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A recent event made me organize my work and schedule a little bit more strict and at the same time i made an introspection into all these years of escort meant to me. 

Although I haven't done this job for long time, starting it when I was very young almost always alone and travelling very often in almost all places of this world made me gain experience because of the numerous and various experiences I lived. One of the things I like most at this job is exactly this, the unpredictability. You always meet new people ,different characters, cultures , sometimes even antagonic reactions and also you are always on the move you are free to go, to explore all countries . Being obliged to find the fastest and the best solutions you gain maturity , self control and self consciousness. Escorting for girls is if i can compare in a funny way as army for boys.

It is the first time i work on a site of this kind. . I took the courage to become part of this community . I do not read the forum too much but i find it a useful tool so i want to contribute too . I do not consider this article as an advice I just add my own experiences.

For me it was a major change everytime i went to work in another place . I had no one to ask for help or advice as all my family friends acquintances are from a totally different type of society so I had to attentively make my decisions,.

My career i started in casino in Monaco as "company" . It is nice as it makes you improve yourself to perfection . TOP CLIENTS need TOP ESCORTS. What is the most intersting is that you are in one way undercover so officially nobody knows what you are doing . It is challenging because you have to be flirty but not directly you have to learn how to get the eyes on you in a crowd but not too obvious so as to avoid the"disguised traps" like undercover police because police is good and necesary for society but not exactly what we want in the night life or fake gamblers who just have their own business. We always have to avoid losing too much time on an unitersted client or gain the undesired attention of the "bad guys" who give money with a quite huge comission to the addicted broke players or those who look for targets to be robbed or other guys who "take care" of some of the girls also working there but need a backup in case of problems I have to admit this was the hardest but the most useful experience because forced me to grow at a very intense pace. Is like starting school with the exam from diploma. I learned to be flawless pushed my limits

to extreme. But all that period made me more mature. Casino is the place where you can see lives changing and ending within in seconds. Casino has its own vibe- fastest and most unpredictable . Working with gamblers is the ultimate prove of patience and skills. In my opinion gambling is the most addictive vice. Succeding to catch a gambler's attention, make him forget about his roulette, dice and cards and convince that going with you is more intersting requires best persuasion resources and the fiercest sex appeal . You have to always be there supporting him in this tornado of feelings . When he wins be sure he shares his "luck" with you ,spoiling you because you were his lucky talisman.. . When he loses you are his moral support and for all the grief he feels he takes revenge on the credit card for some exclusive shopping therapy. To summarize it casino is extreme, so to succeed you have to play every card

Second job I had it in Dubai. There it is the classic version of escort although this is used mostly by the europeans working there. Porn, sex are taboo so even accesing the websites requires few tricks. But being there best is to focus on the emirati, they are the ones throwing money on most expensive champagnes on yachts , clubs etc. Outside" schedule hours "i was also looking for "extra " resources in clubs, bars, private beaches of the most luxurious hotels . Dubai is misleading, deceiving like moving sands. It requires great attention not to catch into the disguised traps. Everything there is shining but not everything is gold. All arabs there pretend to be rich and gentleman but you have to know how to find the one who is both rich and respectful when it comes to women. Because their culture learn them that they are superior to women is very hard to make them understand how they should treat a non muslim woman and even harder an escort.

Clubs were also part of my experience. I worked in switzerland . These brothels represent the trend market when in comes to trade sex. They are lthe trend setters when it comes to prices, rules newest fetishes. Working in a club demands lot of discipline because it implies strict programme and rules . Also it is very hard to work with many girls from different countries each of her trying to impose her supremacy. It can become very exhausting to always be under the surveillance both of the manager/reception and of the girls who sometimes become shameless and jealous when it comes to defend their status and so called " my clients"'.

In the Scandinavian region i worked as escort doing both incall and outcall.

Incall is the classical version, the most used one . It represents a good, safe start point for a begginer escort and it is also the most popular choice when it comes to first triers clients. Incall is handy and assures a greater number of clients, so a good income for the girl.

Incall implies quite few and fix expenses , the main one being the location. A well placed , handy clean location is sure to be successful.

When it comes to incall 50% is represented by location. This can vary depending on the budget and escort's imagination. Most common is the classic appartment who will become the second house for the escort and the escape place for the clients. But we can also arrange a nice place where the client is pampered with the most exotic massage oils or a sauna who will catch the client into the magic of steam, heat or even a discreet villa in which we can create a sanctuary dedicated to every fetish, this becoming the center of orgies.

So incall is a fast beginning to make sure money . The category of clients choosing incall is larger. For the escort incall means comfort. She is very cozy in her location so work will be pleasant and the clients'pace will be assured. The location has to be attractive and familiar for the client . Intimacy and hygiene are essential.

