Relation among the parts of sex industry

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Is there any relation between natural escort profession and other industries like porn?  

For any escort, it is important to have an attractive look as well as a sexual palate that does know no boundaries and conventions. These are common points with an industry, which is the porn industry. A pretty, well-groomed woman easily draws attention and excites, which is not only crucial in escort profession but also in porn industry. In addition, there is a need for loose morals to be able to pursue sex business openly. Though an escort’s work is much more private and intimate than that of a porn actor, yet what is usually treated as taboo is their occupation. This makes them vulnerable to the judgment of people. An escort cultivates sex as trade but she or he does it like a private individual, unlike an actress or escort who just acts out a role while having sex. This is the big difference between the two. It's like placarding what is a secret. Of course, this is what makes a porn actress or actor as they are not ashamed of having sex in front of cameras. And it is not the traditional sex in the normal sense, but its porn version where everything is coarser (the act), more powerful (the genitals, sexual characteristics), more perverted (sexual behaviour) and therefore more exciting. Anyone who pursues this profession must be insensitive to being virtually banged in public and being seen by millions of people, who are having fun at the same time. There's no room for shamefacedness here. On the other hand, I think that although escorts provide sexual services to strangers, but they do not expose details to others and leave intimacy for themselves and their clients. This may also be a consideration for customers. There may be sex clients for whom it is repulsive to have sexual intercourse with a porn actor escort, because although it is obvious that an escort has several sexual contacts with a lot of people for money, but the fact that the escort has a role in porn films can be scary for some of them.

But does one profession come from the other and can it be predicted that an escort will be a porn actress or actor sooner or later? I think that those who choose pornography themselves have basically a sort of exhibitionism that makes them want to do remarkable things before a big audience. And they know what they are doing is subversive and outrageous, but being aware of what is being done can be exciting. They love sex, maybe they are a little addicted to it. These are good components in someone to be able to pursue the profession. However, exhibitionism is not so important in escort work, and without that an escort can be outstanding in sex trade. If an escort chooses pornography, she or he probably is narcissistic enough to be able to do porn. It is not certain that the pure exhibitionism is the reason for doing the profession, but because of the excitement that comes from doing sex publicly that excites and satisfied them. For those escorts who find their satisfaction in this, pornography is probably a step forward. Their sex clientele can be exchanged, but this won’t disturb the escort, as she or he will explain their porn performances as professional advancement, which will be shown in the quality if their work.

But what is the situation with the escort who does not have those desires for doing pornography? She or he has already been insensitive to sex, social norms and herself or himself that enables to start a career in the porn industry for money. She or he is rather driven by burnout, and in this case the escort-porn combination is not very attractive. The burnout will probably be felt in the rendering of sexual service, which will have a bad effect on escort career.

Escort prostitution and the porn industry therefore show some overlap, but none of it comes from the other. How an individual's career develops depends on how much dedication she or he puts into one or the other or both of the trades. But if a work is forced, it will spoil the escort’s vibe …

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