What if the love of sex is not accompanied with acting?

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Is it possible to get on without it as a born escort in the profession?

Suppose there was an escort girl who loves to have sex - she doesn't even know why, whether because of the sex act itself or the lack of self-confidence - as she uses sex to gain self-affirmation - but she is shy and prude in bed. These two personality qualities are not likely to be beneficial in the escort profession, as she meets with new and new sex-clients every day, before whom she will need to strip off her inhibitions to perform well in satisfying sexual desires. After all, the client is most likely not to be reserved or a restrained person regarding his sexual desires, so he won’t just get over the sexual act, but on the contrary, he will need lot of experience given by the escort - and here I would refer to the differences between sex and good sex, as well as the difference between escort and good escort, which differences can be rather significant. In this situation, it will probably not be enough for the escort to get over the sex act. And what if the escort did not feel like having sex at all for any reason? It is well known that women have a very emotional attitude to sexuality, which may cause them to be hesitant to get undressed in the company of a complete stranger. But this is not just an extreme case, because it is inevitable for any escort to serve a sex client who is not at all attractive or even repulsive for her. For example, the sex client is fat, hairy, and stinky. If such a man finds the escort with his perversions, there will certainly be a need for some strategy to survive the escort meetings and to enable herself even to pretend to enjoy it. The work of an escort requires that she show a positive mirror in every situation and moment, or what sex clients long for – even if it is unexpressed. Also, if an escort really intends to be a good escort, she should not only know what role to play, but also how to play the current role well enough to be credible.

It often occurs that it is not the most important for an escort to hide her own impressions – e.g. disgust - but to make sex customers believe she is open and interested in them. That is, it is not enough merely to passively avoid showing disgust, but he has to be made to believe by acting that the escort is really interested in him. It may happen that the sex client himself is being in a bad mood, being hurt and, is not especially after sexual experience, just for some understanding and consolation. In this case, if the escort wants to get a good sum of money, she has to play or imitate to be interested in the story. She has to be able to suggest to her client that she is sincerely interested in him and wants to care for him after which sex will be even more intimate, which the sex client will hopefully appreciate with nice sum of money.

Based on all of this, I can easily imagine a good escort being able to act out the requested role of the many that is suitable to the situation in order to appear as authentic lover as possible. Without these acting abilities, it can be difficult to succeed in the escort profession, as an escort can find herself in lots of types of situation with many types of sex clients, and if she is not able to choose and play roles then her sex clientele can easily shrink.

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