6. You may get surprised during the service

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Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!

Be prepared for possible unfortunate events that might occur to you while using the sex service. The first and most important factor is security and circumspection.
You do not know where you go that is who you will meet at the brothel or the apartment, who will open the door etc. The person waiting for you might not be the prostitute or escort girl whom you have chosen on the Internet or the voice you spoke to on the phone an hour ago might also not be the same.

This is such a business. Everybody wants to make easy money. Think about it! You go drabbing with a load of money in your pocket, and then you have nailed the escort girl so intensely that even the bed broke into two. You feel good, the escort girl is also nice to you, you both go taking a shower after the romp where she gives you a sensual massage and while you are pulling yourself together in the bath, she leaves and finds your wallet just by chance of course in your jacket pocket, which she will steal and even your credit card details. Suddenly, you'll notice that someone is buying expensive items with your bank card.

Do you need this? To prevent this, do not take with you much money, just the amount or just a little more than the escort girl or prostitute is going to charge you with.
If possible, do not leave your stuff in places where you do not see them, do not keep your ignition key where others can have access to it without you seeing it. Having robbed, what will you say to the police, especially in the case, where prostitution is prohibited in the country like here in Sweden?
You are going to have to pay up to ten times the amount you have paid for the prostitute or escort girl as an offence fine, but you may be sent behind the bars. Well, I think it is better to be frisked after the intercourse as it has happened several times in the world of prostitution that before the sexual service suddenly bad and strong guys appeared who took away the client’s money. It may occur to you.

So, do not have on you the most modern smart phone and just leave your expensive watch at home before going drabbing.  

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