2. Get it out of your mind that you may find the love of your life

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Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as I think!

Forget you will find Ms Right, the mother of your children, who is waiting to be found by you. As the phrase goes ‘prostitute makes the best wife’. It is certainly true for those women who are pimped by their boyfriend, hunting for such a sucker like you. Escorts see only bank notes in you, not prospective husband or partner in life. If they get wind that you’re looking for love, they will perform such a play that would deserve an Oscar. You’ll find yourself in a game where you are the loser even when it hasn’t started. You’ll soon realize you have a kept girlfriend, a gold-digger, on who you have spent a fortune. After she has departed you from your money, the girl will move on.   

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While what you said is the occasion most of the time, you are not completely right though. Escorts are humans as well with feelings and can happen that an escort fall genuinely for a client. There are success stories out there from ex escorts that married their client even having children or become their long time girlfriend and are happy together. When you are dealing with things between humans even a professional service like escort, those things can happen and there is nothing wrong about it. Escorts as well deserve being loved.

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It is a service profession. Like a plumber or carpenter. Be courteous and do not deviate from what you both agreed upon beforehand.

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you are perfectly right

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I wrote of the situation when the client forgot it and falls in for the escort and belives that the escort feels the same. This is fake so it must be forgotten to not get cheated.