 4 star hotel. They told this story for me so this is real. This story about a funny pervert punter.This man made an appointment with both girl, he wanted a nice duo with fetishes, he said. The escorts were getting ready to welcome the man . They put on stockings, suspenders, bra and high heel shoes. The girls were very sexy young and tall escorts. One of them was black haired the other was blonde. The phone rang, the blonde picked it up and told the man the instructions how need to get to their room. knocking, the blonde opens the door then get the shy man inside. The asked what he want, what fetish...etc. The man very nervous just beset the bag in his hand and no tell anything. The girls just watch him and do not know what his problem. In couple on seconds the man...

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Då var vi inne i maj månad

Värmen verkar äntligen vara här! Är det bara jag som börjar bli kåt? :)

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