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Welcome drink is a service offered by escorts that functions as a gesture to please clients before escort meetings. 

A welcome drink is simply a beverage, a glass of champagne or a fine wine which is used to impress clients at the first meeting. On the other hand, welcome drink is an excellent opportunity to relax clients and relieve them from stress.  

Not all escorts provide welcome drink for clients. The type of escort meeting itself can determine whether welcome drink should be served or not at an escort meeting. For example, if an escort is doing an outcall and meeting the client at a restaurant, it is obvious why she is not expected to serve a welcome drink. But if she receives the client in her house, it is very probable that a welcome drink will be prepared for the guest’s reception. 

To sum up: serving a welcome drink is a kind act of an escort, and she can be sure that she will give a good impression to the client.

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