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Thank you very much for your review. As the results of today show, anti-adversting is also good advertising:)
So...I woud like to explain to everyone for whom this is important,what happened to this guest. In short, against the background of nerves and fear,he complietely disconnected the ability to think critically and build simple logical chains.
Those instructions for achieving the goals that were given to him are received by all guests. In 99% of cases, they don't cause difficulties. And so far i\ve heard only compliments for taking care of discretion.
Therefore,Tommy, i can say with certainty that you didnt't get any out-of-the-way instructions and i didn't misleade you. If i told you to just use your brain, then there was no sarcasm. It's was just a friendly recommendation, not to lose your head and come to your head and come to your senses. If you prefer to take offense at this, but don't hear the voice of logic, then this is your problem. You came for sex and if your cock can't stand up because you are freaking out. Maybe it makes sense to critically look at yourself? Apologize for my time and inconvience? The money i took from you was taken by me fairly - my time and nerves are very expensive. If you can't cope with the excitement and fear, then why should i bear the losses from your problems with your head?
Well, well,well...Should i continue? Firsty, if you did't like quest to go up to my place and entered my apartment with an angry face, why didn't leave at once? if i made you angry at the first stage, then continuing communication didn't make sense. Secondly, when you started tickling my armpits ( are you normal? is it all right with your head?Are you seriosusly sure that tickling can awaken a woman's passion?!). Next, you made an attempt to pick me up and carry me to bed. Dear, do your seriously believe that i can trust a frail and lean man like you, who shaking from a neurosis, to take me in his arms???
Despite all this, i continued to work with you and tried to smooth out your neurosis.
But didn't notice my efforts, because your neurosis liked your more. It was a clear.
And so you preferred to lie and reflect...
And general, i want to appeal to all the men who are going to come to visit me:
Gentlemen, please remain a man. I understand you and the fact that a visit to the escort is a bit stessfuf for you, but stay calm, please. This gives you masculiniti. I'll take care of your safety in return for fucking me, but not my brain. And if (sddenly!) your intellect is far from Homo Sapiens level and is close to vegetable, as in the case of Tommy, i implore you-bypass me.
I'm open to communication only with reasonable people.

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