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Aphrodisiacs and potency enhancers

Besides the sex toys, there is a huge demand for different aphrodisiacs, lubricants, potency enhancers as well. For example, Viagra helped millions of human to have full sexual life, even those who have not had erection for long years, thus being unable to have sex. Viagra is one of the most tried and tested drug for impotence. And of course there are also other alternative methods that allow impotents to have sex. The majority of these say are rather superstitions, and sometimes their effect is just a placebo. Apart from Viagra, hundreds of other types of potency enhancer can be found form of drops or pill (, vencion, spx, eXXtreme, dr.hard, etc.) to make sex better. For lady boys, gays or shemales it is important that penetration should be smooth as the anus is not that supple as the vagina. A very popular product among gays is, for example, the Rush which not only acts as a stimulant, but it also dilates the muscles around the anus, which is very advisable in anal sex. Women, for example, can apply clitoris-stimulating cream (clitorix, happy lady, Viagel, etc.) and buy a hundred kinds of lubricants for having more intense sexual experience. In addition, the most widely used aphrodisiac is drugs such as cocaine weed and booze. Think of the one-night stand sexual adventures! They all must have been under the effect of some kind of drug

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