Dangers lurking on escorts

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Addictions, Booze, Drugs, Burnout, etc.

Now, I am going to use a point of view in examining the escort trade that helps use to see their life and problems better, without regarding clientele this chapter. Prostitution itself already has negative overtones, because of which many people tend to link the escort profession to the underworld, but why do they think so? Surely lot of us have seen a movie, documentary, or Internet news content that shows girls who have been trafficked to become slaves of prostitution, usually street prostitutes who are made to take drugs and who are raped by tens of people every day for money that will go only into the pocket of pimps. They are marriageable girls having lost control over their lives and become sex dolls of wealthy businessmen, and. It may seem exaggeration but can threaten anyone, not just escorts; however, a deadbeat escort can easily meet this fate. But what can be the factors that threaten escorts in their daily work routine? We have already talked about the dangers of escorts working independently, without a pimp, so I would not like to deal with it, let it be enough to mention that without protection escorts can fall victim of physical and sexual violence. There are many other factors that can also endanger the life of escorts, which, as a chain of events, unfold into a problem over time. The escort profession is specialized in the senses - mostly sexual senses - and as we know, people are eager to experience as much sensual enjoyment as possible and tend to use different methods or drugs to reach sexual gratification, such as alcohol to elite drugs - cocaine – there is a wide range of drugs available for escorts too. It is not rare that drug-addicted sex clients happen to pay for escort services who try to persuade escorts to use drugs as well during escort service. The increased impact of sexual service and the chance to get more money can make any escort willing to use the offered drugs. It is enough to try them a couple of times to become addicted. It makes the situation even more dangerous if an escort loves money too much and has an easy access to drugs. Of course, it can make an escort even more attractive for a sex-client if s/he is relaxed and likes relaxing by using psychoactive substances because it ensures a relaxed escort-meeting for both escorts and sex-clients. But beyond a point where an escort cannot properly control the use of drug and it lowers the quality of escort service, it will be more repulsive to customers than attractive. And this is when the downward trend of the sex career begins though the escort knows that her/his life is going to the wrong direction, losing control over her/himself and the sex business. She can get involved in troubles due to her/his carelessness and increasing desperation which will eventually lead her to become a sluggish prostitute. The addiction to drug is therefore a major risk factor of escort profession, and it is not certain that we would think how much self-control is needed for an escort in order to stand in this world. It is like being a counter who must constantly resist the temptation of alcoholic drinks. We may have an idea of how many drunken guests would like to invite a pretty bar counter girl for a drink overnight, and if she just drinks one sip of every invitation in the hope of a good tip, she will have immediately lost control in a short time.

It is also worth mentioning that escort profession may be accompanied by burnout. Imagine how many people an escort needs to have a sexual relationship with without any emotional relation. These are empty and short-term relationships, which work to please sex clients without any emotional attraction to the other. It must be tiring both physically and mentally. Of course, money is a great motivator, but when one does not have a private life just work, and work becomes his/her life, it will suffer the person. In this profession, the escort’s life is limited to a feigned private life where there are no honest feelings and it requires constant acting. It would not be surprising, therefore, if there were not periods in an escort’s life when she or he seriously thinks of quitting sex work.

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