Does she have to, want to or would she like to do it?

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What are differences between the possible motives and how they are realized in the practice, that is to say, in sex (does she enjoy or just pretend to enjoy it?)

There is a great difference in the meaning of the terms “want”, “have to” and “would like to”, if we look a little closer to them. The speaker’s intention with using the terms reflects the diversity of human intentions. If we want to apply the difference between the terms for escort work, then in the very beginning let's start with what it is like if an escort does sexual services because she has to do so. In this case I assume that she has not got much choice whether to give or not to provide sexual services. These escorts are the prostitutes who are forced to work. For them breaking out of the trade, which seems highly unlikely, is not included in the options. Their work quality is not satisfactory, but in this category it is not the purpose, as they have neither sense of vocation, nor career opportunity, being in defenceless situation. In their case there is no sense in asking themselves whether they like carrying out escort service or not as they are forced do sex work and not to think about it. Duty-conscious escorts are already outside the "have to" work attitude. As a result, they probably already have some free will to choose what to do in life. In their case, the sense of duty is what determines their work morale. They are obliged to pay their bills and rent, so they decide to work, though it is not escort prostitution that would be their dream job, still they are driven to choose escort trade - for some reasons.

We have already clarified that the quality of escort service depends largely on how consciously it is done. The escort service carried out with professionalism is perceptibly higher in quality than the one carried out of duty. The sense of vocation usually goes with devotion, while the sense of duty is a state of mind when something is done because it is necessary, whether it is good or not. There are a lot of things people do, not because they like it, but because they have to do it, the system requires them to do it. It is like homework for students. Most of the times they do not feel like doing it, but they usually get it done as they know this is a minimal requirement. They get it done, whipping it together though, not caring about the results, just concentrating on apparently meeting the requirement of the teacher, the school and the curriculum. This kind of student is not likely to become a head boy/girl at school. The situation is the same with escort work. There are escorts who invest just the amount of energy and care which is enough to get the work done and that’s all. They do not enjoy their work and this can easily be felt by sex clients. If the escort of this kind has very good acting skills, she can hide her displeasure, but beyond a certain point she won’t be able to control her disgust that will began influencing the quality of sexual service. Even if she is striving to improve and perfect her sexual technique, she won’t be able to work with such dedication and devotion that would enable her to go over her limits in order to serve the sex client better. It is partly so because she herself can't enjoy it, neither the sex, nor, consequently, the sex client's wishes. This is a hindrance in this profession. The escorts who like to satisfy their customers will be much more favoured. This is a plus that cannot be learned, so an escort either has it or does not. This plus adds a special charge to the sex she provides, which can be felt but not necessarily pronounced. If she also enjoys the time she spends with her sex client, then it will definitely be impressive for the client. That's how everyone goes with it. We do not like spending time with someone who does not want our company, even if we pay her to be with us. In fact, when a sex client pays an escort, he pays not only for her time, for sex only, but to make him feel good, to have fun. This is what he expects from any escort meeting for his money. Of course, the gratification of concealed sexual perversions can also be enough pleasure for sex clients, but if the escort can make the sexual service even better by giving devotion and attention, then the escort service will have the plus that makes the sex client not just sexually satisfied, but overall feel happy.

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