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where did we come from and where are we heading for?

Thousands of years had had to pass until sex obtained its current form. Today sex is no longer about mere reproduction of the species, nor about giving and receiving pleasure. The exercise of sex can be a milestone that indicates the big change of adulthood in teens’ lives, starting with the loss of virginity, but also sex can be a business sector, which is about one thing: profit.

We can affirm that sex has now become a daily routine (it was not always the case), and we make sexual contacts not only when we want to reproduce, but just when we feel like having sex. We modern people have sex in the morning, at night and practically we have sex with everyone who we can with. We have sex with escorts, we have sex with prostitutes, and we screw up the neighbour's wife, have sex with young girls or mature men, and have sex with everyone who turns on us. These sexual habits, of course, do not apply to everyone and it isn’t how it usually works because sexuality stills has a moral and ethical system, and it is also determined by religion and the sacred bond of marriage.

Before we start discussing these important parts of sex, it is worth taking a historical overview of sex in order to see clearly what the most important milestones were in sex, which contributed to the development of the modern forms of sex.  

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