1. Leave behind social sensitivity!

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"1st of the Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing" - Only My toughts.

Seriously. Don’t go drabbing to save women from poverty and deprivation. Just simply accept that there are things that you cannot change. All you want is a pleasant romp, so don’t look for your soul mate in a brothel or street corner. To think that an escort may become a soul mate is like to bungee jump without rubber rope. Of course, I know, the girls are kind but this is their job. Don’t want more than a rendezvous. Believe me, you can get in trouble. Well, keep in mind you are not Liam Nelson from the movie Taken, who has super abilities to stop human trafficking on his own. Don’t spy or be asking about what is not your business. Just relax and do what you are supposed to do. Enjoy yourself, after all that’s what you go for there.

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