Possible negative experiences given by escorts

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PLEASE NOTE: The things are mentioned below might be occured but not with every escorts in every case! These are just possible cases!

Beside positive experiences, unfortunately, there are negative ones we MAY receive after a rendezvous with an escort girl. Everyone has negative characteristics and every requirement cannot be met, however, with a little care and attentiveness many inconveniences can be avoided. I cannot deal with all the possible negative experiences given by escorts, and I don’t want either because this is not a smear campaign.

Talking about the possible negative things, it is worth mentioning that many times between negative and the positive things there is just a subtle difference. The individual needs will also determine what is going to impress a client and what is going to bother him about an escort girl. Just to make it clearer: some people like if an escort uses a lot of make-up, and there are some men who love escort girls with just a little make-up. Another example, some customers specifically like when the escort girl is moaning during the act and there are others who are disturbed to hear it. Therefore, not everything will be discussed, only those negative which certainly disturb the majority of customers.

Perhaps the first negative experience you can get from an escort girl is slovenliness: greasy hair, ugly, worn nails, stinky breath and dirty intimate areas. It may be thought to be a basic, but do all escort girls keep the principle of hygiene? If it were so, then we would not be talking about it. The point still lies in the little, about which an escort sometimes tend to forget. Fortunately, hygiene is easy to keep therefore it is rare to meet a slovenly escort, but the next is much more and increasingly common in the trade. One of such is inattentiveness and inability to speak in the given language. When a customer wants to ask or explain something, but the escort for some reason does not respond. The question is immediately raised: why, as in the escort’s profile she writes she has a good command of the language that the client speaks ... and yes, after the encounter it turns out that he escort girl can say only hello in the language. The problem with this fib is that there are services that require proficiency in the given language such as GFE, or role-playing, or dominatrix games.

Lack of foreign language competence is only one instance of inattentiveness, negligence and indifference. There are cases when an escort speaks a common language properly, but she is so unsociable and burnt-out that it is not the reason why she does not care about the client because she looks down on or disgusts him, but because she is no longer mentally capable of escort work. Perhaps this is the point when an escort girl should give up the profession. There is not much sense in working as an escort work, isn’t there? Of course, it also may occur that the escort girl simply has an unbearable personality. Of course, this is also a rather inauspicious factor.

Unfortunately, there is also a common mistake that is frequently committed: the contempt on customer. I have read a lot of accounts about escort girls who ignored and maltreated customers. There are escorts who cannot hide their pity and contempt toward customers. Apart from the fact that it is indecency, it also does harm to the business. Punters can feel quite easily if they are looked down on. One of reason for such behaviour might be that this is how escorts compensate their minority complex in order to be less stressed to give a blowjob or to make sexual intercourse go more smoothly when it comes to that. This is not good because it has a negative effect on customers especially when negative remarks come during sex or when she behaves disdainfully if the client has difficulties reaching erection in his embarrassment. For example, it’s like trying to do anal with insufficient erection. In this case, as I mentioned earlier, patience is what can save the business and the client’s self-confidence. And finally, the size of the cock ... There is nothing more humiliating when somebody is despised because of his short size. It can ruin a life.

After the contempt let it come that is everyone's nightmare. The quick, worthless sex! The "let's get it over” situation because the next client’s on way. It is not enough that the escort completely kills the atmosphere of the paid intimacy, but she also humiliates the sex-trade. Unfortunately, many escorts who travel abroad for only one-two weeks to work want to make big money in a short time. This results in haste and sloppy sex, low quality in carrying out the service, when it’s all about a quick nookie and good bye.

But you, experienced punters, certainly know the feeling when hearing the price of the service uttered flatly instead of some kind words. And as soon as you have paid, you hear the door slamming after you. An escort who works in this way should take employment in a brothel where she can behave like that (but she may not even there anyway).

This hasty and worthless sex comes with ripping, unfortunately. If someone has paid for an hour, for instance, but he has come in 15 minutes, he cannot be just sent away because he is done. In this case, the customer did not pay for an hour because he had planned to be screwing for an hour, but because he wanted something else after the nookie. He may not have enough self-confidence to initiate a more intimate conversation or just simply he waited to be cared without request. It happens. Therefore, it is absolute negative if the escort girl just dumps the client shortly after the ejaculation, without waiting until the end of the paid time. Another annoying thing to experience is when the service is arranged on the phone but it won’t happen accordingly because the escort is reluctant to do this and that service. For example, lots of things are promised like deep-throat, sado-macho, bondage, fisting, strap-on, CIF, CIM, ATM, OWO, French kissing etc. but on the spot the escort is not willing to do anything from the agreed list just a simple CIV or COB (cum in vagina). It’s a waste of money for clients because he might have travelled 300 kilometres to be urinated on by an escort and to push Geisha balls into her rectum before anal sex.

So this is not only a waste of money, but also a bad experience and a forgettable day. I cannot imagine worse than when I'm running to an escort girl, excited and hungry for sex with my pulsating cock snapped upon my belly because she promised to suck me off without condom while giving prostate massage, and in the end nothing like that happens at all. Not only that day but all my week will be spoiled. Furthermore, it is also a bad experience when even if the escort is doing her best to render proper service, she cannot conceal her real feelings. It clearly seems that she does not enjoy the sex, but she is trying her best to get it over as soon as possible. In addition, she makes painful expressions during anal, withdraws herself, cries out in pain etc. Such an experience can be anything but bad. The customer will feel uncomfortable. He does not pay to have an embarrassing and awkward hour.

I have left the worst one to discuss the last, which is venereal disease. I cannot imagine worse than this to get from an escort girl. Let us add here that the customer can be blamed also for infections, because some tend to persuade escorts to have sex without protection for some extra money. The escort girl who takes the risk, I’m sure, does not do it for the first time. Thus, the disease is spread by and among escorts and clients like wildfire. What's on the menu? An intercourse without condom can include anything: AIDS, hepatitis A, B, C, gonorrhoea, syphilis, fungal infections. In addition, there are diseases that cannot be protected by condom. Sometimes it is enough to get infected if the casual sex-partners’ skins get rubbed together, or they share towel or have a bath together. What can be got in this case are fungal infections, herpes virus (at 69, kiss, oral) and different wart infections. It is good to avoid them, isn’t it? It isn’t exactly a positive experience to get some venereal disease from an escort girl.

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