Incall is the safest option for those who want to fool the vigilent eye of the neighbour or to avoid the possibility that some member of the family suspect something or simply does not like having someone who does not know very well in his house.

Unfortunately the more popular the location is, the faster it becomes a clear target for the bad-intentioned criminals.

For the girl is no longer a safe place, the location being always under the threat of thieves or sexually obsessed guys

In what the client is concerned locations represent traps. All places are under police surveillance so for the client is very risky cause in every moment they can be caught there during a police action. According to the scandinavian legislation buying sex is illegal. When the police finds a man coming or going in a location in which is known such activity is developed and in the company of a girl who is known as ecort he automotically becomes a "criminal" . In this situation for the client becomes very difficult to deny the allegation or find a way to prove his innocence.

Outcall is the second form of this job. It represents a good source of income because usually meetings are longer and because of the typology of clients.

A big advantage of the outcall is that the duration of a meeting can vary very much. Being in their own house or a place they choose they feel comfortable and safe so they want to enjoy a longer time. Also they are not pressed by the others clients waiting or disturbed by other girls working together or other girls'clients.

Longer meetings bring money to the girl and clients are more likely to turn into regulars because they create a chemistry with the girl. They do not feel just another men on the list. They start to know each other, open up, get to experience more things. Having this connection becomes something more than sex it is a truly girlfriend experience. In bed both feel much better and experience real intense orgasms. This kind of relation brings both sexual and emotional satisfaction.

Another advantage( this is very very subjective and applies in my case, other girls may look at it as a bad aspect ) is that the outcall clients are usually more aristocratic and older . They are grown up succesful men. They know exactly what they want, they like to be pampered they have their fix schedule and habits. For them the escort is the company they like to have in certain moments like a dinner, a weekend or a business trip . In this case the escort has to make every single moment of this period enjoyable, full of energy and deer,long-lasting memories. The escort has to offer the client the craziest sex in bed the sweetest kisses and hugs when sleeping and when outside , in public places that pride that he is the most envied men who has all he wants. Also the clients who have a certain fetish prefer outcall. Fetishes are like rythuals , they are very exact, precise. Clients organize everything in the smallest detail from the escort they choose who has to be able to fulfill her role, compatible and trustworthy, to the place which has to be attentively settled and decorated with all that the clients need. The fetish rooms represent true sanctuaries in the clients houses or locations they rent to use for their fetishes.

Outcall has its disadvantages, too. For the escort outcall means bigger expenses and much more work. She needs car or taxi for short distances. This traveling expenses can become big losts in the case of "joking clients" . Is not very agreable when you go to an adress and the client disaopears cause that costs you quite big money and time. Moreover , it is much strict programme cause on the road delays may apeear and some of the clients have fix timetables when they can receive a visit. So, for the escort outcall also means less time to rest and always be on speed so she can efficiently transform time in money.

All in all this job is very beautiful because you are free you are not limited by routine or strict rulea , you always meet new people and make friends but if you want to make it proffesionally and without problems long time you need a good organisation.

Good luck for all girls and hope that all clients have a great time and meet nice girls


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pererik90 (@pererik)
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Intelligent writing

swip (@swip)
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Wow, what an analys. Hope we can meet someday. But right now outcall is impossible for me. Kiss

Amira23 (@swip) · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · swip
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Thanks and hope to meet soon kiss have a nice day

Mjölksillen (@mjolksillen) · Escortlover and Cash Gamblefan
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Amira, u are amazing. Beautiful and supersmart. Have u ever check your IQ just for fun ? (Guess it's crazy high) Never met u but some day...
Hate blogs, twitter and fb etc but for u I make an exception haha

Amira23 (@mjolksillen) · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · Mjölksillen
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Hey thanks you make me blush yes maybe we get to meet some day kisses

Fireman (@fireman) · Putting out my own fire now
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Interesting topic, and initiated writing. Appreciate

Amira23 (@fireman) · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · Fireman
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Thank you

removed user (@tattoo3-5c3555) · kissing lover
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Well written honey. You are really nice and caring. I love your small messages every day

Amira23 (@tattoo3-5c3555) · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · removed user
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Thank you my guardian angel i will always send you cause they are ou connection

Amira23 (@tattoo3-5c3555) · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · removed user
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Amira23 (@tattoo3-5c3555) · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · removed user
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Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie
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Looks about right from my perspective.

Amira23 (@nyfiken) · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · Nyfiken
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Hey thank you hun

Terrance123 (@terrance123-0ce405)
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Thanks for writing about your experience and thoughts.

Amira23 (@terrance123-0ce405) · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · Terrance123
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