Bind, Tie, Humiliate Take a Firm Ground in the World!

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I have brought a little BDSM!

It’s difficult to talk about something that has unpleasant truth in it because it can disgust others. Those who have the sexual needs with the limitation of extremities in mere changing the sexual positions will never comprehend and accept the fact that pleasure can come from inordinate sexual practices as well. Well now I would rather address those who may have the dirty fantasy, but they don’t dare to gratify it or don’t have partner to do with.

It seems a difficult matter. It’s certainly difficult to get someone right away to adapt extreme bondage techniques or sometimes big punch and swear words into sexual customs so that the sexual act stays in normal frames. If there is broad term, this is where it is to apply on sexual action. Many times it is not at all about sexual intercourse but humiliation, the toleration of humiliation or its adoration of humiliation! The pleasure of pain and the pleasure of causing pain. Domination and slavery. This is a world of big opposition.

Where can we do it? It’s a good question because it often makes a problem to many people. Of course not all of the people have a properly equipped BDSM special room in the cellar. This genre requires special equipments. These are such stuffs that can’t be purchased during an average shopping at weekend or there are, for example, no community clubs where you can acquire the knowledge how to make them. Serious equipments, professional handicraft products are very rare and available on horrific prices. I am not exactly thinking of anal-hook, nipple-clips or scourge because they can be ordered anywhere on the Internet. But immovable tools, cages, fuck-machines, spreader frames and different creative gadgets almost similar to medieval torture tools normally used by professionals are hard to purchase, which can be frequently seen in porn movies. These of course can be hand-made and there are well furnished BDSM studios where romantic couples are welcome.

There are fanatics and there are curious and experimental people. I don’t know if one has to be born to do this or the sexual discontent leads people to try and use BDSM. It’s a fact that many people seem to prefer it. Somewhere inside the personality something must have happened, maybe gone wrong that someone should enjoy spitting on the face, scourging, punching in the face and making women immovable with sundry tools while they are gulping testicles in a totally defenceless position. This cannot be normal, still is a way of expression of the sexual self or a mode of reliving stress and tension. Everyone wants to get rid of it, but many cannot or do not dare to send forth.

Today BDSM is a diversified genre, changed a lot from its original form. It has mixed up with lots of other styles of sexual practices and attitudes. It has not any more represented the system and the aesthetic implementation of the loop but the application of many more sexual genres. Here comes into view the physical involvement, that is to say violence e.g. punching, coercion, obsessive intercourse, humiliation, the tolerance of humiliation etc. The most important innovation in BDSM recently is that not only women but men can be tortured as well.

It can thank its popularity to changing needs as well as the media. The renewing trends of the porn industry, adjusted to the market needs, managed to give one form to thousands of styles, which is called BDSM. I am looking for the answer why it is worth promoting and passing this genre for people to try it. I want to prove that it is more than mere brutality and barbarity. In the next chapter I am going to give you a taste of what you would miss if you did not try it out.


1. Because there is more in the unknown than you would think

In order to get to know yourself, you need to forget your prudishness. You must give way to express your desires. Just remember the nights when you and your partner got stuck at a certain (low) level in sexual intercourse. You didn’t dare to go further because you were afraid of getting excessive but you felt deep inside that you need much more than what you were doing. You need more than a relaxed pensioner sexual life because you have changed during the long and monotonous years. You need a partner to do this but if you don’t do anything to gratify your altered desires, you will suppress them. This is going to be a major problem in your life which sooner or later becomes a cancerous part of your personal life. Just feel free to taste the forbidden, be brave to make experiments and you will see a balanced man looking at you from the mirror.

2. Because you can do what you want with your servant

Well I have made a little diversion in the topic because I have started to bombard you with encouraging words just before and now I am trying to prove why it is good to humiliate someone and do whatever you want with her/him. You need a partner for this game. If you just keep experimenting by the help of purchased sexual service, that is with prostitutes or escort it may require lots of money, but you can also find some partners who you can explore the world of BDSM with. I don’t believe those who say they wouldn’t touch a woman in an aggressive, offensive way or they wouldn’t hit a man to express sexual attraction.

I need to put down quickly BDSM is not about maltreatment but rather the sophisticated, artistic forms of violence that don’t breach the laws.

So you can be the lord, it is you that tell the servant what to do, who is obedient in everything requested by your desire. If once you have tasted the delectation of sexual power I guarantee you won’t forget about it anymore.

Experiments, trying out new things always do good to the worn relationships. It is not always a good solution to ditch your partner because something got tired during the years spent together. This is also a form of relieving stress that directs the useless quarrels toward the direction of new sexual behaviour that can solve relationship problems. Make your thoughts happen, tie her/him up, torture her/him a bit and treat her/him as a slave, a sexual servant, but satisfy her/him as a queen or king. Make video records and show the world them to please others too!

3. Because the sex and porn industry loves it

Yes! It is like a career! A skilled BDSM master is a rarity, so if you are good at it, you will belong to the most popular stars. Build your own BDSM studio then upload the stuff onto the Internet. If you make a god quality, producers will contact you.

It’s a profitable business because good quality stuff is rarely available.

If you don’t want to be a master of this genre but are daring, so you can go the furthest, try yourself out among actresses. You can be successful in this profession and financially it’s worth the trouble. This is also true if we take prostitution as an example. There are very few daring chicks but there are lots of those who would gratify their dirty fantasies. Apply at different studios or run your own business. You will see you will make a lot of money as well as have part in great pleasures.

