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finns det nån escort här skulle vilja träffa nån mellan 18år till 40år

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Second birthday is coming

Our second birthday is coming so we will announce some new features soon. We will celebrate this event on this summer so we have one more reason to party : )Our mobile traffic is still growing that means it's time to prepare some features for iPhone and Android users too. The first (and most important) feature is that you will be able to make and edit your profile from mobile. And when we say mobile access we mean REAL MOBILE, not a fake and useless pc version of the site. So if you store your photos on your handy you don't have to get a laptop or pc - your phone will be enough to advertise.Please note that this option is still in developement phase so we will announce the official version in a blog post and on the front page too.And some words about our second birthday: we will publish a historical retrospection about When and where we started from, what were the milestones and so on. In this post our full statistics and...

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The perfect choice for escorts in Sweden

Stats again, the truth about our REAL traffic. We don't just say - we can prove it that why is the most visited and the biggest escort site in Sweden. Our 30 day stats:Source: Google AnalyticsThank you for your confidence - Tack för ert förtroende!

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Crazy service

once upon a time, there were two sexy escort girl who worked in Stockholm city. They worked together in 1 hotel room. I do not want to let you know what hotel was that just that it was a 4 star hotel. They told this story for me so this is real. This story about a funny pervert punter.This man made an appointment with both girl, he wanted a nice duo with fetishes, he said. The escorts were getting ready to welcome the man . They put on stockings, suspenders, bra and high heel shoes. The girls were very sexy young and tall escorts. One of them was black haired the other was blonde. The phone rang, the blonde picked it up and told the man the instructions how need to get to their room. knocking, the blonde opens the door then get the shy man inside. The asked what he want, what fetish...etc. The man very nervous just beset the bag in his hand and no tell anything. The girls just watch him and do not know what his problem. In couple on seconds the man...

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Då var vi inne i maj månad

Värmen verkar äntligen vara här! Är det bara jag som börjar bli kåt? :)

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Seriös träff! en sida där bilderna samlas efter hand..

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Some toolbars caused malfunctions in our photo storage system.The problem was that every uploaded image were infected by a hidden text and the picture seemed to be wrong. For example the filename was extended by the following string:<div id="isChromeWebToolbarDiv" style="display:none"></div>The answer on was that change the settings of the toolbar -- but this is not a solution. Always DOUBLE check everything on server-side.But now the photos are in safe and the problem is solved so keep on uploading and have a nice day.

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New features, vol. 1

We made some cool features for you! First of all some of these changes will be available on this week.Disallowing reviewsEscort reviews are important to users but you can deny reviews on your profile. But if you do this your profile will be not able to get the verified photo icon. If you choose this option you should not upload verifying photo because we won't accept it. But if you allow reviews you can use the self-verifying option or prove your photos originality by uploading the specified picture.Reviews are allowed by default.Auto-rotate photosThe system will set a random cover picture from your photos in every 20 minutes. Users love the variety so this option is recommended to use if you have at least 4 photos.Improved mobile interface (still in non-public beta stage - will be available soon!)You can place your advertisement from your mobile phone - from anywhere! The site is going to be more mobile. The old, outdated models will...

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wet and cold easter

 my big boys Shabba & my namesake Hooker  well i was hoping that it was going to be sunny so that i could go out with my dogs ( i have 7 big dogue de bordeaux and bullmastiffs dogs but it was not to be its been wet cold and bloody windy and my dogs hate all three  so no nice long walkies for them i do hope thought that its not to cold and windy in Stockholm & Oslo when i arrive in a few weeks time guess i better go and pick up the doggie mess and then have a nice long hot shower  xx Paris    

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1 million pageviews per month

Just a short note: we've reached the 1-million-pageviews-a-month milestone.Thank you :)

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To you who rock my world

Det är helt underbart när man träffar någon där kemin stämmer in och helheten på pusslet snabbt blit synligt... Fjärilar i magen trots det är kalt så fötterna får gulliga strumpor, att ha en sådan kväll är magiskt. helt galet. Ja, jag är en väldigt lycklig och nyknullad tjej som inte kan sluta tänka på stunderna vi hade tillsammans, sexigt att det är vår hemlighet..

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QR codes

From now we have QR codes on escort profiles that means you don't have to enter phone numbers just scan the QR image and call them directly. To get the code just click on QR link on any profile. Please note that not all escorts allowed to show their phone's QR codeIf you have iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) you can download the recommended app here from iTunes. In case of Android download the app here from Google Play.Nokia (Symbian) users go here.We hope you enjoy this feature.PS.: you will have to had a camera phone to use this feature :)

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Hejsan!1,8 mil söder om Växjö finns jag. Du kan messa eller ringa, det som känns bäst för dig. Jag gör inga outcalls.Jag finns för långa eller korta möten redan idag.För att få veta mera så kan du hitta det mesta här det finns  önskemål eller annat du undrar över så kontakta mig så svarar jag gärna på dina frågor.Endast Nordiska fräscha & alkohol/drogfria män!

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lund sex tjej y

Hej darling,jag är en underbar kvinna som kommer få dig att må som en kung, Det är spännande att ha min energi, att tillfredställa människor är så givande och att få delta i givandet samtidigt som jag bara får och får och får mer och mer... Så hur kommer det sig att det roligaste jag gjort i dag var plantera grönsaker.... jag vill vara med dig, jag vill njuta jag vill känna dig kropp nära min...take me to heaven 0709200907peaces slove jenny

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New design

New spring site design is on the way!And some improvements too. Stay tuned ;)

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sex sex sex

A day with out laughter and sex is a day i wish i didint have to experience!.Jag vill att vi njuter av varandras sällskap så mycket,, så länge, så ofta som möjligt . Sexig 23 åring utanför Lund som bara blir kåtare och kåtare 0709200907

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Jag har fått frågan mer än en gång kan jag säga.. är du äkta? Är det verkligen du på bilderna, eller är de retucherade..Eller ännu värre-stulna från nån annan sida...       Men ärligt talat.. jag måste bara fråga-HUR kan man vara så pinsam så att man utger sig för att vara en RIIIKTIG hottie.... och sedan så är man irl typ 10 år äldre, liiite tyngre..... osv...??JAG kan iallafall STOLT säga att , JA-så där snygg och sexig är jag faktiskt... ;)

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REAL & SEXY 0704069340

   If you\'re searching for someone different then look no further -- I am NOT your typical girl. A sultry combination of brains and beauty and charme.I love for all things spontaneous. I never shy away from new experiences or adventures. So.....I am here 4 YOU.... I am REAL and SEXY as my pictures. Call...........0704069340

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Resor...i all ära-men..

Klart jag gärna följer med på din resa.. med risk för att låta som en diva ;) så vet jag att jag är tjejen som du är stolt över att ha vid DIN sida.. 

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Well hello and welcome to my world  at present im stuck in the isle of man  which is a small cold wet island between liverpool and northern ireland  flights are cancelled due to bad weather and so i cant get to scotland and there are no ferries going hopefully stockholm isnt as bad as the uk for cancelling flights at the last moment due to weather so im planning my trip to stockholm next month with great anticipation  ive got my ugg boots for my feet and my thick warm wellie socks as i hate cold feet more than anything,  my north face ski jacket and a few big jumpers and gloves and my ohhhh so sexy thermal knickers to wear to bed at night  is it really cold in april  will there be snow  please please let me know i want to come prepared     

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