They are the best.

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After talking of the possible operations and surgeries, I would like to mention a few interesting cases and clinics where such operations have been performed. First, it is the biggest plastic surgery clinic in Sweden, the „Plastikkirurgiska Institutet” (The Institute of Plastic Surgery – quite fitting name). A series of modifications can be done in this hospital, with first class doctors, for first class prices. The clinic can be found in Malmö, where also a lot of escort girls happen to work – including some trannies as well, of course.

Although not transgender but transvestite, the lovely Conchita Wurst, winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is quite famous, regardless. You can recognize him/her from his/her sexy ladylike figure, angelic voice and perfectly groomed beard, she/he has grown to be an important “phenomenon” of the 21st century, who actively fights for the rights of the likes of her.

Nina Arsenault is a real transgender Canadian woman, who started her life as a man, but later went through numerous plastic surgeries – until 2007 she spent 150 thousand dollars on operations covering a wide range of her body parts, including the removal of the testicles as well.

Jenny Hiloudaki, a famous Greek model and madam (pimp) lives today as a woman, but started out as a man. Her surgeries were so successful, that in 2000 she was chosen to be the “Greek Woman of the Year”.

A famous Swedish actress, Aleksa Lundberg, has spoken about how she spent her life living as a female soul in a male’s body, and what she was going through when having her sex-reassignment procedure. In those times transgender people had to go through a sterilization procedure before changing their gender, which also means they cannot have children. None of them. Sad.

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This is one of the best businesses of the world, if you want to get rich, that's all you need to do, open a plastic surgery in a country where many people make money of their body. And now I'm not talking about big boobs and fake lips, these surgeries cost nothing compare to operations when someone wants to change gender. This is the big business for these companies! Look at these famous examples mentioned here, you would't say they were not born as women!

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Guys, I know it is not normal to say anything like this, but I think that the shemale escort in Stockholm and in general all over the world are pretty hot and sexy! I love how they look like, with their huge fake boobs, and beautiful makeup and hot dresses, and then, when you think it cannot get any better than this, they undress for you and reveal their huge hard cocks! Now that is the moment I usually get a hardon, and there is a good reason for that! while 100 years ago trannies looked like ugly women, now they are so perfect that is hard to tell the female from a shemale!

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I really love TS and shemale escort in Stockholm! I have been obsessed with their beautiful feminine firgures and bodies,and nice big tis, and even bigger penises! I just find them incredibly serxy and hotm and even thinking about them makes my dick hard! This sounds strange to someone who is not gay, but loving the shemale escorts and having sex with them is a grey area, it is not really being gay, but not being straight either! It is like being bisexual, but you still do not want a man's cock up in your arse, so this way the shemales are different!

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All of the mentioned shemales or trannies above are very sexy and really hot! I wonder how many surgeries these Swedish plastic surgeons perform every year that changes the genders of people? I think most of the plastic surgeries have jobs like breast implanting, butt implanting, or fixing skin, face, nose and ear problems, but cutting of a penis, is not that simple I guess! Or removing the balls, I am not even sure that counts as plastic surgery!

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Once I shagged a transgender whom I talked a little bit about the operation he went trhrough. She told me how her vagina was made: the penis was turned inside out into the artifically cut hole with the glands at the end of the fuck channel. She said she actually had male-like orgazm as our glands, literally, were rubbed together...maybe she was just pulling my leg but I felt a bit disgusted...

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I have to admit that although I am a man, I love transgender people! You know simple shemals are quite man looking, so it is possible to discover the signs of their previous gender trough face lines and their body shape, but the real transgender people are not so easy to identify at all! That is why I think that hot sex with a real transgender person is probably a lot more exciting than with a simple everyday shemale escort in Stockholm....

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Jenny is the sexiest transgender I have ever seen in my entire life! First I could not believe she is not a woman originally, as she is so feminine looking and beautiful and sexy and hot. She could be the best escort in Stockholm if she came to Sweden to do a little escorting work! I however feel sorry for that Aleksa girl, these rules about the sterilization seem a little bit too extreme...

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It is really crazy what people have to go through in order to have their genders "corrected"! Those people made it so, because they could not bear living in a body that felt so out of place for them! But when a shemale becomes a shemale escort in Stockholm and starts selling sexual services, or becomes a pornstart and starst acting in porn movies, now that is something totally different! I cannot imagine someone is dreaming about having her ass fucked 24/7.

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I remember that Greek model! She was so hot, and until I read about here here being a transgender, and I was in love with her, now I know she was a boy, so my love is broken! And the other beauty is Conchita Wurst, well I do not want to comment on "her", I prefer beard on my self, not on the lady I choose... Other than that, this is a very good post, and it certainly made me think about checking out girls if they really have nothing in between their legs, before dating them :D

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The real truth is that we can say what ever we want, a normal person will never be able to understand these people completely! That is sure! Many people hate these celebs, because they had surgeries that changed their genders, but we do not know what they feel! It is different with Stockholm shemale escorts who become shemales so they can sell services as escorts or porn stars!

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Requiem is right. Us normal females and males are not going to understand what these people feel and what is in their heads! I cannot imagina what it could be like feeling like a woman but looking like a man. But this does not mean, that the problem does not exists. So we better accept them as they are, especially since many of you and me as well, had the luck to fuck a shemale escort in Stockholm, and I loved it. So it is not bad after all.

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That is true, there are quite a few famous transgender and transvestite people, most of the shemales actually have a pretty prestigious status as being celebs, they appear on national television, and they do not keep it a secret that they do escort work all over the world. Stockholm is full of shemale escorts for instance, and most of them are famous in Spain and in Brazil! Actually, I think all the Stockholm shemale escorts are celebs in their home countries, and they work as touring escorts!

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I agree, I found this out the same way! A meet a lot of shemale escorts all over the world, in Italy, Russia, and the States, but I have to say the most beautiful and sexiest shemale escorts are in Stockholm! The Swedish escorts are high profile and very clean, and this applies tot he shemales too! They are indeed celebrities in the home countries, and their only aim is to entertain and pleasure men and women like us! They all work as escorts in Stockholm!