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Smickrad..; )

Kan man bli annat än smickrad och förstås lite småkåt bara av tanken på att få vara den första sexupplevelsen för en kille...?Jag ser det som en fin komplimang, och kommer göra mitt yttersta för att ge honom mersmak...; )Puss Lhinda

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Jag måste bara säga..

Kan vara svårt att nå mig på tel ibland, jag har ett jobb som gör att jag inte alltid kan svara. Men skicka ett mess med ett par rader, så hör jag av mig, puss på er och ha en fin kväll...

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Smickrad... ;)

Klart att jag blir både glad, smickrad och måste erkänna att jag blir småkåt av bara tanken på att få äran att vara den första riktiga sexupplevelsen för en kille.. Jag ska göra mitt yttersta för att du ska få en sån skön och njutningsfull sexupplevelse tillsammans med mig.. Nu ska jag inviga en ny leksak jag köpte häromdagen, puss på

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Jag vill ha en stor fin kuk i min  mun,Kom

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hjälp mig uppfylla din fantasi

att individualitet är så underbart har jag inte funderat över innan. att få komma in i din värld. att få den bästa ut..... ja du förstår. hör av dig.  0720 2223876

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Småkåta tankar på kvällskvisten...

Kom bara att tänka på, att det måste nog vara en sån där typisk tjej-kille grejdet där med morgon-eller kvällssex.. Jag vet ju att ni killar mer än gärna gympar lite i sänghalmen ;) även innan frukost.. Själv föredrar jag att få gå och förbereda min lilla "förförelseakt" under hela eftermiddagen, och kåta upp mig själv av alla fantasier kring hur kvällen kommer att bli..Sedan, att iklädd endast ett par minimala spetstrosor stå och göra din favoritmåltid-och se din min när förvåning övergår i hungrig kåthet... mmmm...Me LIKE!!

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LhindaDKNY är tillbaka... ;)

Hallååå... äntligen är jag tillbaka-och jag är hetare än nånsin... ;)

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tanjasexblogg Läs min sexblogg :)

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GOTHENBURG 17. sept. I offer LUXURY DATE tonight....sauna...jacuzzi....candell lingerie.....tantra massage...and more....NO QUICKLY MEETINGS.http://bb4you.webs.com0704069340

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STOCKHOLM 7-8-9.SEPT. 21-22.SEPT., 28-29.SEPTGOTHENBURG 14-15.SEPT.If you're searching for someone different then look no further -- I am NOT your typical girl. A sultry combination of brains and beauty and SEXUAL ENERGY.Sexual pleasure has many dimensions, but the most important sexual organ we have is our brain.The higher your sexual self confidence the stronger your SEXUAL AURA or EROTIC PRESENCE. When your sexual presence or aura is strong you have no need to constantly aspire to be "sexy", act "sexy" or dress "sexy" because YOU JUST ARE - and it shimmers in and by itself. Around some intensely sexually magnetic people you can almost feel electric sparks.A good sex life takes time and effort to maintain. It won’t always be easy -- our busy lives are taxing and often leave us tired and devoid of the imagination and motivation required to keep up the pace. Having good sex doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours and hours of frolicking,...

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Oral Sex: What’s the Real Risk?...Oral sex has been shown to be less risky than these activities, but it is not risk-free. Oral sex involves contact between the mouth and the genitals. It includes giving or receiving licking, sucking, or biting of the vulva (vagina, clitoris, and labia, or “lips”), penis, or anus.   HIV is present in female sexual fluid (vaginal secretions), male sexual fluids (“cum” and “pre-cum”), and blood. HIV cannot be spread through saliva (spit). It is also possible to get other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as syphilis, herpes, and gonorrhea through oral sex…….. Even though oral sex is a lower-risk activity for HIV, several reports show that people have become infected with HIV through oral sexual activity. Other factors also increase the risk of oral sex, including bad oral hygiene, genital sores, and the presence of other STDs. Oral sex is more risky if you or your partner has an...

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Time to relax, right?!!

Tror det är dags att vi träffas. Mitt mål är att uppfylla din fantasi, hjälp mig... ;-D

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war against the fake escorts

THE LATEST POST ON 20,01,2014TO READ IT, GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BLOG.Hi everyone, this is my blog, here i will write about the advertisers who use stolen photos on the site. With the content i want to help for the punters, they able to filter who is real and who not. Moreover i want to make the prestige bigger for those advertisers who use real photos. My plan to make a list of the escorts with fake pictures. This is very important because the Swedish escort market is very infected with liars. Most of the advertisers are operating stolen photos. They steal the pictures off the public websites about other escorts or famous models, porn actresses...etc. I have already met pictures on a profile what were stolen from the facebook. I keep this matter the most important thing what we have to arrange. I will investigate all profiles and catch the liars, i promise guys. I hope lads most of you will join to my army to help me to catch them. I know everybody...

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Escort reviews

The Escort reviews database is still growing (thank you!) so here is a short post about this system.This feature was originally made for helping decision. Please note that not every escort allow reviews but we don't recommend to disallow it. We've added some new features to improve the usability. First of all the classic Yes/No solution was replaced with a percentage calculator. 3+ stars means above average.What means the "Escort still active" column? If the value is "Active" you can reach the escort by phone/pm. In case of "Inactive" the profile of the escort is archived so we don't suggest to call her.Verified column: we check every reviews to filter out "rats". This option speaks for itself.

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Madness of Escorts

Just think about what i'm writing now. Somewhere in the world there is a house where escort girls work. The apartment is very comfortable has 2 double bedroom and 2 bathrom. The girls love to work there coz they have lot of client and the atmosphere is excellent too. Actually i heard this story from the housekeeper. So everybody knows that the girls love the warm and love to vear a nickers only in the time between the clients. For this i necessary to turn the heater on to highest degree. It would not be a problem because this is for this. What do you think about what an do these girls when the temperature too high? NO? Do you think they turn the thermostat down to lower degree. NOOOOOOO. They open the window... In this case the heating system begin to work strongly. The housekeeper is very happy in this time because the heater is worknig-working unnecessarily and make the street warmer for it's money.  Because the girls do not want...

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Testing some new modules

The site is now faster due to some powerful tweak. But this is the beginning of a short testing period so if you experience any malfunctions or errors please send us an e-mail to you!

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ESCORT with real pictures

If are you looking someone different, well then, look no further! I am Your Perfect GFE, best suited for the man who prefers quality over quantity. A sultry combination of brains and beauty , charme  and sexiness. I think of myself as your temporary girlfriend rather than an escort, for I am to share real passion and a lot of fantasies with the man I date. REAL PICTUREShttp://bb4you.webs.com0046704069340

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Fake reviews

Our terms of service & rules page will be updated soon because some advertisers write more and more self-reviews. Please note that this kind of activity is strictly prohibited and may result in remove your profile.

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Ikväll hade jag verkligen sett fram emot att få suga lite.Tråkigt att sitta ensam =) Ny här så jag tänkte passa på attkolla runt lite.

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0704069340real pictures

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