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Can sex be defined?

If we want to somehow define sex and sexuality in today's interpretation, it would be pretty difficult to do so, due to the diversity of cultures, religions, and local customs and fetishes. It is a difficult because sex is defined as many ways as the number of individuals who practice it. If we concentrate on the definition of sex in Europe it is also problematic as sex and sexual habits have changed so much compared to that of former historical ages thanks to growing liberalism and tolerance. And the fact that we are basically from a Christian country, our sexual practices do not comply with the Christian morality system. Young people have sex outside of marriage, we love kinky sex, homosexuality is becoming a fairly common thing nowadays, men surgically change their gender to be a woman (shemale) and vice versa, we tend to watch more and more porn, we visit escort girls. So somehow it is what an average European or American person’s sexual life like. It is open, sometimes unscrupulous with sexual taboos getting loosen, leading to their disappearance. So what does sex mean? Below I’ll try to give a summary.

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