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Sex in other parts of the world

Before we start dealing with the sex today, let's look outside Europe to what sex meant and mean. If we approach sex from religion, it is worth mentioning that sex is only the privilege of men all over Asia and the Arab countries.  Women still today are not worth much, they are seen as objects or household machines whose only responsibilities are to wait for the husband at home, give birth to children, to follow the head of the family’s orders and satisfy sexual needs. In African countries women are mutilated in various religious rituals and sexual initiation rites, and in many places the darkest sexual perversities have become common at the expense of women.

Sexual perversions in today cultures

Let just a few examples be mentioned to show how prevalent sexual perversions are in our contemporary societies. In Colombia the mother-in-law watches the first sexual act carried out by the newlyweds. In Congo chieftains have a subjective right and obligation to take the bride's virginity. If they do not do so, they are dismissed. Also in Africa, there is a tribal customs to find out whether a woman has dangerous genitals through group rape. As usual, the bride is laid down on the main village square before marriage and - starting with the weakest men – every male member have sex with the virgin. If no one will die of the sex with the virgin, marriage is allowed to take place.

In the islands of Guma professional deflorators work. It would be difficult to enumerate how many perverse sexual habits built into your everyday life. What is last to mention is a custom formed in a tribe living in the Polynesian archipelago. Adolescent adults use children for sexual purposes. Paedophilia therefore is a part of everyday life, as parents often use their own child if they wish to have sex.

Laws regulating sexual habits

The recent example mentioned above can perfectly demonstrate why the laws are useful that prohibit certain forms of sex. Such as are those laws that prohibit paedophilia or sexual violence, which are basic legal environment in normal democracies. This matter is completely obvious to us, citizens of European democracies that we do not screw up children and do not rape women, just because it is the cornerstone of growing up. According to our moral and spiritual values, it ​​is not normal to cut off a female clitoris. Laws are made to protect the needs and safety of the majority, including women and children.

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