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If we want to somehow define sex and sexuality in today's interpretation, it would be pretty difficult to do so, due to the diversity of cultures, religions, and local customs and fetishes. It is a difficult because sex is defined as many ways as the number...


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Sex in other parts of the worldBefore we start dealing with the sex today, let's look outside Europe to what sex meant and mean. If we approach sex from religion, it is worth mentioning that sex is only the privilege of men all over Asia and the Arab countries. ...

SEX-2. Historical overview

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For a long time science assumed that sex, sexual habits, sexuality based on pleasure could be traced back to antiquity, which is proved by the records of orgies, group sex, homosexuality, debauchery and all forms of wantonness from the ancient Greece and...


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where did we come from and where are we heading for?Thousands of years had had to pass until sex obtained its current form. Today sex is no longer about mere reproduction of the species, nor about giving and receiving pleasure. The exercise of sex can be a...