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This is not the true story! You call me all the way up to Uppsala for the first time , i comme al the way from Stockholm so i ve been reticent then you offer to pay 5 hr to meet and i accept to comme - then after half time you told me you are too shi and you prefere if i go - after we agreed from begining to Close my add and cancel my booking for the NexT 5 hours so i explained to you as we agreed , because of you i cannot give you the money back ! I ask you twice if you wish me to go and you Say yes! Last night when we meet for 3 hr you paid 8000 for profesionaly filming our sex sesion ( agreed not to posted on internet) and i was leave in exactley 3 hr after you paid me ! You can check you re phone and i did not Even asked to leave earlier! It is the second time you try to leave me bad review and i don t understand why you are keep on calling me ... anyway if you thinck i m far from pictures or wathever i left earlyer please post here some pictures from our photo sesion , and the text message from the time we meet and check again the time i left! Anyway i will post here somme print screan from yesterday when i text you i arrived ...

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