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Whipping is a kind of sexual service on the list of favourites, during which an escort beats or stroke client with a specific whip (very rarely vice versa) or she satisfies him with its haft if it is capable to carry out such an act at a BDSM seanse or a kinky game.  

Whip is a frequently used sexual toy, which is present not only in escort industry but it is also becoming more and more popular in everyday sexual life. The use of whip has different forms, depending on the situation, whether it is a sexual game, foreplay, a kinky play or a fetishist performance. Besides a whip is a basic toy or tool – like spanking paddle – at BDSM seanses and dominatrix plays. 

Whip can be used as a punitive tool at a BDSM play, but it also can be used tenderly for arousing sexual excitement during foreplay with a nice escort girl or with a luxury escort.

Moreover, whipping by an escort can satisfy those clients’ desire for whom the act of whipping is a kind of sexual fetishism. Besides, a whip can come in handy with those clients who have masochistic tendencies, who like being whipped till bleeding. 

Due to several functions of whipping, the tool has a lot of types. There are whips that are designed to be used for sensual sex games therefore whipping cannot do any damage. However, there are whips designed to cause pain, which are usually used at extreme BDSM and domination plays.

Moreover, there are whips that serve not only the purpose of causing pain, but they are capable of being used as artificial penis with their haft penetrating body cavities. The haft works as a dildo so the escort can penetrate clients, besides whipping them with the other end.    

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