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Talanted lover. Sex have to be in free will and good in a two way action with lot of pleasure for both parties. The rest is nothing for me. I hate trafficking, if someone see something strange please tell me so I dont support this shit. When I make a booking agreement I am always in time. If I am delayed for some reason (hard traffic sometimes) its on my paid time.Quickies or 30 min sessions is not my style. I like some small talk,relax and make some chemistry/connection before start sex. Session getting more genuine and nice for both. To all escorts I give 100 % respect and also want so in return. If you do overbookings and dont keep agreement of appointed time please dont expect that I am waiting till you finished customer because I dont do. I have a private life and schedule with a lot of activities, training, job, travelling etc around me to take care. For me this behavior is the same as you got a fake call. Stealing time no good for you and me, respect.

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