Is the love of having sex enough for anyone to become a good escort?

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Are there escorts who only choose the profession because they like having sex?
Do nymphomaniacs want to be professional escorts at all?

Earlier we have talked about what kind of personality is needed to be able to become a good escort. It is too complex to say unequivocally that the main requirement of the escort trade is only the love of sex - given the fact that many escort girls are only victims of circumstances, being drifted into the situation where they are forced to provide sexual services for money. They are involved in the escort profession not because of the pleasure of sex. There are some who have started doing escort services out of their own will, because they have realized the hopelessness of their (financial) situation, but, to tell the truth, they are not really into sex. There also must be some exceptions when someone loves having sex and she is an escort as well, but the two do not go hand in hand. There are a lot of people who are obsessed with sex, however they do not take escort profession because they are disgusted by the way society generally treats escorts and escort profession. They simply cannot bear the disdain and degradation that pervades this profession. Not to mention the way an escort needs to live to avoid getting unfolded how they make their livelihood. From this point of view, one must also have the courage to choose to be a sexual service provider, if there are escorts at all with dedication and commitment to the escort trade.

Nymphomaniac is a sex-dependent, addicted woman. She depends on sex as other kinds of addicted people to alcohol, smoking or heroin. Usually addiction develops due to the abnormal development of the brain and often occurs as ancillary to mental disorder. Starting from this point, a nymphomaniac would probably not be able to perform well at any workplace, but probably as an escort either- of course, apart from her willingness to have sex. However, we have already rejected the claim according to which the essence of a good escort lies only in the love of sex. Especially if the person is otherwise mentally insane, it is rather doubtful that there would be anyone who would like to make love with a half-crazy woman, who is very likely to intent only on satisfying her own sexual needs and not to be too interested in the  other, which is not a negligible factor in this profession. Of course, independently of what was said, a nymphomaniac might as well think of taking employment in escort trade if she loves sex so much. As any illness has phases, nymphomania might have as well, and if it is accompanied with a milder version of madness, it is possible to combine the nymphomania and the escort profession in a working framework.

But if the question has already been posed whether the love of sex is enough to become an escort, then we might ask as well that the love of sex is necessary at all to make a really good escort? Reversing the question: what makes an escort popular? Is it because her body is desirable, or because she has a charming aura, or perhaps because she subordinates herself to the customer's every desire being not afraid to fulfil them? Or is it because she is willing to humiliate herself to make her client feel good? Or on the contrary, is it because she has some sort of standing and is resolved, yet she is a gentle feminine, or because she is romantic and caring instead of sexual beast? But it may be that she has all these features together, depending on what is needed of her. So, besides the love of sex - if it exists – the diversity of personality is also important in an escort. However, this may require acting skills to be able to present her current role.

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