Time for a new start!

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Dear Advertisers and Users!

We have wonderful news for you! After many years of collaboration with “sex-tjejer.com”, we are happy to announce that we are now able to stand on our own! It was a long road, blood, sweat and tears to achieve what we have done, to build an advertising site from the grounds up, which serves the needs of both the advertisers and the users equally, but we have finally did it!

Our new site has grown up together with “sex-tjejer.com”, but it has a new structure, different layout, and we have tried to create a user friendly surface to make it easy to use for everyone, small or big, old or young, lady or gentlemen (or shemale J)!

We have listened to your opinions, learnt from our mistakes, tried and tested for years, worked day and night to include every little feature and option that you thought was useful, and what we thought would make the user experience smooth and fun at the same time!

The result of this hard work is available to you now, free of charge, loaded with functionality and features, and ready to become populated by you dear Advertisers and Users! But let us take a closer look at some of the key features that make our site unique and fun!


·       We start with the best feature that a site can offer: advertising with us is FREE! Yes, you heard it right, all features are available to all the advertisers for FREE OF CHARGE! No hidden costs, activation fees, minimum purchases!

·       Registration and creating a profile is easier than ever; a few clicks and you are ready to advertise! No need to write emails, send confirmation, everything is quick and efficient, and exactly the way you want it to be!

·       Verifying a profile is much more personalized; photos are individually checked and graded on a scale of 1-10 regarding how good they match the verifying photo. Realistic and un-retouched photos will have a better rating!

·       We also created a brand new and extended Community section for all the users and advertisers to freely discuss various topics, write blogs, open threads in the forum, and a brand new “never-seen-before” feature, the CHATROOMS! Real-time conversations with real-life people! What could be more fun?

·       There are always a few, who want to be seen in the “top rows”. So to make it fair for everyone, we have created a special system that will let YOU, the Advertiser control the prices! No more reservations and waiting lists! Want to be the first in the list? Buy an upgrade! And what if another person wants to be the first? Then she pays more! Always those are the first in the list who pay the most! YOU decide what it is worth for you to be in the top! We do not set fix prices and categories! All places in the list will be generated automatically by those who purchase upgrades, and they are kept in order of value!


These are only some of the hundreds of options and special features that we offer! This website has been created by YOU, for YOU, to make it fun to advertise and equally fun to browse. Your suggestions and years of experience of user and advertiser behaviour makes this site very special and unique!

Therefore, we kindly invite you to join us! Feel free - literally J -  to explore the functions and features of the site, browse its content. We sincerely hope that you will have a great time with us and that we have succeeded in our mission to create a quality website for the nicest advertisers and users of the world!


With lots of love:

The “Eskorterplats.com” team

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Time for a new start!
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