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Sex without relationship

The second part of sex in everyday life discusses those who, on the one hand, completely lost the intimacy of sex, and, on the other hand, those who do not even know what intimacy in sex is. The latter includes the young generations who are sexual socialised on porn movies in the 20th century and who practice sex according to some kind of pattern or fashionable tendency they see there. That is why sexual psychologists have been so busy over the last twenty years. More and more young people are losing their way in the jungle of sex as they are misled by the false information porn shows, such as false stereotypes (big dick is superior) and false sexual patterns (assfuck is what girls long for, humiliation is cool during sex etc.) Among American youth to give a blowjob is almost equivalent with a kiss. In England teenage girls below 17 tend to get ass-fucked first before they lose their virginity.


Here belong those who practice sex because they are obsessed with it. They do not show off or follow sexual patterns or trends. They are nymphomaniac (female) or satyromaniac (male), who can have sex with almost everyone and everywhere. Although, according to sociologists, if someone has a promiscuous life, it does not necessarily mean nymphomania. It’s a question of perspective. Theoretically, sexual habits and the development of gender identity are greatly influenced by the family and the environment. For example, if a young person grows up in a family where the father openly has sex with women, there the child certainly will be prone to be unfaithful to his/her partner in adulthood.

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