Prostate massage

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It is the kind of escort service when a male customer’s prostate is stimulated with fingers or with some special tool used for this purpose, for example, with hand- or strap-on dildos and sundry vibrators.

Prostate massage is a very particular and ancient way for men to get sexual pleasure. It was already a common sexual indulgence in the ancient China, so the Chinese called the prostate the spot of a million of gold. Why? Because if a good escort learns the exact method of prostate massage, she can intensify clients’ orgasm significantly.

Many may not even know that prostate massage can be given not only through the anus. If the escort girl, after the client has reached erection, can find a special spot between the scrotum and anus, which she stimulates at the proper pace, the client will ejaculate very quickly and intensely.

The most common way to massage prostate is through the anus, when the escort localizes and stimulates it gently in the rectal area. If the escort has a good technique, very unique and intense orgasm can be achieved. If oral stimulation is also provided during prostate massage, the client may feel being in heaven, the sexual experience is so intense.

Prostate massage can be found in the list of favourite services offered by a lot of escort girls, escort boys, lady boys or shemale escorts. Therefore, it seems that clients certainly prefer this kind of service, but in private life, according to psychological studies on sexual life, it is not so common. The main reason for this is stigmatization, as it is generally considered as a sort of homosexual behaviour. Of course, this is completely nonsense. If a male happens to find a new and more intense sexual pleasure in prostate massage, it does not mean that the person is homosexual or aberrant. It is therefore difficult for many men to try prostate massage, though the prostate massage itself is not a kind of perversion or fetish, it is simply a tool to enhance orgasm and sexual desire.

As a matter of course, prostate massage as a service can be offered only for male clients, provided it is on the service list or if the escort decides to allow it after shared sympathy has developed. Besides, prostate massage provided by escorts can be a part of foreplay to promote erection and intensify sexual desire more effectively.

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