Tall, slim, honest, fair and respectful middle aged gentleman.
I love honest and proud feminine women. I find the beauty in and am attracted to all types of women, regardless of physical appearance, age or ethnicity.
If you are clean, have a positive attitude to life and like to emphasize your female charisma, you will most certainly turn me on.
If not, I will be completely turned off even if you have the looks of the highest paid professional model girl.

My preferences are towards the GFE. I love to cuddle and caress. Light kisses on mouth, to neck and earlobe. To admire your beauty with my eyes. If you yourself enjoy attention, I certainly don´t mind to try making it comfortable for you by using my mouth and fingers, attentively and sensitive. If you also can cope with and accept that I, usually, need to perform the intercourse for a little longer time before I can finish, you really are my Girl.

I also have a couple of, I guess we can call them fetishes, that I sometimes like to perform.
One is that I love to and get very much sexually aroused by giving a girl a long and quiet back massage in the bed, were I after about half an hour into the massage slowly get to penetrate her from behind (prefer pussy but anal can also be ok).
Another one is to get an uncovered blowjob in the shower while you use the showerhead to spray my scrotum with warm water. Tickles amazingly nice.
Or you can tease me with a lapdance before you look into my eyes, mount me and give me a ride into the sunset.

If I haven´t yet contacted you, you are more than welcome to send a message to make me pay attention to you.

Blev medlem
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