The positive and negative aspects of the impact on customers and escorts

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I think this issue should be discussed in two respects. One of aspects is the business approach and the other is the human one.
The impact on the sex-business is completely clear. If an escort impresses a client by being kind and attentive to him, it will be felt financially. The escort will receive good reviews, resulting in extra profit in her income. It's that simple. If an escort does not give a shit to a client, and she almost kicks him out after the intercourse, the customer will no longer go back to her and will give a bad evaluation on the escort. Then it is followed by a chain reaction that eventually leads to the failure of her business thanks to her negative attitudes and improper behaviour.
The wisest thing to do is to combine business approach with fair and humanistic treatment. It works properly when the client does not feel to be either at a meat market or at a rendezvous that just hopefully will end up in a light blowjob or petting when he enters the door. Therefore we must keep in mind that escort service is prostitution. A client should not leave with the impression that he’s just met the love of his life in the last hour, as it is a delusion today.
Essentially, I want to point out that if we look behind these positive and negative experiences we’ll see lot of emotions caused by having spent time with an escort. These experiences will form our personalities, depending on how much of negative and positive feelings we get. If we get positive experience, we will be happy and balanced. If a multitude of negative experiences bombards us, we will become moody, depressed and aphetic. Both parties escort and client will feel and suffer the effects of encounters, there is no exception. And because the nature of the contact between the participants is very intimate, as it is about close bodily contact or sex, the rate of the impact can grow manifold. This is why that an escort girl can burn out after many years due humiliations or a customer can permanently lose his confidence after some bad experiences with escort girls. Surely it is obvious how much responsibility both the parties, escorts and clients, have, which must be kept in mind.

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