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There are different types and styles of clothes and costumes called uniform that can be worn by an escort upon the request of a client during escort meeting. 

An escort meeting is usually preceded by an arrangement between escort and client. In the course of the arrangement clients can fix certain things such as what kind of clothes to wear for the escort at the escort meeting to excite the client’s sexual fantasy. For example, clothes can be a secretary or a schoolgirl outfit, but they also can be fancy dresses with the only limit of the perverse imagination. Uniform, of course, depends on the place of escort meeting, for instance it would not be proper for an escort girl to turn up in a restaurant wearing ruffled skirt with long socks and knot of hair.     

Wearing uniform should not be mistaken for wearing sexy lingerie, which has been already discussed previously.

Wearing uniform includes a certain behavioural patterns that manifest in acting out role plays, which can be performed during escort meeting.

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My favorite. More girls should offer this!

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Exactly right.

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