4. You will reach a higher emotional and sexual level with your partner

Trust, tolerance and sincerity. Ask yourself how many of them you have. If you are looking for ways to get to know your partner and gain her complete trust, BDSM will show where to go. It can be a game as well as way to get self-knowledge. This is the path towards happiness that makes you open and tolerant. You will get to know your partner’s secret desires and you will accept what she is like. Your sexual life will reach a higher dimension and you will get rid of common tensions. A deeper relationship will develop between you that can resist the problems of the future.

5. Because you like being humiliated and tortures

You need a password that stops everything

Try to make a sort of password that can stop everything. This is all what you have to do and everything can go. Take the nipple-clips, the strap-on dildo, scourges, handcuffs and tie some strong knots and the fan can begin. Be part of the game, play your role, let the pain overcome you, be given over to the act. You will experience euphoric feelings that are available only by doing BDSM. You can be dominant or servant or whatever that would scandalize others in normal life. Feel free to punch, just shag your defenceless partner to multiple orgasms. If necessary, strap on a huge dildo and keep using it until your partner begs for freedom.

Possess and dominate because this is what everyone is dreaming about secretly!

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Mr Longschlong
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BDSM can be a dangerous game but escorts in Sweden seem to be so professional that you don't have to worry about any injury. Once I tried testicle treading but was very afraid before the act. I like my balls being treaded, my wife did it to me, but I couldn't imagine how it was done by a big, fatty Swedish escort. So once I visited one of them in Stockholm, and it was so enjoyable that I can't tell you. She treaded hard on them but it was so gentle and caring that I couldn't help cumming too early.

| +1 |

I love BDSM! It is so sexy and hot to have my dick tortured and my ass ingered by a sexy escort girl in Stockholm. Not everyone is into this, but my wife does not give me what I want, so I needed to look for alternative solution! That is when I found this post, and altogether I have become a new person, when I realized there are people in the world with the same interests as me! I hope there will be other great posts her just like this about the other fetishes!

| +2 |

Oh, a little BDSM fun I see! It is always great pleasure for me to even read about the subject, I love it so much! I imagine those super busty Stockholm escorts how they tie me up and spank my little ass! Brrr, it is so cool! And luckily, more and more escorts in Sweden now actually know what BDSM is and what it is about, and they also know the service types! This is perfect for me, so I can live the life I want and have my weekly dosage of BDSM sex!

| +3 |

You know after reading all this, I kind of got curious about this BDSM world. I was never really into this kind of thing, but the writing is so convincing, that I want to try some of the BDSM stuff. Luckily, I do not have to go far, I can ask some of the escorts from this site to experience with me, it is a safer option, than asking a girlfriend who might think that I am a weirdo...

jack01 · patrick
| 2 |

I read it too, and it is not only a little BDSM, it is the basic knowledge that every escort in Stockholm has to know if they want to be able to satisfy their clients who seek a little BDSM experience! This is not taught at school, so they should read it thoroughly, so us punters can have a few good moments when we want to have something other than a pure GFE, something extraordinary! I hope I will get to meet one MIFL escort in Stockholm who can give me a proper taste of this special type of sexual experience!

| +4 |

this is a real serious writing about BDSM that has marketing value in it. I have to say I am not so much into BDSM, but this post makes me more interested. Maybe what we need is a skilled individual, that can teach me how to starts enjoying such pleasures? I wonder if any of these escorts are skilled enough...

theguy · doom
| 3 |

I bet you can find someone here who can lead you into the world of BDSM pleasures, buddy! :) I have found a real badass domina for myself, but I am so selfish, that I do not want to share her with anyone, so do not even think about writing to me asking about this domina escort, she is mine!!!

prosto · doom
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BDSM is my favourite genre of sex! Really, What could be more interesting and exciting and more colourful then this way of having sex! You can see from the list that there are so many things to try and do in this, a human life is not long enough to discover it all! All you BDSM haters out there, you do not know what you miss by ignoring this genre! It is the best of all sex types!

jack01 · doom
| 2 |

Guys, BDSM has always been my favorite of all types of sex! But even to me some of the words here are new, and I really appreciate to see a well edited collection of useful phrases in this part of the sexual life! I think the best about it is that even a beginner can learn the most important bits about BDSM if he is about to try one of the elements here! I can only recommend this post to anyone in and out of BDSM, and most importantly to escort girls in Sweden so they know what the clients ask from them ;)

theguy · doom
| 1 |

Yes, mine too! It is so nice to have my big fat ass spanked by the sexiest Stockholm escort! Those dominas know what I like and how I like it, and I bet they enjoy tying me up more than I do! All this hard sex in a dark room, being blindfolded, and chained to an Andrew's cross, it is the bet thing in my life! I am submissive, and I love a little hard and dark action in the bedroom (or should I say, basement? :D)

patrick · doom
| 1 |

True! The escorts in Stockholm are the most experience dominas I have ever seen in my life! They all have the experience what it takes to be the best, and this is what I need! I mean there are some folks out there who can get satisfied by a beginner, and a little gentle spanking will get them hard, but I need the full service treatment with all that has been listed in this post above! great post by the way, very interesting, I hope this genre will become more and more popular! BDSM rules! :D

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