OWO oralsex without condom

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OWO is an abbreviation used in escort business (sex-industry) to refer to the sexual act of oral gratification or oral foreplay during which an escort excites or satisfies her male client with her mouth without using a condom.

In the context of the escort business, it differs from the traditional concept of oral sex - which means the stimulation of both the male and female sexual organs with mouth - in that OWO means only the sexual stimulation and satisfaction of a client’s penis without using condom. OWO as a service is very popular, though, it has its risks. On the one hand, hygienically it can be inconvenient for sex-workers, and on the other hand, there are sexually transmitted diseases as well (such as HPV, syphilis, herpes virus, etc.) which can be passed from client to escort in the act of oral sex.

In addition to OWO, there are also many other abbreviations used for presenting favourite escort services (COM, CIM, COF, GFE, BDSM, DUO, etc.), which will be discussed later. OWO can be included in the set of foreplay acts (not exclusively) which precede the sexual act between client and escort, which is based on mutual sympathy. In addition, OWO is an internationally used abbreviation that is applied uniformly on websites where escorts advertise the sale of their time.

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