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The advantages and drawbacks of escort reviews

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It is surely to be regarded as an advantage that rating and commenting the service has a positive effect on the clientele. Customers will be informed about the possible dangers and traps and it also gives escorts the opportunity to change something in their...

Escort girls receiving bad reviews

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As I told you I am discussing only extremities (escorts receiving good and bad reviews) so now let’s see those escort girls who have negative feedbacks from clients. Bad reviews can explain a lot of things, unequivocally predicting that there is something...

Escort girls with good reviews

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Let us first examine why an escort girl can get positive and negative reviews, what kind of person tend to make ratings or evaluations. Thanks to my own profound experience I prefer those escorts who have positive comments. Personally, I do not like making...

Reviews on escort websites

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It is not my aim to analyse online escort sites – it is not part of the topic of this article - but it is worth mentioning that their content can greatly affect feedbacks. Before I begin discussing this issue, let's look at what an escort review is...

Good and Bad Escorts – Evaluations through Reviews

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Recently the question has often come up about escort girls, that is, apart from their services, photos and introductions on the site about their personality and services, who they can be, what sort of person.  On an online escort site only these details...


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Where is escort business now?I’ve talked about porn because prostitutes and escorts nowadays haven’t seemed to be fair about the way they advertise their services, thus doing bad to the business. Similarly, as I’ve mentioned it in connection with...

Trickers in the advertisement of escort girls-four.

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Prostitutes and Escorts on the Internet: the beginning of a new ageThe Internet likes us, likes prostitutes, escorts, porn and every sort of sexuality.It likes as it gives us everything that we want for just paying a monthly fee. Let someone be a porn addict,...

Trickers in the advertisement of escort girls-three.

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How did a prostitute use to advertise? If a prostitute or an escort wanted to advertise her services, after she’d trimmed herself she had to go to a photographer to get some sexy shots to impress the prospective clientele. Today, it is still possible...


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Offline prostitutes, escorts porn and anal sex...Well, let’s see prostitutes, escorts, porn actors/actresses and their marketing, that is, how much the Internet has changed their situation. I’m not saying that Internet is to blame for the guests’ disappointment,...

Trickeries in the Advertisement of Escort Girls-one.

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A Brief RetrospectionIn this article I will discuss a rather unpleasant phenomenon, which causes a lot of problems to those who want to drab or hire en escort. I suppose if someone pays for something, they’d like to receive the good quality stuff for...


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Hello guys. I've just found the first duplicated profile in Stockholm. Both ad for the same girl. Here they are below.  Just click on the name to see them.Angel  Adela

Duplicated profiles.

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Did you know that how many escort profile are about the same person??? More than you think. Severaly escorts are using dupicated profiles. The man could belive that what a rich offer of girls are here recently but this us just an illusion. You will see when...

Sweetest fruit in Gothenburg

· 4 · 5 i travelled to Göteborg  visiting this escort goddess in these days, need to say that was the best decision i made but were some besides. Before the meeting we agreed about my wishes,...

Lovely Sabrina absolutly genuine

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  visit her if you wanna be invited in a room like this.So i just started to visit the real girls of the swedish tjejer of escort market. Of course i selected Sabrina of all. Here needed to mention again this blog about verified chicks only. so Sabrina's...

Real profiles, Real girls, Real photos

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Hi Everyone,In my new blog i try to help for my punter friends. They won't be able to visit fake escorts. I decided that will visit as much verified girls as i can and publish full experience. 

Rules...all Bullshit...LOL

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So firts thanks for the rules of this site. Its better than shit but not enough. There are so many fake and duplicated profiles are here.  Just take a time and check the similar photo and phone numbers on different profiles, on some of them you will see...

war against the fake escorts

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THE LATEST POST ON 20,01,2014TO READ IT, GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BLOG.Hi everyone, this is my blog, here i will write about the advertisers who use stolen photos on the site. With the content i want to help for the punters, they able to filter who is real and...

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