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Sex as tool 

Sex is not only for enjoying pleasure for temporary or permanent couples in everyday life, but it functions as a certain tool, with which some people can gain an advantage by using their sexuality. Such is the career chicks who try to climb up the career ladder by offering their body. They can get rich and famous men or possibly can acquire high-paying positions at a company. And we know that sex as a tool works perfectly. In addition, sex can also manipulate people and it is well-known for pretty student girls who have sex with their teacher for better marks

Sex as fun

In some cultural circles - if they can be called like this - sex is used in everyday life as a way adult entertainment or a status symbol. Here, sex, or the purchase of mere sex sights does not serve sexual gratification, it is only a kind of entertainment or simply expression of boast in front of others. Sex is just a tool of entertainment, which many times go beyond all healthy limits. In Dubai it is not hard to stumble on stories on the Internet where multi-billionaire sheikhs have fun in getting dogs have sex with prostitutes and a variety of disgusting, perverted sexual acts conducted with them.
The entertainment sector of sex industry includes the so-called Thai sex-pong, when prostitutes eject ping-pong balls from their vagina. In Japan there is a special weather forecast when the announcer is screwed live, but there are kinky beauty contests as well.

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