Foot worship or fetish

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Foot-worship is a sex-service on escorts’ list of favourite sexual services when clients with foot-fetsih can satisfy their foot-adoration on a pair of beautiful feet provided and permitted by an escort. 

Foot fetish or worship is the most common sexual fetish. People with foot-fetish get excited by watching, sniffing, touching, caressing and kissing female or more rarely male feet.

As indicated above, if foot fetish or worship is among an escort’s services, it does not mean that the escort herself or himself is a foot worshipper, but the willingness of sexually serving clients with foot-fetish.

Foot fetish can be indicated on list of sexual services as an independent service, but it also can be a part of a service pack such as a BDSM play.

Foot-fetsih can function as a foreplay between escort and client after mutual symphaty developed between them at the escort meeting, but it also can be the central service without any sexual intercourse, as only the feet are the object of desire and the vagina remains untouched.

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