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When I´m writing this, it´s late night. But I can´t sleep.

My body is worn out. I´m physically pretty darn tired. But I can´t sleep.

Because right now I mentally am inside a bubble of satisfaction and I don´t want to lose that feeling by going to sleep. My brain is recapitulating three of the best hours I´ve had in a very long time. I can still feel the taste and scent.

Amira, you are really someone special.

Responsive and easy going when I first contacted you and we pretty quickly decided on a date for our meeting.
So tonight you arrived to my place and immediately you also began to make a lasting impression.
Good looking, sexy, fun, nice and interesting to talk to. Inventive and persistent to make sure I would enjoy every minute, whether we had sex, small talk or were cuddling and caressing each other. A complete and fabulous meeting.

And by the way. On the challenge I gave you, I think you were fully approved. Next time I´m sure you will be approved with extra praise :-)


Datum 2018-06-01
Avsändare på
Tidsåtgång 3 timmar
Stad Växjö
Incall/Outcall Outcall
Noggrannhet bilder
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A super kind soft clean sweet gentleman who spoils you to climax. Time in his company is of best quality in all aspects. Really hope to meet you again

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That is a deal❤❤❤ thanks again for a great time and i am extatic see how far we can go with the climax kiss have a great weekend

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Oh, thank you my dear, sexy friend. Same time, same place in a couple of weeks? ❤️ :-)

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Thank you for a great time♡♡♡looking forward to try more give ourselves a new boost of pleasure♡♡