What is the proportion of natural escorts in the sex trade?

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Those escorts who are successful are likely to fall into the category of natural escorts, who are born to be an escort.
 It's hard to make statistics, but if we take all of the escorts into account, it's likely that there are more in numbers the average escorts than successful ones. The successful, high-quality group of escort is primarily determined by mediocrity. There must be a mediocre layer - the majority - from which a prominent minority can be categorized as an exclusive escort. The successful natural escorts are relatively easy to find on the sex market. If we look at escort pages, popular escort prostitutes advertise sexual services on more websites because they can afford it financially. Ergo their presence on the sex market is more salient, getting more easily in sight of sex clients. These so-called banners are like a poster that promotes escort services with an eye-catching image and edited text composition. The daily fee of such advertisement is high, plus the escort profile on the page has to be paid as well. In addition, if an escort would like to appear on the top of the list of search under the given entry, she or he also has to pay extra costs. Therefore, by a mere escort profile appearing on an escort site advertising escort services the marketing opportunities offered by the escort site to promote sexual services have not at all been exploited. An escort with higher earning can make better use of marketing sexual services, which can further increase the demand and popularity. This, in fact, helps to get sex clients and not the other way around. If a customer is once on an escort's profile, he can collect information about the skills an escort has – e.g. language skills, qualifications, interests - and what kind of sexual orientation she or he has as well as what sexual services can be expected. It depends on escort pages, but in most cases escorts have a special platform called review that contains feedback given by previous sex clients. These evaluations or reviews show prospective sex buyers the clientele’s general satisfaction with sex service the escort provided, which is a good source of information before using sex service. Of course, the more positive reviews an escort has, the better advertisement it is for the sex worker. At last but not least, what kind of charge is imposed on sex clients can tell a lot. Obviously, the higher the price is, the more likely the escort is so popular and sought-after that she or he can afford the high hourly rate. Well, these are the factors on the basis of which prospective sex clients can navigate in the maze of escort profiles and advertisements and they are able to filter out those who do not represent the necessary quality.

There is a career route that an escort originally started her or his career at a model agency and later trained to be an escort. Of course, an escort with ideal appearance for modelling has a great advantage over those who do not. However, this is only appearance, and the quality of sexual service is not primarily determined by physical conditions. An escort may be pretty and attractive, but she or he has to maintain or even increase the customer’s desire to become successful. To do this, additional skills are needed. It follows that the escort come from model agency does not necessarily have the skills required to be a professional or natural escort, but later she or he can learn it.

There are natural escorts who, due to their poor financial situation, still belong to the mediocre stratum of escorts, but they have the skills to enable them to become luxury category sooner or later. However, they have to go through all what other luxury escorts have to. It depends on the individual who at what pace will make it, but the fact is that any improvement needs professional experience. And it may happen that without any professional experience an escort candidate is far better than the other, mediocre escort rivals, and it is just matter of time when she will move on the career ladder. Finding such unexplored natural escorts is a matter of luck.

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