Anal sex

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Anal sex is a type of sexual act, which is solely based on mutual sympathy (escort and client), and which can occur between client and escort after escort meeting and French kiss, if anal sex is included in the escort’s list of favourite sexual services (she does anal sex). Anal sex as a conceptual framework means a pleasure-seeking mode between client and escort that applies the anus as an erogenous zone for mutual pleasure, while the escort or the client (in condom exclusively), places his genital (sometimes a strap-on dildo) into the other’s anus.

Regardless of the fact that anal sex is becoming more and more common in everyday sex life, most people are worried about doing it. This particular fear - if it can be called like that – about anal sex can be felt among escorts as it is not a favourite sort of sexual service. This is mainly due to the fact that anal sex can be painful and cause sex accident if there is no appropriate preparation and attention. In addition, there is the long-term effect of practicing anal sex on a regular basis, which is the insufficient constriction of the anus, leading to involuntary defecation.

Anal sex may be included in the escort price (the purchase of escort the time), which occurs similarly to traditional intercourse after the escort meeting, as discussed above. If sympathy has developed between escort and client, and then the first French kiss has smacked, chances are high to have a sexual intercourse - if it is among her favourites.

Anal sex or anal penetration is mainly about the stimulation of the anal erogenous zones. It can be carried out not only with penis or vibrator but with fingers as well, which in this case is called anal fingering. But if the tongue is the stimulator, it is called rimming, which is a cycling movement of the tongue around the arse hole by an escort or vice versa.

As the stimulation of the rectal area can be achieved in different methods in the escort business (anal fingering, ass licking, strap-on dildo and a variety of sex toys), so they will be discussed separately in more details. As we have seen it discussing the concept, anal sex is a form of sexual intercourse when either the escort or the client places his genital or her strap-on dildo into the other party's anus.

Anal sex is available by almost every type of escort, provided it is on the escort’s list of favourite services. The need for anal sex is the highest among male clients, who prefer intercourse via the rectum with escorts. If we follow the heading of frequency, then gay or bisexual clients are the next who prefer anal with gay escort boys, shemale escorts, transvestite escorts or transgender escorts. Of course, it is also possible to ask escorts to give anal sex to clients. In this case the clients are not necessarily homosexual or bisexual, as many clients simply feel kinky and ask the escort to grab or strap on a dildo. In professional circles it is called pegging. Besides, it is perhaps more common that a gay or bisexual client asks a gay or shemale escort to provide him with anal sex.

In all cases, anal sex is preceded with anal foreplay, petting, anal fingering and anal expansion in order to make anal sex with the escort painless and smooth. Apart from lubricants and anal dilators (rush) condom is indispensable requirement for anal sex to prevent infections or STDs.

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The critique could be accepted from authors of similar. Is there any link to yours?

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"Some escorts are ok with anal, but if you are to big or impatient, they will probably say no. Always use plenty of lube. Most escorts are ok with fucking you with a strap-on." - That's your entire text, right there. If you call things "discourse" and start quoting Derrida or Foucault, I will find out where you live, hunt you down, and slap you.

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This is tragic

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[ no emails please! ]

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Not to mention the posters preference and interest in sending anal sex porn. :-/

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It's like a post-modern gibberish generator.

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